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5 Best Digital Portrait Artists🥇

Digital portrait art is an increasingly popular form of art which has taken social media platforms such as Instagram by storm. The mix of cartoon and realism has many fascinated by this art style, and many wanting to get their own portraits done.

These portraits can make the perfect interior design addition or a fun present for friends and family, and for this reason there are also many digital portrait artists out there. Companies across the world look for digital portrait artists for their products and can often have a hard time choosing the best one for their situation.

With so many different digital portrait artists out there, it can be difficult to find the best one for you.

Here are the top 5 best digital portrait artists:

1. Jasmin Mondata

Jasmin Mondata


Jasmin Mondata is a digital portrait artist based out of Bristol, England.She is a passionate digital portrait artist utilizing Adobe Photoshop in order to create beautiful people and animal digital portraits which flow with feeling and character. Her artwork is suitable on canvas, paper, wood and much more. Her social media page boasts her art, and can be used to see her various artworks. Her digital portrait art is available for personal or commercial use.


2. Eric-Anthony Johnson

Eric-Anthony Johnson


Eric-Anthony Johnson is a self-taught illustrator as well as a digital portrait artist who is based in Germany. He has worked with many big name clients such as Vice, Jagermeister and HBO. He is well-experienced and a good choice for an artist.


3. Jacqueline E.

Jacqueline E


Jacqueline E. is a digital portrait artist based in Massachusetts who has prepared many artworks with incredible lighting and colour that are guaranteed to catch anyone’s eyes. Her artwork looks realistic but also artsy, with the colours and lighting setting the tone well.


4. Bo Feng Lin

Bo Feng Lin


Bo Feng Lin is an incredible illustrator who focuses on creating beautiful caricature-like paintings mixed with painting styles. Initially studying architecture, Bo went into art and decided to become an artist full-time, creating stunning artworks full of bold colours and which are beautifully stylized.


5. Janice Sung

Janice Sung


Janice Sung is based in Toronto and is an artist and designer who works closely with luxury brands, fashion magazines and media influencers as a freelancer. Her digital portraits feature gorgeous characters through the use of pastel colours, geometric shapes and edges, and uses a primarily feminine style. Her art is something to behold.

In summary, there are many digital portrait artists out there due to the rise in popularity of digital portrait art, and here are the top 5 best digital portrait artists you can commission for your next art piece.

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