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7+ Amazing Websites to Make Life Easier

If you are human then you definitely know about the real power of the internet and you use the internet to entertain your life or in some cases, you use it to do research. Today in this post I will explain 7+ Amazing Websites to make Life Smarter.

Before Starting the Race of Amazing Websites list you may know about some websites and some are not. If you are really excited then read the full post.


If you are a download lover of songs, Softwares, or videos then this website is best for you. In Archive.org you get numbers of Songs, videos, or more downloads for free, and all are available for free. Basically you need to pay on other platforms to download content on their platform but this website is a non-profit organization and it serves all content for free.


7+ Amazing Websites to Make Life Easier

If you need to take a screenshot regular basis or frequently for your work then you face some difficulties during that but if you use screenshot.guru then you take a high-resolution screenshot on your device. This website wor on any device like mobile, computer, or tablet. Its plugin also available on chrome to more simplify your screenshot experience.


This website is a golden website for Graphic designers because this website gives you a lot of features to design an advanced level of graphics. If you use photoshop then we can say this is the online version of photoshop. Canva has both free and paid pan available but if you are a beginner then you choose a free plan.

In my uses, I got most of the features in the free plan. If you are a pro graphic designer or want to design a level up features then you purchase canva paid plan.


If you are using Facebook, Whatsapp, or any social media then you definitely see your friends or you also share some gif files to your relatives or friends to communicate with them. But you only those gif files which are available in your social apps but ImGuru is a website where you make your own gif.

7+ Amazing Websites to Make Life Easier

To create a personal gif according to your interest then simply open imguru.com and you see an option of +new project in the left top click on it and upload your video and start creating an amazing gif for you. In this website, you upload your video from your PC or you can paste your video URL directly.


If you are searching for quality images and you need to pay for the images then this website is best because from this website you can download any images for free. From pixabay you not only download images, videos, or more content for free.

If you are running blogs then you need some good images to make it feature image then pixabay is the best option for you. If you have a youtube channel then you use this website image for your youtube thumbnail also.

6.Radio Garden

Radio Garden is a website where you hear any countries radio. This website is special for radio lovers because you hear any countries radio. Its interface is so good and it gives you a Globe where the gardening finish occupies with all country’s radio stations.

As an example, if you need to hear the radio stations of us then you just slide the globe and move the cursor to us. Now you see the al radio station will appear like a seed in a garden click on your favorite radio station and start listening. You can hear the past recording of that station you want.


Webpageefx is a simple password generator website but doesn’t think its generated password is week no. If you want to create a strong password and want to stop from password cracking then this one is best for you.


From the internet, you can collect any kind of data it may be for your work purpose or for study purposes. Most of the time you take the printout of that page to make easier your searching. If you use pages like Wikipedia then you see there are lots of things there images and text but you need only text on that page to make a copied of that page then you use PrintFriendly.

Printfriendly is a website and the work of this website is it displays main content on the page. So you can use this website to clean the unwanted content from a page, which make it easier to find deeply your data collection experience.

9.Rainy Mood

If you feel stress and your mind is disturbed then this one best website for you. If you know about meditation then this website behaves like that. On this website, simple rainy music will play which will relax your mind and it affects your all part you feel good.

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