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5 Best Boxing Trainers in London

London is not just the capital of the UK but also a significant hub for boxing enthusiasts. The city boasts numerous gyms and coaches dedicated to the craft of boxing, helping both amateurs and professionals sharpen their skills.

If you’re on the lookout for top-tier boxing training, here are the five best boxing trainers in London who stand out for their experience, credentials, and unique coaching styles.

1. Deniz Ates

Deniz Ates - boxing trainer in London

Deniz Ates began his journey in the world of boxing as an assistant coach at his local boxing club, before rising to the position of head coach. With a deep-rooted passion for boxing, Deniz has been leading fitness-focused boxing classes in London since 2012, emphasizing technique and overall physical fitness.

His expertise is certified by several reputable organizations, including England Boxing and Boxing Awards, underscoring his commitment to excellence in coaching.

Deniz’s approach to boxing is tailored for fitness, integrating advanced boxing techniques with physical conditioning to help participants improve their health and stamina. He also travels to clients to offer personal training sessions, making his coaching more accessible. His sessions are ideal for individuals looking to enhance their fitness through the disciplined and engaging art of boxing, guided by an experienced coach.

2. Ryan Pickard

Ryan Pickard - boxing trainer in London

As the founder of 12×3, Ryan Pickard‘s life has been steeped in boxing from the tender age of 7. Training at the prestigious Repton Boxing Club, Ryan boasts over 100 fights with titles including Junior World Silver and Youth Commonwealth Gold medals.

Known for his humble demeanor and infectious energy, Ryan is a true student of boxing, imparting lessons that transcend the sport, making him a pillar in the London boxing scene.

3. George Wadman

George Wadman began boxing at the age of 9 and has since accumulated a vast array of experiences, from competing to coaching.

Under the mentorship of Steve Hiser OBE, BEM, George has trained champions at various levels, including schoolboys and seniors who have gone on to represent England.

With over 30 years of coaching experience and success in both amateur and professional boxing, George offers personalized training that caters to all levels of expertise.

4. Matthew Joseph Burke

At Left Hook, Matthew Joseph Burke offers a depth of experience both as a former boxer and a coach. With over 25 years in the sport, Matthew has transitioned from an impressive competitive career—boasting regional and national titles—to nurturing others in the art of boxing.

His classes cover all aspects of boxing training, making them perfect for both novices and experienced boxers looking to hone their skills under the guidance of an ABA qualified coach.

5. Paul Carroll

Paul Carroll - boxing trainer in London

Paul Carroll is a multi-faceted trainer whose background spans across various sports disciplines. A former British University Boxing Heavyweight Champion and a BSc honours graduate in Sport Science, Paul has trained A-list clients including royalty and celebrities. His training programs are diverse, targeting everything from boxing to family fitness and stress relief, making him one of the most versatile trainers in London.

Each of these trainers brings something unique to the table, whether it’s extensive competitive experience, a holistic approach to training, or a rich educational background. If you’re serious about boxing and looking for top-notch training in London, these coaches are definitely worth considering.

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