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4 Best Apps For College Students to Simplify their Learning

In this digital edge, everyone has a smartphone and they don’t know that smartphones can be converted into her study partner. If you think how I use my smartphone like my study partner then read the full post. In this post, I will explain 4 Best Apps For College Students to Simplify their Learning.

You uses so many apps on your device for entertainment but you don’t know that apps acan control your mind to use them so in this post you get a proper solution.

4 Best Apps For College Students to Simplify their Learning

1.Microsoft Lense

If you are a student then you feel more difficulties to get your lectures note. In our collage life we got one lecture from our lectrure and he/she say make a copy of that note with other. But in that situation we get notes very late or we take xerox of that note.

If you are facing issues like that when you use the developed app of Microsoft. Microsoft Lens is an app whose capability is to capture any image and convert that image into a scanned image. In this app, you get the best picture quality and it will help a lot to make your notes easier.

microsoft lense

If you want to save the notes you capture using Microsoft Lens then you export all images in pdf, doc, or ppt format. When you convert the images in document format then you feel this like an ebook.

2.Oxford Dictionary

Oxford dictionary takes a big role in any student’s life because without the meaning of a word you can’t grow. I think you have this app on your phone. If you don’t know about this app then here is the short description. Oxford Dictionary is an app where you get the meaning of different English words.


As a student definitely you need some books or some ppt files for your project then scribe is the best app for you from this app you can read or download some books. The best thing I like from this app that is ppt files, when I was studying my college life I download so many ppt files from this app and gives a presentation to my collage. Using this app you can do research also.

Recently scribe launched their audiobooks which help you to grow your knowledge without touching or reading the books. If you don’t know about audiobooks then audiobooks mean the book was recorded by some speakers and you hear the recording.


If you are a student and write notes or project reports in English then you definitely doing some grammar mistakes because your marks reduce by the viewer. If you are facing this kind of difficulties then congrats now you don’t do any gramer mistake.


Grammarly is an app which is designed to identify grammatical mistakes like spelling, noun, verbs, or more mistakes. In this app, you get a detailed report regarding your written content.

You can use this app to identify grammatical mistakes done by you and that will help you to improve your English skills. After installing Grammarly when you write content on your keyword then you get suggestion on any mistakes done by you.


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