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5 Best Bankruptcy Lawyers in Newcastle

Below is a list of the top and leading Bankruptcy Lawyers in Newcastle. To help you find the best Bankruptcy Lawyers located near you in Newcastle, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Newcastle’s Best Bankruptcy Lawyers:

The top rated Bankruptcy Lawyers in Newcastle are:

  • Keystone Law – recognised, by Premonition as having the highest senior court success rate
  • St James’ Square Law Firm – their client base includes SMEs, owner-managed businesses, high net worth individuals, PLCs and an array of successful companies
  • Short Richardson & Forth Solicitors – has provided exceptional specialist legal advice to businesses large and small
  • Sintons Law – a full-service law firm based in North East England serving clients throughout the UK and further afield
  • Haque & Hausmann – has branches in London and Newcastle and is practising across a range of legal services

Keystone Law

Source: PexelsKeystone Law was established in 2002 and has grown to provide expertise on the different branches of law from different sectors. Part of the service that they provide is about restructuring and insolvency where they ensure to assist different individuals on the financial challenges that they are facing. They will offer full support by analysing your current situation in order to great the best plan and most sensible strategy to help you recover from your debts and restructure your resources to achieve liquidity.

With a team of expert consultant solicitors, partners and advocates, they ensure to assist both private clients and companies with the different insolvency cases that they have. From administration, company restructures and re-financing, CVA, IVA, liquidations, recovery claims and many others, they are sure to work for your complete benefit and welfare. Boasting of vast experience in representing clients and providing them with practical advice, they guarantee the best assistance for any insolvency concerns that you have.


Restructuring & Insolvency


Address: 1st Floor, Sunco House, 5 Carliol Square, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 6UF
Phone: 191 687 2050


“Excellent legal services. They go the extra mile for their clients.” – Chris Horner

St James’ Square Law Firm

Source: PexelsSt James’ Square Law Firm is a premier law firm that is highly reputed to offer quality advice at a very cost-effective rate. Working mostly with different business clients including owner-managed businesses, high net worth individuals, SMEs, PLCs, they ensure to provide the most comprehensive solution following a legal issue that they are facing. One of the common services that they usually provide includes corporate recovery and insolvency where they offer direct and practical advice on all aspects of insolvency issues that their clients may be facing.

They provide assistance on different spectrums of recovery and insolvency including liquidations, licence agreements, injunctions, statutory demands, winding up petitions, bankruptcy petitions, order for possession and sake and many others. They understand how complex insolvency issues can be, that is why they provide their expertise to help you overcome the situation that you are in and look for the best option to get out of the red and rebuild your company or receiver the losses that you have incurred and start brand new.


Corporate Recovery and Insolvency, Debt Recovery


Address: 2 Esh Plaza, Sir Bobby Robson Way, Newcastle upon Tyne NE13 9BA
Phone: 191 466 1000


“We have dealt with a few law firms in the past and this one is “head and shoulders above the rest.” Professional and personal to perfection. Thanks to all the staff, especially Alisha!” – Karen Wright

Short Richardson & Forth Solicitors

Source: PexelsShort Richardson & Forth Solicitors has been serving the community of Newcastle for more than 40 years now in relation to all their legal concerns and issues. An expert in the field, they provide exceptional legal advice and guidance in dealing with all spectrum of insolvency cases for commercial clients. With their knowledge and experience on the complexities of corporate and insolvency, they help ease all intricacies and problems by offering pragmatic advice in dealing with all issues and help you recover and start on a clean slate without any debts or worries.

They will help you formulate the best decision that will fit the circumstances that you have and will protect all your assets and secure your business dealings. They will look after your best interest and extend their expertise on all facets of the legal process in your business to ensure your full recovery. Whether you are looking for assistance in bankruptcy, liquidations, administrations, IVA and CBA and director disqualification proceedings, you can definitely rely on their judgement as they guarantee a positive outcome that will work in your best interest.


Commercial, Private Client


Address: 4 Mosley St, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 1DE
Phone: 191 232 0283


“Helpful firm.” – Paul Blay

Sintons Law

Source: PexelsSintons Law is a full-service law firm that handles a wide spectrum of the law. One of the many expertise that they have under their helm includes services that they deliver for all business entities like corporate recovery and insolvency and many others. Trustworthy and reliable, you can reach out to their expert solicitors to discuss the requirements that you have in order for them to apply the best solution following your case and current circumstances.

Supporting both local and national businesses regardless of the size, they will offer straightforward advice on the best solution for either restructuring or recovery. Working with the best insolvency practitioners including banks and lenders, they ensure to work on your case in a reliable and quick manner. Extending their assistance in any way you need, do not hesitate to contact them to seek their legal guidance and see for yourself how they can help boost your business and get out of the difficult situation that you are in.


Corporate Recovery & Insolvency


Address: Barrack Rd, Newcastle upon Tyne NE4 6DB
Phone: 191 226 7878


“We’ve used Sintons for conveyancing, wills & several other legal issues. They made everything stress free, speedy & professional in all areas. Definitely recommend.” – JJ Jolene

Haque & Hausmann

Source: PexelsHaque & Hausmann is a law firm that has been serving different individuals and business entities since its inception in 2006. With different offices located in Newcastle and London, they extend their legal expertise to all clients that are in the red and are in need of the best way to overcome the financial difficulties that they are experiencing and go back to their liquid state as quickly as possible. They understand that each client has their own unique experience and circumstances that is why they apply a personalised solution to meet your needs and work on the specific requirements that you have.

They will help you overcome the most difficult phase in your life and business and look for the most appropriate solution that can salvage your remaining assets. In the event that applying for bankruptcy is inevitable, they will help you with all processes and procedures to apply for bankruptcy and overcome the complexities that you are facing. Reliable, efficient and trustworthy, they guarantee to deliver the best result that is highly beneficial for you so do not hesitate on tapping their services.


Insolvency & Bankruptcy


Address: 149 Beaconsfield St, Newcastle upon Tyne NE4 5JQ
Phone: 191 272 5197


“Marvellous, tremendous. I’ve gotta say one of the best lawyers I’ve ever come across. Professional and friendly that’s exactly what a person can expect. I’ll highly recommend.” – Shohel Khan

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