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5 Best Digital Marketing Agencies in the UK

Digital marketing has quickly become one of the most important factors for businesses. With the online world continuing to grow, the importance of reaching an audience and gaining exposure to a target market is a priority for many businesses.

A range of companies have made it their mission to deliver services that strategise this approach for companies and guide them through the processes needed to succeed.

Top rated digital marketing companies:

Here are our top 5 picks if you are looking for an expert digital marketing agency in the UK, based on this rating points list.

#1 Six Reasons

Six Reasons

Six Reasons are a creative studio dedicated to increasing the online exposure of their clients. Reaching a target audience and gaining exposure online is highly valuable to businesses as it helps create higher traffic and higher conversion rates. With a team of experts backed by Computer Science degrees, Institute of Digital Marketing Awards and Google and Microsoft marketing certifications, Six Reasons are extremely qualified and experienced in making this happen. Growing your business online requires a well-developed strategy and a team that is committed to assisting you along the way. Six Reasons are the best of the best to make that happen for your business.

#2 WMG


WMG have been in the industry for years and have continued to develop their strategies and approaches to suit the ever-changing nature of the industry. With a commitment to creating innovative solutions and pushing the industry forwards, WMG have used their team of 140 digital specialists to help countless businesses increase their online visibility. Over 20 years of experience have placed them as a digital marketing company who know how to achieve quality results.

#3 Rascal


For a digital marketing agency that takes a creative approach, Rascal is one of the leaders. They understand that digital strategies are extremely important for businesses in this day and age and aim to create a plan that will get them the exposure they are seeking. With a focus on social-lead strategies that create impactful campaigns, Rascal are consistently improving business’ outreach.

#4 Brafton


Brafton are a digital marketing company that aim to inspire trust and authority. For faster sales, higher engagement and tangible ROI, Brafton are here to help. Whether your business is looking to increase its website traffic, strengthen its online presence, rank better in search results or engage leads, Brafton strive to find the right content that can help you get there. A strategy-first, data-driven approach is how Brafton solves your digital marketing issues.

#5 The Good Marketer

The Good Marketer

At The Good Marketer, good things come in small packages. This small team of high-quality experts have a common goal- defy outdated marketing ideologies and create an agency that innovates new and effective strategies. Each project is approached with originality and is customised to suit the needs of the specific client. The techniques used are creative and proactive, ensuring that the team deliver on their promises and meet the goals of your business.

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