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5 Best Life Coach and Wellbeing Trainers in the UK

The workplace is often something associated with stress and anxiety.

Too often are workers often unproductive and have a negative view when it comes to the workplace, and as a result their work suffers and their general mindset and attitude suffers. With so many workers across the globe sharing this dilemma, businesses are looking for new ways to motivate and to help their workers grow in order to benefit the business and themselves.

This is where life coaches come in, a booming and expanding industry that has becoming increasingly popular due to the dilemma stated above. They are able to help people to grow in any environment including the corporate one, and businesses are always looking to hire them for their own purposes. But with so many in the UK, which one is best for your situation based on this rating points list?

These are the top 5 best life coach and wellbeing trainers in the UK:

  1. Lee Chambers

Lee Chambers
Lee Chambers


Lee Chambers optimizes his life coaching through the scientific aspects of sports science as well as through aspects of modern business, learning, ancient intelligence and modern philosophy. The coaching method is a strategic discussion between a life coach and the client where insights are thought about and goals established.

  1. Nick Hatter


Nick Hatter is a certified NLP practitioner and master coach who has coached actors, musicians, CEOs, entrepreneurs and ex-military personnel and uses powerful psychologic methods to achieve his clients goals.

  1. Liz Goodchild

Liz Goodchild
Liz Goodchild


Liz Goodchild is a very personable life coach who aims to go deep with her clients in order to find their true issues that are hurting them and their aspirations. She is qualified and certified and thereby will be able to help you.

  1. Carole Anne Rice

How to choose the right coach for you.

Posted by Real Coaching Co – Carole Ann Rice – Life Coach on Friday, 12 June 2020


Carole Anne Rice is a life coach who was in the same position as many of her clients 20 years ago, and is now dedicated to helping others find their purpose in life. She has been a coach for 16 years and has won an award for her work.

  1. Sally Ann Law


Dr. Sally Anne Law has over 15 years of experience as a professional coach for her clients. She has a PhD in psychology and aims to use this to help her clients discuss their issues in their private and work lives to help resolve their issues.

These are the best 5 life coaches and wellbeing trainers available in the UK for your private and work issues and aspirations.

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