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5 Best Estate Planning Lawyers in Newcastle

Below is a list of the top and leading Estate Planning Lawyers in Newcastle. To help you find the best Estate Planning Lawyers located near you in Newcastle, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Newcastle’s Best Estate Planning Lawyers:

The top rated Estate Planning Lawyers in Newcastle are:

  • In Touch Wills & Estate Planning – offers a free no-obligation telephone consultation
  • Brilliant Estate Planning – offers virtual meetings and consultation
  • Samuel Phillips Law – frequently assist people who feel that they have been unfairly missed out from an inheritance
  • David Gray Solicitors LLP – members of Solicitors for the Elderly (SFE) which aims to set the standards for advice in the area of older client law
  • Eversheds Sutherland – delivering legal service around the globe from 68 offices in 32 countries

In Touch Wills & Estate Planning

In Touch Wills & Estate PlanningIn Touch Wills & Estate Planning is the office of Helen, a reliable and trustworthy estate planning attorney that helps you prepare for the future to protect all your loved ones as well as your properties and estate. She offers pragmatic advice and a deeper understanding of how estate planning works, its benefits and how it can secure your family’s future if planned properly. She offers documents for Lasting Power of Attorney, health and welfare and property and finance that will serve as your guiding light in all the complexities that will and estate planning entails and make the whole process much easier for you to understand.

She will also help you on the different legal process that you can take to minimise your inheritance tax and extend different solutions for asset protection and trust that will fit your specific needs and circumstances. Get in touch with her now and get the professional legal assistance that can help you prepare for all potential risk relating to your estate and deflect any problems and issues that you may encounter and ensure that all your properties are pass down to rightful inheritors and beneficiaries.


Wills, Estate Planning, Lasting Power of Attorney


Address: 6a Blue Sky Way, Hebburn NE31 2EQ
Phone: 191 691 1630


“From first talking to Helen put us at ease didn’t mind repeating the options always rings and gets back to you really nice efficient lady the prices are reasonable too would definitely recommend thank you, Helen.” – Julie Durham

Brilliant Estate Planning

Brilliant Estate PlanningBrilliant Estate Planning offers an innovative solution to all your estate planning needs. With their brilliant assistance, they will help you secure your future and your family’s life by helping you sort out all your financial affairs and create wills and trusts that will fit your circumstances and will help you name beneficiaries that you can pass your estate to in case of your demise. Reliable and efficient, they will help you better understand the intricate process of estate planning and all the benefits that will greatly impact you and your family.

With their years of experience, they will help you and your loved ones avoid serious financial damage in the event that you are incapacitated mentally or physically, contract a serious illness or die. They will also ensure that your legacy will be passed on to the people you deemed suitable to manage all your assets and estate and ensure its continued growth. Contact them now and get in touch with one of their certified estate planners and let them give you the peace of mind knowing that all your properties are well protected.


Complimentary Consultations, Single and Mirror Wills, Property and Financial Lasting Powers of Attorney, Health and Welfare Lasting Powers Of Attorney, Business Protection Solutions, Property Trusts, Discretionary Trusts, Pilot Trusts, Payment Plans, Funeral Plans


Address: Newcastle, UK
Phone: 743 524 7288


“CiCi was very easy and professional to work with and helped explain everything very clearly. Would highly recommend!” – Ryan Harland

Samuel Phillips Law

Source: PexelsSamuel Phillips Law is one of the premier law firms in North East England. They provide legal services for all individuals and groups who want to settle their affairs and ensure that everything relating to their estate and properties are properly planned for the future. They work on protecting the best interest of their client and assist them in the different legal processes and procedures involved in a will, trusts and estate planning to safely secure their assets and create brilliant succession plan beneficial for their families.

They fully understand the importance of planning ahead and the risk and danger that may befall your loved ones in the event that you failed to secure a will. Committed to helping their clients avoid this crisis, they offer expert assistance that will better understand your circumstances, appoint your chosen beneficiaries, create intricate instructions for all your assets and help you manage potential inheritance dispute. Reliable and efficient, they will provide the best assistance that will aid you to overcome any hardships that you may encounter and get expert legal advice and counsel. Reach out to them now and do not hesitate to get their services and be stress-free in knowing that you are well supported with your case.


Wills, Probate & Administration of Estates After Death, Trusts, Tax and Succession Planning, Lasting Powers of Attorney, Deputyship & Court of Protection


Address: 18-24 Grey St, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 6AE
Phone: 191 232 8451


“I recently contacted Samuel Phillips Law with regard to my will. I am extremely pleased I did so. The service I received from the onset has been so professional. The receptionists were friendly, helpful and welcoming, and this put me at ease immediately. Mr Robinson, Stephen, dealt with the matter for me. He has a very pleasant, friendly, understanding and patient way about him. He answered all my queries/concerns in an easily understandable way. He dealt with my will with expertise, in a very timely, efficient, knowledgeable and professional manner.” – Pam Reah

David Gray Solicitors LLP

David Gray Solicitors LLPDavid Gray Solicitors LLP is an award-winning law office that handles a multitude of legal concerns including will, probate and life planning. They provide support and expert legal advice to ensure that all your estate and properties are well taken cared of and passed on to the right inheritors in the event of your passing. Offering comprehensive assistance that includes wills, probate, asset protection, long term care planning and power of attorney, you will feel empowered and secure in knowing that everything about your estate has been managed and properly planned as per your requirement.

With their thorough help, they will unravel the complexities of will and trust making to help you discern it, take control and leave instructions that will safeguard the financial circumstances of your wife, children and family upon your untimely demise. Client-centred, they will ensure to take on your best interest and look after the optimum welfare of your loved ones. Contact them now and let them guide you on the correct process that you may undertake to safely manage your estate, draw up a will and preserve your legacy.


Wills, Power of Attorney, Long Term Care Planning, Probate


Address: Old County Court, 56 Westgate Rd, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 5XU
Phone: 191 232 9547


“We used “the wills service” through work. So we got the work for free but Irim provided a professional service. She was personable, listened to our needs and gave great advice. I would use them again and would recommend Irim.” – Stephen Brown

Eversheds Sutherland

Source: PexelsEversheds Sutherland is a global law firm that provides full trust and estate solutions to all individuals that are in need of good estate planning services. Offering comprehensive advice and counsel, they guarantee to ensure that all estate and properties of their clients are well protected and their legacy is preserved and secured. They provide professional assistance on different areas including drafting of wills and trust, business and succession planning, estate administration and disputes and claim.

With their expert lawyers, they represent all individuals and their estate and ensure to look after their best interest. They work closely with their clients to properly plan for the future to ensure that all their properties are in safe hands and will be received by their legal beneficiaries. You may contact their legal team for further enquiries and consultation on the issue that you have and let the expert in trusts and estates assist you in getting the best legal aid that is beneficial for you and your properties.


All Real Estate and Planning, Real Estate Litigation, Real Estate Tax


Address: Orchard St, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 3XX
Phone: 207 919 4500


“Great training course on current case law.” – Sara McDonnell

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