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5 Best Corporate Training in Manchester

Below is a list of the top and leading Corporate Training in Manchester. To help you find the best Corporate Training located near you in Manchester, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Manchester’s Best Corporate Training:

The top rated Corporate Training in Manchester are:

  • Business Training Ltd – a member of The European Association of Distance Learning
  • Pitman Training Centre in Manchester – all diplomas and courses can be studied either in-centre, at home or a mixture of both
  • M Training – offers 5 star rated classroom-based and online training courses
  • Growth Company – dedicated to boosting employment, skills, investment and enterprise for the benefit of all
  • Kaplan Manchester – gives you one-to-one support and personalised guidance throughout your studies

Business Training Ltd

Source: PexelsBusiness Training Ltd offers highly effective business and management courses that will not only level up your skills but will offer you the necessary proficiencies and knowledge that will make you highly competent with the job and career that you are aiming for. They will hone your good command of English to make you a more confident speaker through the business English courses that they have. They will also teach you effective time management to be more productive without being stressed from work and they will also provide specialised courses that will improve and sharpen your capabilities.

With their professional aid, they will help open doors of possibilities that will boost your professional development. Providing nothing but expert tuition, come and check the services that they have and start your journey to success with them at the helm. Contact them now and do not hesitate in giving their courses a try for your ultimate improvement and promotion.


Management and Business Courses


Address: Birmingham, UK
Phone: 161 819 9912


“Rated 5 stars.” – Frank Ofori

Pitman Training Centre in Manchester

Source: PexelsPitman Training Centre in Manchester is an independent educational institution that was founded in 1840 by Sir Isaac Pitman. They offer vocational courses and diplomas that would help you further in getting the necessary skill set for the type of job and career that you would want to get. Ensuring excellence in all their process, they offer the best solutions that will tailor fit your needs.

Flexible with their training approach, they offer late night classes both on weekdays and weekends. They have different courses like Microsoft excels and word courses, web design, shorthand, secretarial, general office skills, payroll, sage, project management, social media and many others. Contact them now to check on all courses that they have and train at your own pace and comfort whether at home, at work or at their very own centre.


Employee Training, Group Training Courses, Corporate Training Courses, Staff Touch Typing Courses


Address: 2nd Floor, Richmond House, 15 Bloom St, Greater, Manchester M1 3HZ
Phone: 161 210 3788


“I’ve been typing in my job role for over 25 years after doing a very basic starter course at Mackworth College in 1993. However, I have never been tested & after considering a career change at the age of 50, I thought it would be a good idea to officially find out my typing speed. The Typaz Speed course via Pitman Training Centre was excellent, all the modules were very easy to navigate, and I soon saw my typing speed and accuracy improve. My course tutor Eva was on hand to help whenever I needed help or support. I’m hoping this typing qualification will help me achieve the type of job role I want!” – Gill Lynam

M Training

M TrainingM Training is a well-established training institute reputed for the high-quality training that they offer all individuals and companies who want to improve the skills and capabilities of their workforce for maximised productivity and performance. An expert in the field, they teach different marketing, management and Microsoft courses that will help you with your career. Offering innovative and sustainable solutions personalised to your needs and requirements, they guarantee the full efficacy of the programs that they deliver that will help you boost your work rate and eventually get a promotion.

They have different training centre located in key cities and locations such as Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds and Liverpool and also offers online courses for your full convenience. Offering practice-led training, you would certainly get first-hand knowledge and experience that you can bring to your job for maximised performance. Contact them now to check the different courses that they have and find one that will suit you well and will make you a better employee.


Digital Marketing Courses, General Marketing Courses, Key Business Skills Courses, Management and Leadership Courses, Microsoft Training Courses


Address: Manchester Science Park, The Greenheys Building, Pencroft Way, Manchester M15 6JJ
Phone: 161 226 6032


“I attended an online Assertiveness training course with Ricky as my tutor. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and felt like I learnt a lot. Ricky was very likeable and an excellent teacher, Very impressed.” – Natalie O’Meara

Growth Company

Source: PexelsGrowth Company is a dedicated training centre that offers different methods and techniques that would further enhance and develop the capabilities of each individual seeking their professional help and expert support to ready themselves on all forms and process that a company or business may require. With their comprehensive training courses, they provide a positive transformation on all the skills that an individual has and certify them to meet the needed standards set by a company.

They empower you by providing different skills that are specifically designed for employment, growth of career and skill support for a company or organisation’s workforce. Offering their courses at a very competitive rate, you can certainly get the best deal for your money while honing your capabilities. Contact them now to check on all courses that they have and train at your own pace and comfort and further boost your career for your optimum satisfaction.


Skills For Employment, Skills For Growth, Skills Support For The Workforce


Address: Lee House, 90 Great Bridgewater St, Manchester M1 5JW
Phone: 161 228 1111


“Top class experience working with The Growth Company Education and Skills. Elizabeth has been excellent in preparing me for my interview. Great in-depth knowledge of processes. Would thoroughly recommend this company.” – Sam Jones

Kaplan Manchester

Kaplan ManchesterKaplan Manchester is an award-winning training institute that offers different courses and apprenticeship programme that will give you the necessary skills and proficiency that will improve your capabilities in managing different tasks and challenges connected with your work and position. They teach different skill sets that are important for your business including accountancy, banking and finance, bookkeeping, tax, technology and analytics. With their comprehensive classes, they provide a positive transformation on all the skills that their learners have and certify them to meet the needed standards set by a company.

They provide different learnings, exams and practical exercises that would further test your knowledge and skills. With their expert assistance, you will have an upgrade in your competence that would open a world of opportunities for you. Contact them now to check on all courses that they have and learn new things that will boost your performance and productivity and may eventually earn you a promotion.


Accountancy, Banking and Finance, Bookkeeping, Tax, Technology and Analytics


Address: 6th Floor, St James’s Bldg, 79 Oxford St, Manchester M1 6FQ
Phone: 161 259 7400


“The Kaplan English School is very modern and has very good installations. I recommend their accommodations, only a few minutes away from the school. The shopping centre, the bus stop and other useful things are also within walking distance. And sharing a flat with other students is so much fun! manchester is ideally located if you want to go on excursions during weekends. If you like to party and enjoy life, this is the perfect place: there’s always something to do and you will never get bored. The best part is every Thursday at … don’t miss it! On top of this, there are multiple parks around. It was an incredible trip and I recommend this place to anyone who wants to live something very special. The other schools are very bad in their services and teaching, they just want your money. Here is the best!” – Barbara Feet

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