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5 Best Advertising Agencies in London

Below is a list of the top and leading Advertising Agencies in London. To help you find the best Advertising Agencies located near you in London, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

London’s Best Advertising Agencies:

The top rated Advertising Agencies in London are:

  • Collective London – Digital Creative Agency – is helping the clients thrive in a fast-paced, digital world
  • Recipe – provides a fast turnaround, low-cost TV ads
  • Habit Creative Ltd – is a full service independent creative agency and video production company
  • Lime Creative – is a team of diverse creative individuals from around the world
  • Cheil UK – makes things happen

Collective London – Digital Creative AgencyCollective London - Digital Creative Agency

Collective London – Digital Creative Agency is an agency of creative, strategic, and technology problem-solvers, helping the clients thrive in a fast-paced, digital world. They always do that by putting people first. Challenging the status quo. And driving results with joined-up tech, creative, and media thinking. They also work and agile at pace because you do. Its independence keeps them objective and neutral. Enabling them to deliver beautifully crafted ideas with the right message, in the right channel, at the right time.

With the changing world, Collective London – Digital Creative Agency now lives in, it’s easy to forget that the biggest driver of human behaviour the emotions – remains steadfastly the same. At Collective they start by unpicking these complex motivations and behaviours, use this to inform powerful and compelling creative ideas, and employ technology to maximise impact.


Advertising, Strategic Services, Design & Innovation, Performance Marketing, Emerging Technology


Address: 72-82 Rosebery Ave, Farringdon, London EC1R 4RW
Phone: 20 7843 3555


“Great marketing and digital agency. I’ve worked with them on two brands now and they are small agency setup but big agency experience and capability.” – John G.


Recipe was founded in 2004. During that time, there was still this understanding that TV advertising remained the bastion of big brands, with big budgets. They weren’t satisfied with that status quo, so they built a production company set up to provide a fast turnaround, low-cost TV ads. Working with platforms, media companies, and direct with brands they had a relentless focus on producing great work, fast, and cost-effectively. But there were too many walls, conversations around creative, production & media that needed to be brought closer together.

So around its production core, they have added strategic planning, social, creative teams, digital strategy, and media planning & buying teams. They wanted a truly integrated full-service agency, fit for the future, and will never stop evolving, improving, adding, and responding to an ever-changing landscape. They are never satisfied is their philosophy and it drives them to continue to improve and better serve their clients.


Creative Development, Account Handling & Project Management, Communications Strategy & Planning, Implementational Media Planning & Buying, Social & Community Implementation, Full In-House Production


Address: F5, BFI, 21 Stephen St, Fitzrovia, London W1T 1LN
Phone: 20 7268 6440


“Top 30 advertising agency in the Campaign top 100 creative agencies 2012 and 2013.” – Mark S.

Habit Creative LtdHabit Creative Ltd

Habit Creative Ltd is a full service independent creative agency and video production company specialising in flawless advertising, digital content, and video. Its team is experienced and agile, with a desire to un-do the bad habits of big agencies. Watch their showreel for a taste of how its creative habit manifests itself.

Habit Creative Ltd identifies objectives and creates well-defined strategies to ultimately create work that works. Their talented team relentlessly creates, concept, craft, and champion all projects to repeatedly and consistently deliver excellence. They also offer a range of branding and design services to consistently deliver across all creative formats on and offline.


Strategy, Creative, Photography, Design, Motion Graphics & Animation, Video Production, TV Commercials, Branded Content, 360 Video, Augmented Reality, Web design


Address: 13, Habit Creative Ltd, 394 Camden Rd, London N7 0SJ
Phone: 20 7060 9264


“Amazing Agency!” – Bruno S.

Lime CreativeLime Creative

Lime Creative is UK centric with a global outlook. A team of diverse creative individuals from around the world, they are all addicted to creativity. They feel compelled to create a better brand, PR & social media campaign, advertisement, website, or next digital trend. Together, they can market anything. Its PR team has extensive experience in the luxury lifestyle, retail, hospitality, travel, and financial sectors, guiding everything from thought leadership and media relations to event production and influencer engagement.


Advertising, Campaigns, PR, Social Media, Events, Influencer Engagement, Brands Strategy, Marketing, E-Comms, SEO, UX, Brands, Design, Websites, Animation, Apps


Address: 72-76 Maidstone Buildings Mews, Borough High St, London SE1 1GN
Phone: 20 7378 3456


“A super team delivering great creative – always delivering inspiring and well-considered ideas. A fun team to work with too!” – Orla

Cheil UKCheil UK

Cheil UK is creating award-winning data-driven experiences across the entire customer journey. Resulting in the world’s biggest tech giant, Samsung, Cheil UK have been at the forefront of technology for more than 40 years. Its unique 150-strong team makes things happen. They are artists, and analysts, directors and designers, planners, and producers. They’re plugged in, switched on, wired up, and driven by data.

What they do counts. Technology has always been close to their hearts but it’s the Korean spirit of tu:hon that propels them forward. Tu:hon means fighting to the end, pushing beyond limits, making the impossible and they have got bucket loads running through its veins. It helps them innovate and create.


Voice Design, Retail & Commerce, Experience & Events, Personalisation, Brand & Design, Tech, Developers & Performance, Film & TV, Content & Social, New Tech & Product Innovation


Address: The Crane Building, 22 Lavington St, London SE1 0NZ
Phone: 20 7593 9300


“Fantastic and innovative Digital Agency with a portfolio of exceptional work. Amazing offices with a laid back and creative atmosphere.” – Tom S.

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