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5 Best Interior Designer in London

Below is a list of the top and leading Interior Designer in London. To help you find the best Interior Designer located near you in London, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

London’s Best Interior Designer:

The top rated Interior Designer in London are:

  • Taylor Howes Designs – established in 1993 by Kare Howes
  • LLI Design – offers a comprehensive design service
  • Mia Karlsson Interior Design – is a London’s Highgate Village design consultancy
  • Emma Victoria Interior Design – has finished renovation projects on a number of private residences
  • Kia Designs – have been running its interior design service for more than a decade

Taylor Howes DesignsTaylor Howes Designs

Taylor Howes Designs established in 1993 by Kare Howes, its interior design studio has redefined a new benchmark for remarkable interiors and exquisite furnishings. Their work is regularly sought-after by the world’s press and media, and they are proud to be recognised as a Great British Brand, having received over 15 awards and inspired an invitation to Walpole. That achievements serve as a barometer for its profile in London’s creative heart.

Over the last decades, they have made their name within the industry for interiors that are elegant, intelligent, dynamic, and infused with passion and creativity. Its interior design studio is talented, friendly, approachable, and absolutely committed to achieving the best design solution possible for any given project, whether private residence, show suite, hotel, spa or restaurant environment.


Interior Design, Interior Architecture, FF & E Design, Procurement


Address: 49-51 Cheval Pl, Knightsbridge, London SW7 1EW
Phone: 20 7349 9017


“Taylor Howes is a world-class interior design studio working with ultra-high net worth clients. The design team is world-class with exceptional creative vision and attention to detail.” – Simon S.

LLI DesignLLI Design

LLI Design offers a comprehensive design service, creating beautifully crafted interiors for discerning clients. At its studio in Highgate, London the creative team is led by design director Linda Levene. Linda’s background as a fashion and textile designer is reflected in her love of form, texture, and colour. Since LLI Design was founded in 2006, they have been committed to providing an excellent, comfortable, and individual home that gives enduring pleasure.

Linda will lead your project from a planning and creative point of view, supported by Linda’s team to assist with drawings, budget, and project management. Its creative team’s attention to detail and meticulous care, result in luxurious bespoke interiors that often exceed their clients’ dreams. Their ethos is always to provide inspirational interiors for the way the client wants to live.

Understanding and interpreting its clients’ aesthetic and lifestyle needs is an essential part of their skill set, in order that the design reflects their personality and responds to their individual lifestyle, tastes, and aspirations.


Interior Design, Architecture, Space Planning, Furnishings, Lighting Design, Residential, Commercial


Address: 8 Broadbent Cl, Highgate, London N6 5JW
Phone: 20 8348 4800


“Recently worked on the interiors of my sister’s house, living room, kitchen, bathroom, master suite, etc. top-notch work and attention to detail – Would recommend Linda and her team to anybody.” – Bessy E.

Mia Karlsson Interior DesignMia Karlsson Interior Design

Mia Karlsson Interior Design is a London’s Highgate Village design consultancy, delivering extensive design services and visually astonishing solutions to the residential market. They give a complete solution incorporating spatial planning, exterior, and interior design, build, architectural reconfiguration, lighting design, furnishing, procurement, and decorations. Mia Karlsson Interior Design has worked on a broad range of schemes including apartments, family homes, holiday homes, and townhouses.


Concept Development, Design, Project Management & Procurement, Installation, Dressing & Snagging


Address: 11 Pond Square, Highgate, London N6 6BA
Phone: 20 7209 1615


“I have worked with Mia on my personal home interior projects for 7 years now and in all that time I have found her and her team to be efficient, friendly, highly competent, and most importantly very stylish. I love everything that she has helped me with. She does not abandon near the end of the project but continues through until every last detail is correct. Mia is a pleasure to work with.” – Jacki R.

Emma Victoria Interior DesignEmma Victoria Interior Design

Emma Victoria Interior Design has finished renovation projects on a number of private residences within and around London including Balham, Battersea, Brixton, Clapham, Putney, Tooting, and Wandsworth. Her style approach is elegant simplicity, with classic lines and understated luxury. Not keen on the overly fussy and dark pattern on pattern combinations of very traditional design as well as the clinical and cold super modern, preferring to incorporate a careful balance of colour, texture, pattern, and plain.

Textures are to be tactile, comfort a priority, and function a necessity. Every client’s needs are unique but ensuring a room has a defined personality and purpose is the key to achieving a successful design. Emma believes that quality materials are an important ingredient in making a room a pleasure to be in.


Cheap & Chic, House Doctor, Full Service. Bespoke Furniture


Address: e5, Mainyard Studios, 17 Lyon Rd, London SW19 2RL
Phone: 20 8244 4929


“Emma and her team are brilliant. I hired them to inspire the renovation of a 1-bedroom flat in Peckham and the outcome was amazing. She listened to exactly what we wanted and brought so much creativity to the property with a number of fantastic ideas – particularly lots of tips and tricks to make best use of space in a small apartment. Balancing the need to work to a budget without compromising style, the end design is more than hoped for. Highly recommended.” – Stuart P.

Kia DesignsKia Designs

Kia Designs have been running its interior design service for more than a decade. They take its inspiration their designs are focused around their clients, each project is unique in its design style, the studio doesn’t have a set style or colour palette that gets repeated what they do have is a well run back end system that takes all of their projects through from start to finish.

Kia Designs are interested in creating your finished home and how they can, there have been meticulously well thought out. Its interior design service helps people to live better through interior architecture that solves problems, anticipates their needs, and creates a home that works for them. Kia Designs’ service is tailored to individual expectations.

They take the fear and that overwhelming feeling that most clients experience when researching for their project, inspiring them with confidence that their project will be taken through from initial inspiration to a completely finished home.


Interior Design, Concept, Procurement, Snagging


Address: The Leather Market, LM11.G.2, 11-13 Weston St, London SE1 3ER
Phone: 20 8065 5317


“Such a great team and always a pleasure to work with! ” – Philip R.

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