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5 Best Art Galleries in Liverpool

Below is a list of the top and leading Art Galleries in Liverpool. To help you find the best Art Galleries located near you in Liverpool, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Liverpool’s Best Art Galleries:

The top rated Art Galleries in Liverpool are:

  • The Royal Standard – an artist-led gallery and studio complex
  • Arts Hub 47 – sell a wide array of arts and crafts produced by their own members
  • Walker Art Gallery – houses world-renowned Pre-Raphaelites collection
  • Dot-Art – offers delivery for just £6.99
  • Rennies Gallery – stocks collectable artwork from around the world

The Royal Standard

The Royal StandardThe Royal Standard is an artist-led gallery studio and workshop that supports over 45 artists and provide them with a good avenue to explore their craft and share their talent with other people. By delivering regular exhibitions, events and training, they aim to support further all emerging talents and help them to continuously enhance their skills. Through different commissioned works, auction and sales, they help all artists showcase their work for people who would want to purchase their art.

A go-to place to check for new blood and to visit and support your favourite artists, do not hesitate to drop by their place and check the many wonderful works that they are hosting. Dedicated to bringing the diversity of art to the community, you would really find here a variety of art pieces that will match your distinct taste and particular style. Hurry and pay them a visit and have a look at the different brilliant collections from their excellent artists.


Artists, Programme, Studio Enquiries


Address: 3 Mann St, Liverpool L8 5AF
Phone: 793 874 8273


“Lively opening of ‘let the hands do the talking, an exhibition about touch in art. Loved the giant marble run, gummy snakes, huge pot containing models made by refugee women and prints made by Bluecoat artists.” – Christine Stevens

Arts Hub 47

Arts Hub 47Arts Hub 47 is a creative community in Merseyside that established in 2012. Created to provide different artists with a safe and inclusive place where they can show their talents and skills, this is certainly one of the best places to visit if you are out to hunt amazing arts and crafts to adorn your home or office. Offering different items from cards, bags, paintings, prints, clothes, jewellery, bunting, textile art and many others, they aim to address your particular needs and requirements and offer you wonderful and amazing work that will perfectly match your taste and will leave you very satisfied.

Regularly hosting different exhibitions and events, they are always on the lookout for wonderful artists to support and patronize. To cultivate their skills and prepare all artists that they are supporting, they also offer different workshops and courses that are running all year round. Contact them now to enquire further about the services that they can deliver and drop by their studio to personally check all items that they have and purchase one that will suit your fancy.


Artists, Exhibitions and Events, Workshops and Courses


Address: 136 Aigburth Rd, Dingle, Liverpool L17 7BR


“A great shop for gifts and treats, lots of artists under one roof to suit everyone’s tastes.” – Anna Mulhearn

Walker Art Gallery

Walker Art GalleryWalker Art Gallery is a contemporary art gallery renowned for its comprehensive collections of sculptures, painting, decorative arts and other artworks. Part of the National Museums Liverpool group, this is certainly one of the best places for your whole family to visit and explore fabulous work of arts from different esteemed and notable artists of different eras. They have several rooms full of different medieval, renaissance, late renaissance, baroque, pre-raphaelites and Victorian arts.

They also cater to different impressionism, British as well as modern and contemporary arts that will leave you in awe. Apart from the numerous galleries that they have inside, they also have different engaging activities that your kid will enjoy. They are also open for different groups and school tours for all individuals of different ages, so do not hesitate to plan your visit to this amazing art gallery. Dedicated to cultivating the people’s love for art, they welcome all interest visitors and offer the best place to explore, enjoy and understand deeply the wonderful world of art.


Admissions, Collections


Address: William Brown St, Liverpool L3 8EL
Phone: 151 478 4199


“It’s got amazing exhibits with some truly stunning pieces. The place is a little weird when first navigating but you pick up rather quickly the layout and where everything is. A must if you’re a tourist!” – David-James Ferguson


Dot-ArtDot-Art offers a wide variety of well-curated art collections that will catch your attention and enhance further your enthusiasm for arts. With their years of experience in the industry, they understand how art can be an integral part of the community and the lives of the people that is why they provide an avenue that will further cultivate the talent of different artists and inspire all budding ones to continue doing their craft and excel on their passion. Apart from showcasing these brilliant creations sourced from different local artists, they also offer them for sale to all art enthusiasts and patrons who wish to bring home wonderful pieces and to provide all artists with a chance to gain profit from their work.

Offering premium art at a very affordable rate, take time to visit to check the different collections that they have from a wide array of artist and purchase one that catches your fancy and matches your refined taste. You may also take part in the different creative courses that they offer and bring out the artists in you. Contact them now to check the different programme and exhibitions that they have and immerse yourself in the wonderful world of art.


Shop, Artist, School, Creative Courses


Address: 14 Queen Ave, Castle St, Liverpool L2 4TX
Phone: 345 017 6660


“For anyone interested in buying great artworks for home or office this is the place to go! The Dot-Art team will take you through pieces to ensure you are satisfied with a purchase that will last a lifetime.” – Brad Bingham

Rennies Gallery

Rennies GalleryRennies Gallery is a well-established art gallery that offers a variety of art from different local and global artists. Sourcing art from all over the world, this family-run gallery is the best place to check a wide range of art that you would want to add to your personal collection. From abstract, animals, cult and pop art to landscape, figurative, edge sculptures, contemporary, illustrations and photography, they have an assortment of works to choose from that will fit your distinct taste and style.

With highly sought after products from the best and renowned artists in the industry, you would certainly enjoy looking at the different items that they have on display. Plan a visit to take time exploring and browsing through their exhibits and be awed with the fine pieces that they have. Apart from visiting their showroom, you can also browse through their website for the different items that they have that are up for grab so that you may add them to your shopping cart and have them checked out and delivered to your place for your own convenience.


Artists, New Releases, Tours and Events


Address: 63 Bold St, Liverpool L1 4EZ
Phone: 151 708 0599


“Strongly recommend Rennies for picture framing service. Have used them for many years but they have surpassed themselves this year taking time to help me choose the best mount, size and frame for a unique gift and delivering to my tight deadline. Ever grateful to the staff in the store and the workshop.” – Lesley Culley

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