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5 Best Funeral Homes in Newcastle

Below is a list of the top and leading Funeral Homes in Newcastle. To help you find the best Funeral Homes located near you in Newcastle, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Newcastle’s Best Funeral Homes:

The top rated Funeral Homes in Newcastle are:

  • W S Harrison & Son Funeral Directors – equipped with three peaceful chapels of rest
  • Mark Wait Funeral Directors Newcastle – offers a free under no obligation consultation enquiry
  • All Seasons Independent Funeral Directors – can arrange suitable floral tributes
  • Richard Bird Funeral Services – open 24/7 to give personalised service
  • RW Barrett & Son Funeral Services – has offices on the West Road and West Denton Way

W S Harrison & Son Funeral Directors

W S Harrison & Son Funeral DirectorsW S Harrison & Son Funeral Directors has been in the funeral business since the 1920s. Offering the best and most supportive assistance particularly at a very trying time of losing a loved one, they guarantee full solutions that will remove all worries off your mind. Depending on your needs and requirements, they offer full-service funeral with personalised and tailored service including coffin, hearse, burial or cremation. They also offer simple funeral care that will ensure a detailed arrangement in a simple manner that you are opting for.

Offering their services at a very cost-effective rate, you would certainly feel well taken care of and your loved ones properly tended and put to eternal rest with proper and careful management far beyond your expectations. To prepare and secure for your future, they also offer funeral plans that are suitable for your distinct needs and requirements so hurry and contact them now and make the necessary arrangement for your dearly departed loved ones.


Full Service Funeral, Simple Funeral


Address: St Marks House, Shields Rd, Newcastle upon Tyne NE6 2UD
Phone: 191 283 5119


“They did an incredible job for my mother-in-law, horse and carriage the whole works. Made her look incredible for visits and came quite promptly when she passed away. If you need a funeral director this place is the best in Newcastle.” – Paul Evans

Mark Wait Funeral Directors Newcastle

Mark Wait Funeral Directors NewcastleMark Wait Funeral Directors Newcastle is an independent funeral business that is family operated and has been serving the community of Newcastle for several years now. Incorporating their years of acquired knowledge and expertise, they guarantee full and comprehensive solutions that will match well with the requirements of the deceased individual and their family. Reliable and attentive, they will take note even of the littlest details and ensure high-quality output that will pass your standards. Thorough with their assistance, they are dedicated to taking care of all your needs to let you focus on your mourning and give you time to properly say goodbye to your dearly departed family member or loved ones.

They understand that death is distressing enough and they are offering their expertise to remove the worries and stress off your mind and help you be adherent with different law and guidelines. Providing their services at a very cost-effective rate, they will ensure that you are well supported with their service being available 24/7. Guiding you on every aspect of the funeral up until burial, you would certainly feel confident with the type of service that they will provide for your utmost satisfaction especially in one of the hardest times in your life.


Funerals, Monumental’s, Pre Payment Plans


Address: 19 Arlington Ave, Kenton, Newcastle upon Tyne NE3 4TS
Phone: 191 285 6635


“I will definitely use this company again, I got a warm friendly and caring service from a lovely family firm. Kelsey was relaxed, friendly and compassionate and couldn’t have looked after me any more than she did. A true professional and lovely lady.” – Eric Forster

All Seasons Independent Funeral Directors

All Seasons Independent Funeral DirectorsAll Seasons Independent Funeral Directors offers thorough assistance and see through the proper planning and arrangement for the funeral and burial of your deceased loved ones. With 40 years of highly reputed care and assistance, they will provide bespoke service that is personalised to your needs and requirements. They will take all complexities off your mind and leave you to grieve while they go ahead and take care of your business with utmost care and delicateness.

They provide a wide variety of coffins that you can choose from as well as memorials and transport that can accommodate all people and mourners who want to pay their last respect and offer their wishes to the whole family of the deceased. They can also arrange for the best funeral flowers that will provide the funeral with the elegance and sophistication that your beloved deserves. Reach out to them now and let them guide you on every aspect of the funeral process for your complete ease.


Funeral Planning, Pre-arranged Funeral Plans, Funeral Flowers, Funeral Transport, Memorials


Address: 5 Broomy Hill Rd, Throckley, Newcastle upon Tyne NE15 9NS
Phone: 191 286 1340


“Becky was absolutely amazing from the Prudhoe branch. Professional and caring the whole time. She handled everything for me. Losing my mum just before Christmas was so terrible but Becky removed so many worries I had. Can’t thank her enough.” – Denise Jefferson

Richard Bird Funeral Services

Richard Bird Funeral ServicesRichard Bird Funeral Services is an independent local funeral home that has been taking care of all the families in Newcastle that experienced loss and are in need of a reliable and high-quality funeral service. Reputed for the premium care that they give at a very cost-effective rate, they ensure personalised assistance that will incorporate all intricate aspects and elements that your family is looking for for your dead loved ones. Providing full effort and support, they will let you mourn in peace without having to worry about all the details of funeral planning.

Following your specific requirements, they will make all necessary arrangements that are supportive of your plight. Putting your trust in their business, they will take charge of all the necessary “next steps” from memorial, burial or cremation depending on your preferences. They will also arrange with the nearest church or get the professional help of a funeral celebrant to provide your dead loves ones with the respect that they deserve. Get in touch with them now and see for yourself the quality assistance that only they can offer.


Pre-Paid Funeral Plans, Funeral Finance, Arranging a Funeral, Churches in Newcastle and Gosforth, Funeral Celebrants, Finger Print Jewellery, Ashes Into Glass


Address: 57 Great N Rd, Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne NE3 2DQ
Phone: 191 511 1412


“Richard is such a caring, compassionate gentleman. He has an eye for every detail which is so heartwarming as it shows how much he cares. Our loved ones are treated with dignity and respect which is everything you need at such a sorrowful time. We always used the same funeral directors as a family for many years, until we met Richard. I would always recommend Richard Bird and not have any regrets.” – Nicola Christie

RW Barrett & Son Funeral Services

RW Barrett & Son Funeral ServicesRW Barrett & Son Funeral Services is a family-owned and operated business that was established by the father, mother and son team of Ronnie, Patricia and Steven Barrett. Established in 2008, they make dignified funeral arrangements for all individuals and families that are in need of their expert support and services. Taking your business seriously, they are always committed to offering your deceased loved one a unique, respectful and elegant funeral and memorial and provide you with the perfect avenue to pay respect to your dearly departed family member.

They offer different funeral packages that will fit your needs and suit well your particular requirements. Providing personalised solution from care, memorial to burial or cremation, they guarantee a well-arranged and polished service that will remove all worries and stress off your mind. Contact them now for all the services that they offer and feel safe and confident in knowing that a reliable funeral home is there to help you in one of the saddest and trying part of your life.


Funeral Plans


Address: 379 West Rd, Fenham, Newcastle upon Tyne NE15 7NL
Phone: 191 241 0873


“Steven attended to the funeral arrangements for my husband with impeccable care, compassion, respect and professionalism. There were a number of special considerations that required attention and he communicated clearly and promptly with me at all times throughout. He and his team were faultless, making a difficult time far less stressful than I’d imagined. I can’t thank them enough.” – Helen Holmes

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