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5 Best Human Resources Consultants in Liverpool

Below is a list of the top and leading Human Resources Consultants in Liverpool. To help you find the best Human Resources Consultants located near you in Liverpool, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Liverpool’s Best Human Resources Consultants:

The top rated Human Resources Consultants in Liverpool are:

  • Privilege HR – offers a range of HR, recruitment and training solutions
  • High Performance Consultancy – offers a free HR health check
  • Crosby HR Solutions – assists all businesses from SMEs to large corporates
  • Concentric HR Ltd – offers services throughout Wirral, Merseyside, Cheshire, North Wales and the rest of the UK
  • AdviserPlus – empowers managers with the right ER tools

Privilege HR

Source: PexelsPrivilege HR offers full HR solutions that are direct, sensible and highly innovative. With years of experience in the industry, they supply support and assistance to start-ups company up to SME and large scale businesses working on different sectors of the industry. They understand that the HR process can be extensive and comprehensive at times that is why they make it simple and easy to understand and relate. They provide bespoke solutions that are personalised to the needs of your company and would allow growth and advancement on the different process and policies that you have.

They create a reliable and efficient HR system that will help manage your staff and their performance seamlessly and easily. With the system that they are offering, it will be much easier to track the progress, initiate training, work on productivity and career development and guarantee benefits and rewards for a job well done. With their expert assistance, they will help you transform your business using an ingenious process that is easy to handle and access thus giving you more time to focus on the other part of your business that needs constant supervision.


HR System, Standard, Enhanced, Premium


Address: Stanley Grange, 14A Ormskirk Rd, Knowsley, Prescot L34 4AR
Phone: 333 344 4679


“Mary and Peter are my go-to HR advisors. I have worked within Global Corporates and Start-up businesses and have yet to come across anyone who can offer the commercial insight this team can. It’s also the relationship and culture they both afford and this runs throughout their team. Whether you reach Mary or Peter for advice or one of their team you know your in safe hands with Privilege HR.” – Kate Orr

High Performance Consultancy

Source: PexelsHigh Performance Consultancy is one of the leading HR firms that offer comprehensive assistance on all spectrum of your company’s human resource including health and safety as well as employment law. A well-respected consultancy business, they are dedicated to providing the best support to provide a solid foundation and offer the right structure on your business processes. Highly reliable, they will take time to get to know your business, your vision as well as your objectives and create the best HR plan that will support it. They can help you create policies that are tailored to your needs and are meant to support and protect you from possible grievances and claims.

They would also help manage the safety of your company to protect your people and your clients. Offering interventions and managing any difficulties that you may face, they guarantee the best support that will remove all worries off your mind, ensure harmonious relationship among your staff and people while safeguarding your assets. They also help in creating different enrichment and development activities that will upskill your staff and maximise their productivity. They also help develop worthwhile engagements that will leave your people happy and contented with the company, process and policies. Get their services now and let them help you clear out the path for your company in terms of HR concerns and issues.


Services, Human Resources, Health and Safety, Employment Law


Address: 8, Merchants Place, Tower St, Liverpool L3 4BJ
Phone: 844 800 5932


“HPC has been a great resource for our business. The team are very friendly and always available to help with any queries.” – Robin Clayton

Crosby HR Solutions

Source: PexelsCrosby HR Solutions is a consultancy firm that is in support of all types of businesses including SMEs, start-ups and large corporations. Client-focused, they offer pragmatic solutions that will best fit your needs and match your company’s requirements. They take out the stress off your mind by dealing with different processes and policies and help you be HR compliant by assisting you in setting up and improving your key policies, company handbook, GDPR compliance, contracts and many others. They would also provide full administrative support that will help you manage the different spectrum and elements of HR functions that you need to polish.

They also work on the best strategy that will help you with your recruitment and training process and ensure that you will get the best people with the right sets of skills for the post that you have. They would also help you in effectively dealing with possible disciplinary issues, performance management and grievances. Contact them now to check the different packages that they offer and get the best one that will deliver the best results for your company and help it in growing further and reaching its potential for maximum earnings and revenue.


HR Services, Recruitment, Training, Resources


Address: Liverpool, UK
Phone: 194 229 4333


“Vicky’s help and advice were invaluable. The speed of her responses and how she dealt with things was fantastic. Would not hesitate to recommend her.” – Clare May

Concentric HR Ltd

Source: PexelsConcentric HR Ltd is an independent company that offers efficient and reliable consultancy assistance to all businesses in Wirral, Merseyside, Cheshire and North Wales area. Founded in 2003, they provide comprehensive support relating to human resources and employment law. With the best HR consultants in their team that has over 20 years of experience, they help all companies face any HR challenges and difficulties that they have and offer a personalised solution that will best fit their situation.

Offering comprehensive assistance including HR documentation, training and development and recruitment and resources, they help create the best plan and strategy that will calibrate all your policies and processes and work on growing your company and help it reach far greater heights. They help you fully understand your business, check on all potential risk and create a lasting solution that will safeguard your HR process against any claim and grievances. Tap now their services and let them help you seamlessly manage your business and run your human resources with utmost efficacy.


HR and Employment Law Support, HR Documentation, Training and Development, Recruitment and Resourcing, BreatheHR, Health and Safety Support


Address: 184-200 Pensby Rd, Pensby, Heswall, Birkenhead, Wirral CH60 7RJ
Phone: 151 342 6978


“Integrity and professionalism are the most defining qualities in any business. From one business to another, your current knowledge of HR procedures in relation to SME’s was invaluable.” – Kavan Graney


Source: PexelsAdviserPlus helps empower your company by strengthening the HR policies and processes that you have. They understand that the range of HR concerns are not only extensive but also very complex at times that is why they simplify it for your better grasp and understanding. Helping you create the best process that will deliver HR efficiencies, enhance your staff’s capabilities, upskill them, manage their absenteeism and performance and develop a strategic plan that will make all elements of your HR process cohesive and manageable.

With their wealth of experience, they offer full solutions by offering different advice and support, learning and development to different HR platforms and tools that will make the data analysis in your company much easier to understand. They help transform your business by upgrading your human resources and strengthening it to give a strong foundation for your company, employee relations and skills development.


HR Platforms & Tools, HR Advice and Support, Learning & Development, Data Analytics


Address: Riverside Park, Woodcourt, Southwood Rd, Bromborough, Birkenhead, Bromborough CH62 3QX
Phone: 844 327 2293


“Very impressed with their service offering.” – John & Sandra Edwards

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