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5 Best Churches in Leeds

Below is a list of the top and leading Churches in Leeds. To help you find the best Churches located near you in Leeds, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Leeds’ Best Churches:

The top rated Churches in Leeds are:

  • Christ Church Central Leeds – is a congregation of the International Presbyterian Church
  • Mosaic Church (Central Gathering) – one church that meets in 4 locations across Leeds
  • LIFE Church Leeds – offers church online services
  • St George’s Church – has three services every Sunday and a midweek programme
  • Mill Hill Chapel – an affiliated church of the general assembly of Unitarian and Free Christian churches

Christ Church Central Leeds

Source: PexelsChrist Church Central Leeds is a church dedicated to glorifying God through its preaching and ministry. A family-friendly church that is open to all individuals regardless of their age, gender and race, they provide a safe and all-inclusive vibe that will make all their members feel loved, secure and welcomed. Part of the International Presbyterian Church, they are overseen and led by eldership and follow a core doctrine set by their group and the Christian faith that they believe in.

Their beliefs are centred towards the teachings of the bible that is why all members work on putting the word of God not only in their mind but all in their heart. Meeting regularly through the week, they have Sunday service for both children and adults. They have Wednesday night as community group night where they meet each other for prayers, bible study and fellowship. Check their church now and see for yourself the faith that they have and be part of their worship to God and their ministry of his words.


Sunday Mornings, Children on Sunday Mornings, Wednesday Night Community Groups, Mums’ Bible Study


Address: 188 Woodhouse Ln., Woodhouse, Leeds LS2 9DX


“Great evangelical church! Felt right at home at Christ Church Central from our first Sunday, everyone was very welcoming to our family and it’s great to gather with such a range of people from all walks of life. We love that everything in the service and life of the church is centred around the Bible and giving glory to God.” – Matthew Kirk

Mosaic Church (Central Gathering)

Mosaic Church (Central Gathering)Mosaic Church (Central Gathering) is a multisite church that has been giving ministries in four different locations all across Leeds including the North, South and the City Centre. Transforming lives through the teachings of Christ, they live to become the disciples of Jesus and share his teachings and the word of the Bible to people who wish to grow in the same faith and beliefs. They regularly hold Sunday services either via Zoom or in-person for all their members’ convenience.

Each service consists mostly of worships through songs, prayers as well as sermons. Connect with them now to learn more about their faith and practice and immerse yourself in the amazing words of God that will not only enrich your soul but give it the sustenance that you are looking for. They also have a podcast and Youtube channel in case you want to check their church further as well as the service that they provide, so hurry and check them now.


Sunday Services


Address: Mabgate mills, Ground Floor, Mill 5, Mabgate, Leeds LS9 7DZ
Phone: 113 245 3286


“A church gathering full of broken people who seek to love Jesus and spread his love to the world around them, both near and far.” – Ewan McKechnie

LIFE Church Leeds

LIFE Church LeedsLIFE Church Leeds is a global church that is located in several different locations namely Leeds, Belfast, Warsaw and Poland. Inviting all people that want to learn more about the word of God and embrace its teachings and enlightenment while cultivating the faith, you would definitely feel the work of Christ in your life when you embrace the faith. Offering a warm, easy and relaxing environment where you can comfortably go for a service, you would certainly feel much closer to the Lord with their help and guidance.

Normal Sunday service usually last for 75 minutes and are filled with different worship songs and music as well as a short message about the faith. Aside from regular service, they also find ways to help the needy, broken and those suffering from different issues and problem through their life reach programs and world missions. If you are interested in learning more about their church, do not hesitate to contact them for further enquiries or join them in their online stream held every Sundays at 10:30 AM.


Kids Church, Lifegroups


Address: 98 Kirkstall Rd, Leeds LS3 1HD
Phone: 113 467 5440


“It was a very great experience with nice sounds. The ambience was quite good also. Lovely reception every visit, good access by public transport and free parking on Sundays.” – Kwasi Pobee

St George’s Church

St George's ChurchSt George’s Church is an Anglican church that has a wonderful network of like-minded people that are growing in the same faith full of God’s gospel and teachings. Holding weekly Sunday service and midweek programme, they aim to reach a wider audience that is interested in learning more about Christ and listen to the holy words of the Bible. They offer both live sessions and Livestream so hurry and check their schedule to book a seat for your and your loved ones.

Apart from Sunday service, they also offer other worthwhile activities for small groups, youth, kids and students. Offering a safe and secure avenue to listen to the word of God and worship, this is certainly one of the best places to commune with God and interact with other believers of the same faith. Building genuine friendship while enriching your faith, sign up with this church now and be part of the community that share the teachings of God in a fun way and honour it through their work and actions.


Sundays, Small Groups, Youth, Kids


Address: St Georges Church, Great George St, Leeds LS1 3BR
Phone: 113 243 8498


“If you want to find Jesus Christ for yourself and hear Him speak into your life and come under some Powerfully Anointed Worship, then St George’s Leeds is the best place to be.” – John Brett

Mill Hill Chapel

Mill Hill ChapelMill Hill Chapel is a church of God that is nestled in the heart of the City Centre of Leeds and is a welcoming place where all believers can commune and worship God and his wonderful gospel. Holding regular ministry to share the word of Christ far and wide, they are also open to attend to different sacraments such as christenings, dedications, naming ceremonies, communion and weddings. They also hold special services that will enrich further your religious and spiritual beliefs.

Believing that faith is universal, they are also open to different events that practice the tradition and faith of different groups so do not hesitate on checking their website for the calendar of activities that they have. Be genuinely committed with Christ through this church and live following the holy teachings. Contact them now to check on how you can be part of their wonderful church community and nourish your faith and boost it to soar greater heights.


Events, Sacraments, Special Services


Address: City Square, Leeds LS1 5EB
Phone: 113 243 3845


“This chapel accommodates inter-religious services. It is in the heart of Leeds. I once observed Jummat prayer at the centre.” – Adewale Ademowo

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