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5 Best Dance Clubs in Birmingham

Below is a list of the top and leading Dance Clubs in Birmingham. To help you find the best Dance Clubs located near you in Birmingham, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Birmingham’s Best Dance Clubs:

The top rated Dance Clubs in Birmingham are:

  • PST – Britain’s no.1 reggae club
  • Reflex Birmingham – has a revolving dance floor
  • Popworld Birmingham – offers a wide variety of pop music to chart
  • PRYZM Birmingham – with home-grown and international DJs playing regularly
  • The Night Owl – an independent live music venue and club specialising in soul and retro sounds


Source: PexelsPST is an underground reggae club that offers the best soul music and wonderful events that all party enthusiasts would love. Established in 2010, this exclusive club offers a safe and inclusive environment for people who are looking for fun and a nice place to groove and dance the night away. With 3 different floors to explore, they have the basement, ground floor and first floor where diverse kind of fun happenings and amazing events are occurring.

They have a full sound system that offers blaring music and sounds as well as an adjoining dancefloor for people who wants to show their moves or to simply jive to the beat of the music. They also a bar that is full of wonderfully concocted mixes and beers and a yard garden area to simply unwind after full action and energetic dance. Come visit the place and experience the unique and lively experience that they offer all their guests and patrons.


Events, Regular Gig


Address: 71 Lombard St, Deritend, Birmingham B12 0QU
Phone: 121 622 5363


“Buzzing place good people from all walks of life with a laid back attitude. The live music is sick and Andy does his best bless him.” – Sean Conrad

Reflex Birmingham

Reflex BirminghamReflex Birmingham offers great music and amazing sounds from the ’80s and the ’90s as well as other wonderful tunes from different eras that are creating a big wave in the music industry. With a flair for fun and entertainment, they guarantee that you and your friends will have a pleasurable night with them as the host. Whether you are up for dancing all night, full drinking session with friends or prepared for a singing bout in their karaoke room, they have a perfect recreation that will fit your needs and specific purpose.

Open 7 nights a week, they host different events that will make you groove to the beat of the music that they have. They also serve the most amazing drinks like cocktails, bombs, shots, long drinks and wine that will suit your distinct taste and lavish style. Go for an eventful night out that only they can provide and forget about all the stress that’s been bothering you, enjoy and have fun with the company of like-minded people out to have a spectacular night.


Menus, Events


Address: 36-37 Broad St, Birmingham B1 2DY
Phone: 121 643 0444


“Lexi’s service was absolutely amazing would definitely come back again just to see her.” – Joanna Mangan

Popworld Birmingham

Source: PexelsPopworld Birmingham houses an impressive dance floor where all party enthusiast can dance to the different groove of party music. Offering lively music and sounds from different genre’ as well as different cocktails and alcoholic drinks, this is certainly a place to party your day and enjoy your night out with friends and loved ones. Providing a late-night bar experience for like-minded individuals that are out to have some fun until wee hours, check now their place and book a table for you and your friend’s exclusive use.

Aside from fine songs that are playing in the background, you would also enjoy their cocktail drinks that are put together to perfection and optimum enjoyment not only of your taste buds but your eyes because of their beautiful presentations. They are also a home to different wonderful events that are exciting and exhilarating so watch out for their updates and announcements. Contact them now to guarantee a seat for you and your company and transform now your boring night into an ultimate fun experience.


Menus, Events, Popworld Festival


Address: 55 Broad St, Birmingham B1 2HJ
Phone: 121 616 2957


“Was here Saturday with my friend and had the most AMAZING night! The staff were lovely and friendly, the music was lively and everyone was having a good time! will definitely return! high recommend it to everyone in Brum! See you soon Popworld.” – Jani Greenwood

PRYZM Birmingham

Source: PexelsPRYZM Birmingham is your go-to club for some wonderful and fun actions full of dancing, grooving and smooth moves. The perfect place to consider if you are planning on a marvellous night out with friends, they certainly provide a fun and cheerful vibe that you and your company will enjoy. Not just a good atmosphere but also their inclusive nature factors in the reason why a lot of party-goers are visiting this club. Apart from that, they also provide a cutting-edge and innovative service that will give you a unique and unforgettable clubbing experience that will keep you coming back for more.

They have regular events that you can see and party with or you can choose their place to hold delightful parties and celebrations like birthdays and Christmas, as well as, hen and stag parties. They also hold cocktail masterclasses for interested groups,  so do not hesitate to contact them for your particular requirement. Have fun in the company of great people amidst a fun and safe environment that they deliver for your pleasure and satisfaction.


VIP Experience, Parties


Address: 182 Broad St, Birmingham B15 1DA
Phone: 121 667 4535


“For people looking for a good night out look no further, opening up on the 30th October with a more relaxed atmosphere. Pre-book your place now. Show your support for the best club in Brum.” – Baba Khan

The Night Owl

The Night OwlThe Night Owl is a soul and retro club that is the central party destination for all people that digs this particular music and sound. With a wide variety of genre that you can groove and dance to, you will certainly have an amazing night out with your friends in this club. They have a wonderful dance floor created for the sole purpose of dancing and doing amazing acrobatics, kicks ad flips. Blaring in the background is the high-quality sounds from the premium music system that they have so you can really enjoy the fun vibe that they give all their guests.

Promoting different mixes from their in-house and guests DJs that are all expert in the field, they guarantee that all their customers would only feel pleasure and delight in their company. They also host several events from time to time so do not hesitate on checking their page to get the latest schedule and updates of the celebrations and happenings that they will be hosting. Buy a ticket now to enter their club and have the best time of your life here.


Tickets, Shop, Events


Address: 17-18 Lower Trinity St, Deritend, Birmingham B9 4AG


“Very nice staff, food and drinks were wonderful.” – Connor Liyanage-Gracia

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