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5 Best Bagel Shops in Newcastle

Below is a list of the top and leading Bagel Shops in Newcastle. To help you find the best Bagel Shops located near you in Newcastle, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Newcastle’s Best Bagel Shops:

The top rated Bagel Shops in Newcastle are:

  • Dot Bagels – offers hand-made bagels made fresh daily
  • Elis Bakery – their ingredient selection is based exclusively on its freshness and nutritious value
  • Olive and Bean – available for special pre-orders
  • The Cycle Hub – has an outdoor terrace that is boasting of a wonderful view
  • Pink Lane Coffee – a speciality coffee roastery and coffee shop

Dot Bagels

Dot BagelsDot Bagels is a premier bagel shop in Newcastle that offers the best-tasting bagels that are made fresh daily and served with the finest fillings that you would love. Good for either breakfast, brunch or snack, they guarantee that you will enjoy each flavour of the bagels that they have. They have plain bagels, sesame, onion, cheese and chive, Bombay and many others.

You can choose from their wide variety of menus with wonderful fillings or either meat, vegetables, cheese, eggs and fish. They also have vegan and vegetarian options for people on a special diet so hurry and check what they got to offer to assuage your palate and cravings. Available from 8 AM to 6 PM, come and drop by their shop and have an enjoyable snack of bagel that will bring you optimum delight and satisfaction.


Breakfast, Brunch, Sweet


Address: 250 Chillingham Rd, Newcastle upon Tyne NE6 5LQ
Phone: 284 378 0226


“Well, that was an absolutely delicious lunch and so easy to order through the website. The bagel was tasty and the contents were well engineered to deliver a fantastic combination of heat and spice and creamy coleslaw! Lovely meal and the photos do not do it justice! Get yourself there!” – David McClinton

Elis Bakery

Elis BakeryElis Bakery is a small community bakeshop that was established in 2020. Offering homemade bread and pastries that are made using the finest ingredients, they ensure that each component is carefully selected for its freshness and nutritional value in order to ensure the best tasting bread that would tempt your palate and whet your appetite. Making classic bread in an innovative manner, they would want to add a little extra that would certainly delight your senses.

They have plain bagels, pistachio bars, banana bread, white loaf, plain white sourdough and brownies to name a few. They are also available for any catering services that you may require and they can prepare a variety of hot and cold buffets, pastries, sandwich platters and desserts that you and your guests would love. Contact them now and enquire about the products and services that they can deliver and have an enjoyable feast of delicious pastries and bread.


Bread, Pastries, Specialties


Address: Unit 6, 20 Arrow Cl, Newcastle upon Tyne NE12 6QN
Phone: 798 401 8832


“Lovely little Artisan bakery selling delicious bread and sweet bakes. Very friendly.” – Alison Tedesco

Olive and Bean

Olive and BeanOlive and Bean is highly reputed for the wonderful selections of breakfast, brunches and lunches that they offer to all their customers and guests. Carefully concocting their products and menu, they serve delish homemade treats that will tempt your palate and leave you full and satisfied. One of the many offerings that they have includes bagels where they serve breakfast bagels and veggie breakfast bagels for £8.95 each, bacon and cream cheese bagel and salmon and cream cheese bagels for £6.50 each.

Perfect for both vegan and non-vegan individuals, start your day right by eating breakfast from their shop and have a satisfying day with the different sandwiches, sweets, burritos and bowls that they serve daily from 8 AM to 11:30 AM. They also have different main menus served from 11:30 AM to 5 PM and they can also do special orders so hurry and reach out to them now to discuss the requirements that you have.




Address: 17-19 Clayton St, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 5PN
Phone: 191 233 0990


“Lovely cafe next to the Grainger Market. The prices are reasonable and the coffee was nice. Would recommend.” – Josh Salazar

The Cycle Hub

The Cycle HubThe Cycle Hub is a full menu cafe that serves a wide range of freshly made sandwiches including bagels that you would surely love. Available from 8:30 AM to 5 PM daily, they can accommodate both dine-in with their large outdoor space and takeaway request. With a team of local artisan bakers, you can ensure handmade goodness that is carefully concocted for your ultimate satisfaction.

They have toasted bagel for £2.50, selection of sandwiches for £4.25 each, sausage roll for £3, vegan roll for £3, home-baked scone for £3 and many other cakes and sweet treats that the sweet tooth in you would love. They are also available to accommodate parties and events so hurry and contact them to make the necessary arrangement and enjoy the rich coffee partner with delicious bagels and other stuff worth trying.


Cafe, Parties and Events


Address: Quayside, Newcastle upon Tyne NE6 1BU
Phone: 191 276 7250


“Stopped by for a coffee & slice of cake, wasn’t disappointed.” – Richard Drew

Pink Lane Coffee

Pink Lane CoffeePink Lane Coffee is a breakfast and brunch coffee shop that offers sumptuous food selections to all its customers. Offering a variety of menu including bagels, sandwiches and other small bites plus a cup of perfectly blended coffee, you would really enjoy dining at this cafe served with the meal of your choice. Committed to providing its guests the best and quality service that they could, you will enjoy the mix of their meal and cold and hot beverages that they have.

They serve homemade food that is made fresh daily using the finest ingredients from local produce that they have sourced meticulously. A lovely place where you can comfortably relax over good meals and fine ambience, this is really the best go-to cafe to spend your day. Drop by their shop to savour and taste the rich flavours of the finest menu that they carefully put together for your ultimate delight and satisfaction.


Menu, Shop, Subscription


Address: 1 Pink Ln, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 5DW
Phone: 784 138 3085


“An absolutely lovely and welcoming independent coffee shop. Very clean and super friendly. Coffee was the best we have ever tasted. Delicious breakfast- we had yoghurt and berries plus the avocado on toast. Highly recommend. We will be back!” – Karen Kemp

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