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5 Best Drink Driving Lawyers in Liverpool

Below is a list of the top and leading Drink Driving Lawyers in Liverpool. To help you find the best Drink Driving Lawyers located near you in Liverpool, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Liverpool’s Best Drink Driving Lawyers:

The top rated Drink Driving Lawyers in Liverpool are:

  • Geoffrey Miller Solicitors – offer a range of pricing structures to suit all budgets
  • Stephen Oldham Solicitors – offers a free consultation
  • Caddick Davies Motoring Solicitors – guarantees national representation
  • James Murray Solicitors – renowned in courtroom persuasion and advocacy
  • Freeman & Co – offers personal telephone support 24/7 from a Senior Solicitor

Geoffrey Miller Solicitors

Geoffrey Miller Solicitors is a law firm that specialises in motor offences. With the best lawyers under their helm, they can help you you with different drink driving concerns that you have. They can assist you with drink driving breath test, drink driving blood test and drink driving urine test. They can also help with drunk charges, repeat offenders, hospital cases, prison sentences and more.

They boast of expert solicitors that can defend drivers. With a number of won cases to back them up, they can certainly guarantee the best assistance that will help you achieve the not guilty verdict. You may contact them on the phone or send them a full e-mail to discuss your case and get the best legal advice and representation that you need.


Offences, Pricing


Address: Unit 3 Digital Park, 3 Pacific Way, Salford M50 1DR
Phone: 161 274 5580


“I found Jeanette incredibly helpful. Her swift and informative advise was second to none. I would highly recommend!” – Karl Spicer

Stephen Oldham Solicitors

Stephen Oldham Solicitors is the private practice of Stephen Oldham, an experienced road traffic solicitor. Established in 2015, he is dedicated to providing assistance to all drivers that have motoring offences. He provides assistance and representation from police investigations to different courts like the magistrate’s court cases and crown court cases.

He handles many cases like death and serious injuries caused by drink driving, failing to provide specimen, speeding and many other road incidents. His service extends on areas of Manchester, Birmingham, West Mercia, Nottingham, Staffordshire and Warwickshire. His office is open daily Mondays to Sundays from 8 AM to 10 PM so do not hesitate to contact him for any enquiries concerning your case.


Driving Offences, Services


Address: Park Holme, High Street, Stramshall, Uttoxeter ST14 5AL
Phone: 330 111 6074


“Very prompt response. Provided very professional and very clear information and advises in a very easy way what is important especially for not English speakers. My genuine Thank you.” – Roma Momkute

Caddick Davies Motoring Solicitors

Caddick Davies Motoring Solicitors houses a team of experienced solicitors that provide expert representation on all motoring issues including drink driving, dangerous driving, speeding, careless driving and more. Highly reputed for their outstanding representation of their clients, they ensure to provide only the best outcome on all cases that they handled.

They provide support everywhere in England and Wales and provide regular representation in both Magistrates and Crown Courts. Aside from the national representation that they offer, they also do free initial consultation to discuss your case and help you protect your licence. Contact them on their phone or fill out their online form to schedule an appointment to discuss your issue.


Drink Driving Defences, Mitigation, Drink Driving Info


Address: St Hugh’s House, Trinity Rd, Liverpool L20 3AZ
Phone: 151 944 4967


“Contacted this firm after finding them on google and found the service very efficient and they helped me get off a driving ban would definitely recommend their services.” – Ian Robertson

James Murray Solicitors

Source: Pexels

James Murray Solicitors is a law firm that handles comprehensive issues including motoring law. They provide expert assistance on all motoring cases like drink driving, speeding, failure to provide a specimen, careless or inconsiderate driving and exceptional hardships to name a few. They ensure to help you keep your treasured license while answering all prosecution and summons that you will get.

They also provide fixed fee arrangements for the issues that you have and ensure that there is no hidden charges or additional cost. Their office is open from Monday to Wednesday from 9 AM to 5:30 PM, on Thursday from 9 AM to 7:30 PM, on Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM and on Sunday morning from 9 AM to 12 Noon.


Motoring Law, Civil Law, Prison Law, Housing Law, Family Law


Address: 41 Merton Rd, Bootle, Liverpool L20 7AP
Phone: 151 933 3333


“Very friendly and helpful practice, I wouldn’t go anywhere else.” – Tracie Lewis

Freeman & Co

Freeman & Co is a practice headed by Attorney Nick Freeman, a reputable motoring lawyer that has handled a wide array of motoring defences such as drink driving, careless driving, speeding, driving whilst unfit, mobile phone offender, failure to furnish and many other cases. With their help, you can be assured of full assistance from the police station up until the magistrate if needed.

Although drink driving can be a complicated case, with their expert representation, they can work on a defence that will custom-fit your situation and your needs. They will remove some of the worries off your mind and work on minimising the bad impact that you may be facing with your case. Do not hesitate to contact their office now for help and get the best legal assistance.


Motoring, Police Station Advice, Crime


Address: 8 Oxford St, Manchester M2 3WQ
Phone: 161 236 7007


“I have dealt with Ed and Damien a number of times and found them encyclopaedic in their knowledge. I would definitely recommend them for road traffic cases.” – Richard Hartley

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