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5 Best Disability Carers in Sheffield

Below is a list of the top and leading Disability Carers in Sheffield. To help you find the best Disability Carers located near you in Sheffield, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Sheffield’s Best Disability Carers:

The top rated Disability Carers in Sheffield are:

  • Enable Sheffield – training organisation for people with disabilities
  • Fusco Browne – Respite Care – an agency to provide quality domiciliary services
  • Helping Hands Sheffield – employ every carer directly
  • Bluebird Care (Sheffield) – offers home visits to discuss care services
  • Dimensions – offers a volunteer opportunity

Enable Sheffield

Enable Sheffield

Enable Sheffield offers quality care and training services to all people who wants to provide quality assistance for all disabled people. Established in 1994, they are committed to meeting the demands of all people with disability. With dedicated and well-experienced staff under their team, they provide structured learnings.

They also have different facilities that will cultivate learnings and activities for all its target audience. They also use different resources to maximize those things that they can teach their learners and make the place safer and more comfortable for them to feel relaxed and to enjoy the experience. They are open from Mondays to Fridays from 9 AM to 4 PM so you can drop by their centre or contact them for more information.


Training, Garden Centre, Garden Cafe, Events, Outings


Address: 33 Harborough Ave, Sheffield S2 1QP
Phone: 114 264 9316


“They do a great job which at its best is a hard and very trying occupation they are very patient and caring with all of their charges one of the best special needs agencies I have come across.” – Steve Black

Fusco Browne – Respite Care

#FuscoBrowneHealthcare provides a personalised support plan to help you achieve independence from longing illness or a dreadful injury. We’ve got you covered. Call 01142757272 or 01142722041 for help.

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Fusco Browne – Respite Care is a recruitment agency that will help you find the perfect caregiver for your needs. Established in 2015, they provide quality medical staff to care for all disabled patients that need extensive care and assistance. They deliver home care services for all types of individuals, young or old.

You can choose from the short term and long term packages that they offer and they can guarantee that all their carers are professional, friendly and well-trained in delivering the highest quality of care for all people in need. They provide care and assistance for both older and younger people with learning and physical disability, dementia, mental health problems, substance misuse problems and for those patients that require care after a stroke. Connect with them now and let them assist you and your family in getting the right care on the times that you most need it.


Home Care Services, Live-In Services, Cleaning Services, Prices, Nursing Agency & Recruitment Services, Services for Candidates, Services for Recruiters


Address: 6 Nursery St, Sheffield S3 8GG
Phone: 114 275 7272


“Thanks to Fusco Browne Healthcare website I was able to share my experience on a profile and met a mother who needed someone to take care of her special needs child. It is great to work for the lady and I am happy with my job. Recommend Fusco Browne Healthcare to anyone looking for nursing and healthcare jobs.” – Boris Georges

Helping Hands Sheffield

What is live-in care? What do live-in carers do? How does live-in care work? 🤔If you've recently been considering care…

Posted by Helping Hands Home Care on Thursday, 4 June 2020

Helping Hands Sheffield is a fully-managed home care facility that provides comprehensive assistance to all their patients from different group and ages. Opened in 1989, they house the best professionals in the care section. They are open to support both live-in care and home care services and provide extensive help like private nurses, clinical intervention, neurological care, CHC commissioning, acquired brain injury support and stroke care.

With registered nurses under their helm, they provide guidance and their expert care as well as personalised care plan that would enable independent living to all people under their charge. They offer a free consultation with their team to better address and answer all the issues that you have. You can schedule an appointment to discuss the best options that they can provide you or your loved ones to remove all worries on your mind and find you the best plan that would suit your needs and demands.


Live-In Care, Home Care Services, Visting Care, Nursing Care


Address: 4 Hutcliffe Wood Rd, Beauchief, Sheffield S8 0EX
Phone: 114 205 8177


“Great company, Nothing is too big or too small.” – Ben Gander

Bluebird Care (Sheffield)

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Bluebird Care (Sheffield) is one of the leading home care facilities in Sheffield that provides expert domiciliary care support as well as live-in care. They also offer specialised care for people with dementia, physical and learning disabilities, end of life and reablement. All their staff are skilled to meet the demand of their clients and help them feel secure and comfortable with the service that they are giving.

They also help them transition properly from a hospital setting to their home and help them regain their independence by overcoming their illness and injury and learning how to cope up and live through their problems for a quicker and faster recovery. They are open from 8:30 AM to 5 PM from Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM on Wednesday so do note hesitate to reach out to them on the phone or chat with them online for any of your inquiries.


Home Care and Support, Specialist Care


Address: Unit 11, Bluebird Care, Riverside Court, Don Rd, Sheffield S9 2TJ
Phone: 114 265 6670


“The best experience of working for a private company was working for Bluebird Care, Sheffield. I can’t thank you all enough for making my 3 years with you all such a pleasure.” – Christine France


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Meet 2019 Sports, Arts and Entertainment Leaders Chris Reid and the DanceSyndrome Dance Leaders – Chris Reid is one of our Leaders for the 2019 Oliver McGowan Award for sports, arts and entertainment. Chris discovered running as a way of helping his mental health and he is now an 800m athlete, being coached towards the 2023 Special Olympics and the Paralympics in 2024. – Read more here: – DanceSyndrome Dance Leaders are our Leaders in the 2019 Oliver McGowan award for Sports, arts and entertainment. – The Dance Leader team is a group of 15 individuals with different disabilities who work hard to prove to everyone in society that people with learning disabilities have strengths, talents and abilities and can be successful in a career of their choice regardless of whether they have a disability or not. – What they say: “We’re thrilled to be included on the Leaders’ List! Thank you to the judges for seeing that we work so well as a team, that we make sure that everyone is included and that everyone has their voice heard. We’re proud to show that people with learning disabilities are valuable citizens who can not only achieve their ambitions but also make the world a better place! – Read more here: . . . #LDALeadersList

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Dimensions support people with learning disabilities and autism. They help their patients get normalcy in their life and learn to live an ordinary life in their respective communities. Started in 1976, they provide extensive assistance on all people that has complex autism to those that have moderate to profound learning disabilities.

They offer assessment and treatment as well as full-time support, positive behaviour support and supported living assistance. They help both the individuals and their families to better their lives amidst the challenges that they are facing and be able to live a normal life where they choose to go to school, college or even find themselves a job.


What We Do, Best Practice, Families


Address: Churchill House, 6-8 Meetinghouse Ln, Sheffield City Centre, Sheffield S1 2DP
Phone: 300 303 9003


“This is the office and not open to the public. Full of people who care.” – Dick Schofield

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