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5 Best Aquariums/Zoos in Liverpool

Below is a list of the top and leading Aquariums/Zoos in Liverpool. To help you find the best Aquariums/Zoos located near you in Liverpool, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Liverpool’s Best Aquariums/Zoos:

The top rated Aquariums/Zoos in Liverpool are:

  • Blue Planet Aquarium – houses Europe’s largest collection of sharks
  • Chester Zoo – offers a membership programme
  • Knowsley Safari – offers animal experiences that you can pre-book
  • Welsh Mountain Zoo – the oldest and most established Zoo in Wales
  • SeaQuarium Rhyl – features species from around the world on show in 9 different zones

Blue Planet Aquarium

Blue Planet AquariumBlue Planet Aquarium is the largest marine and freshwater aquarium in North West England that houses a wide collection of sharks and different marine animals and creatures in their outstanding exhibitions. They have different attractions divided into different parts and houses more than a hundred different creatures like orfe, carp, sturgeon, catfish, eel, turtle, crocodiles, reef fish, rays and pufferfish. They also have a specialised zone for different wonderful amphibians and interesting spiders, snakes and poisonous fishes.

They also offer shark encounter where you can get full diving instructions and dive up close to see sharks. They are also open for different educational tours for KS1 education and can accommodate children as young as 5 up to 16 years of age. Contact them now to buy your ticket and explore the place and the many aquatic wonders that it will deliver for your complete satisfaction.


Exhibitions, Diving With Sharks, Education


Address: Longlooms Rd Cheshire Oaks Cheshire CH65 9LF
Phone: 151 357 8804


“An absolutely fantastic place! 🙂 If you love marine life and wider conservation etc then this is certainly the place for you! Really immersive exhibits and beautiful fish, and a stark reminder of our need to conserve/protect and treasure Planet Earth and the Oceans etc.” – Carl R. Hussey

Chester Zoo

Chester ZooChester Zoo consists of 128 acres of zoological garden that houses different plants and animals that would surely mesmerise you. They house different creatures from different animal groups like birds, amphibians, mammals and reptiles. With over 68 variety of animals like buffalo, lemur, chimpanzee, capybara, flamingos, cheetah, rhino, orangutan, merkat, lions, komod dragins and mandrill to name a few, get up close with different species that you will not normally see in other zoos.

They also have a collection of different plants like orchids and cacti and has several gardens that will offer you an amazing display of floras that would certainly delight you with their vibrant colours and beautiful blooms. The perfect place for some leisurely adventure with your whole family or an educational one for your kids, plan your visit now and be closer to nature with the different experiences that they offer. Your kids would also enjoy the different adventure trails and activities here so hurry and pay them a visit now.


Zoo, Gift Shop


Address: Chester CH2 1EU
Phone: 124 438 0280


“A really great day out, Chester Zoo definitely warrants a visit or two. With the pandemic there are naturally some queues for the animals in order to maintain social distancing, however, this makes for a more relaxing experience overall as there aren’t so many people crowded around the viewing areas, plus the animals seem to be enjoying the sun as much as we are. An excellent day out and fun for all the family.” – Olivia Williams

Knowsley Safari

Knowsley SafariKnowsley Safari offers unique safari adventure through their safari drive and foot safari experience. An amazing place that is worth your visit, explore their 550-acre drive-through area and see different lions, rhino, wildebeest, buffalo, camels, nilgai and bison while enclosed in your car. A 5-mile safari drive, this is considered the longest in the UK so better avail a ticket and experience this one of a kind adventure that you will not find elsewhere.

After driving around your car, you can go on foot and check their sea lion and bird of prey display. You may also go boating on their Wetland Wild Trail and see the abundant wildlife thriving on the edges of the lake. Offering different brilliant trails and adventure that will delight the explorer in you, come and bring your family and friends and experience an unforgettable encounter with magnificent and powerful creatures of the wild.


Plan Your Visit, Conservation, Education


Address: Prescot L34 4AN
Phone: 151 430 9009


“Brilliant day out. We have spent the entire day at the zoo. Loved car safari and watching monkeys destroying people’s cars. Spent some time on rides and playgrounds. Not a big fan of food but amazing day nevertheless.” – Giedre Clarke

Welsh Mountain Zoo

Welsh Mountain ZooWelsh Mountain Zoo started as a small family business operated by the Jackson family in 1963. Over the years, it has grown and is now boasting of more than 140 different species that are housed and taken care of inside their premises. Their animal collections include big cats, primates, mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians as well as different farm animals that small kids can check and explore.

Open to visitors at varied hours between 9:30 AM to 6 PM, you can visit their website and avail of their tickets with price ranging between £12.55 to £16.70 depending on the age group of the visitor. Perfect for both individuals, groups and families, come and plan your visit and enjoy the wonderful experience that they provide. Take a time out from the busy life of the city and enjoy the amazing wonders of nature at this zoo.


Visit, Experience, Conservation, Education


Address: Colwyn Bay LL28 5UY
Phone: 149 253 2938


“What a wonderful 1st visit to WMZ today. I have always donated and raised funds for this zoo as it is the closest one to my home. The animals are well cared for, the staff are amazing and the zoo is beautiful. You all do such a great job keeping animals from extinction. You are all amazing. Thank you for today, it’s been fantastic.” – Kiddie Kim

SeaQuarium Rhyl

SeaQuarium RhylSeaQuarium Rhyl houses a state of the art underwater exhibit and an open seafront area that you would love to explore and check. With an abundance of different incredible aquatic creatures and fishes, you would certainly enjoy looking serenely at the different aquariums and water attractions that they have. A perfect place for the whole family, you may plan a visit with your friends and kids and enjoy the different attraction that they have.

Aside from leisurely experience, they also offer educational visit that different schools and groups can enjoy. They also offer the best venue to hire for your kid’s birthday party. Offering tailored packages that will suit your preference, do not hesitate to contact them to enquire about this service that they offer their guests and customers. Book a ticket now to check for yourself this amazing aquarium and have a highly engaging and pleasurable visit.


Plan Your Visit, Aquatics and Conservation, Schools and Groups


Address: E Parade, Rhyl LL18 3AF
Phone: 174 534 4660


“Cute seals, great staff, fish were nice and content. The rays were 10/10. Was allowed to sit and sketch animals as I do.” – Rogelio Estrada

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