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Everything You Should Know About Bespoke Forever

Have you ever looked at a piece of Jewellery and thought, “wow! That looks great, but I wish it just had something extra that I like”. You are not alone. Many people often look at Jewellery and wish it had something more to it that would fit their preferences better. Luckily for you, Bespoke Forever exists.

About Bespoke Forever

Bespoke Forever is a custom Jewellery store which enables customers to be able to start with a template for Jewellery and add and subtract from it. In doing so, they are able to create their own custom piece of Jewellery which fits their preferences perfectly. In doing so, people are able to have rings, earrings and so on made perfectly within their style and to fit their fingers exactly.

The process for Bespoke Forever is very simple. Their online store offers a simple to navigate user interface and provides you with a great experience. You first press on the band that you want to start with (for rings) and then choose the metal you want the band to be made of. These metals include white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, platinum, palladium and silver. From here on, band width is selected, ranging from 2mm to 8mm in width. Next, your ring size is chosen (you should have this ready to ensure you pick the right choice). Afterwards, you are able to put in further comments for the Jewellery. You are then given a quote based on your preferences.

There are many different options for types of rings available, including solitaire, side stone, eternity, 3 stone and wedding bands.

For earrings, the process is similar. You choose a template based on the different earrings presented, and then you choose the material you want the earring to be made of (these are the same metals as mentioned previously). However, this time you must choose a centre stone for the earring. These options include white diamonds, black diamonds, yellow diamonds, rubies, emerald, pink, blue and yellow sapphires and so on. All of these gemstones are precious, and look amazing on an earring. The earring width is then chosen ranging from 1.8mm to 3mm. Finally, an additional request box is given as mentioned previously.

Why should you use Bespoke Forever?

Bespoke Forever has a number of reasons to use them for their services. First of all, if you want custom Jewellery, then Bespoke Forever is obviously for you. Past this reason, Bespoke Forever offers a number of benefits through the use of their services. One of these is that they ship worldwide. Whether you are in the US, Europe, Asia or any other continent, Bespoke Forever will be able to ship you your final product. If you receive your product and you do not like it, they offer a 30 day return policy. With their products, you also receive a lifetime warranty. Finally, you also receive a free resizing service with every single purchase.

When you buy a product from Bespoek Forever, they will use an independent gem laboratory to evaluate the diamond or gemstone of your choice. Once this process is done, you will receive a detailed valuation certificate to certify the authenticity of your product. This is also helpful for personal insurance reasons.


The majority of items shipped from Bespoke Forever will be shipped within 2-4 weeks, including time to manufacture.

Sourced ethically

A sad truth in the world is that many companies will often source their diamonds and other precious gemstones from ethically questionable sources. Blood and conflict diamonds are often cheaper to source for companies, however they fund terrible people and events, and should not be supported at all. At Bespoke Forever, all precious metals and gemstones are ethically sourced from registered suppliers, as they do not support blood and conflict diamonds.

With a huge selection of different types of products ready to be customized for your own preferences, Bespoke Forever is definitely the way to go. There are numerous different pages available to browse for these starting templates, and the quality provided is exceptional. Bespoke Forever is for anyone who appreciates good quality Jewellery who want to add their own flair to their individual products.

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