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5 Best Marriage Counselling in Leeds

Below is a list of the top and leading Marriage Counselling in Leeds. To help you find the best Marriage Counselling located near you in Leeds, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Leeds’ Best Marriage Counselling:

The top rated Marriage Counselling in Leeds are:

  • Etherington Counselling – BACP & ICEEFT registered Counsellor
  • Headspace Counselling Leeds – has 15 highly trained therapists
  • Another Hope Counselling and Psychotherapy Service – MBACP registered counsellor and psychotherapist
  • Relate – helped over two million people of all ages, backgrounds, sexual orientations and gender identities
  • Right Insight Counselling – has a diploma in integrative supervision and therapeutic coaching

Etherington Counselling

Etherington CounsellingEtherington Counselling is the practice of Kathryn Etherington, a BACP and ICEEFT registered counsellor. Specialising on the different conflicts and difficulties that may arise between couples, she offers her professional assistance to help them muddle through the issues that they have, find the root cause and underlying problems to be able to apply a lasting and amicable resolution that will save their marriage and relationship. Some of the common issues that she usually handles are arguments, affairs, separation, divorce, sex and intimacy, workplace relationship issues, mental health and disabilities and many others.

A trained Emotional Focused Couples therapist, she extends couples and one to one relationship counselling. With her years of experience and acquired knowledge, she offers a personalised therapy treatment that would fully explore and resolve the concerns of all her patients. Reliable, unbiased and personable, you will not have a hard time talking to her about your concerns and you can be assured that she will listen to your issue and apply the most fitting solution that will help you salvage your relationship, start anew and work on rekindling the passion that you and your partner have.


Couples Counselling, One to One Relationship Counselling


Address: Mabgate Mills Business Centre, Lincoln Green Rd, Leeds LS9 7DZ
Phone: 773 200 7633


“An excellent professional intuitive and caring service that I heartily recommend, to anyone contemplating counselling / therapeutic services.” – Anne Marie Foster

Headspace Counselling Leeds

Headspace Counselling LeedsHeadspace Counselling Leeds is an independent clinic that offers different counselling treatment, psychotherapy and CBT sessions to all clients who are in need of professional help and assistance. The largest group in Leeds that is consisted of 15 highly trained and well-experienced counsellors that can guide you on the different issues and difficulties that you are having. One of the services that they offer is couples counselling where they provide a supportive environment where both couples who are facing relationship problems can safely and comfortably discuss their issue and find an agreeable solution that will help mend their relationship.

They understand that no couples and relationship issues are the same that is why they take time to listen to analyse the issue and bridge the gap that they have. Offering non-judgemental advice, they aim to extend a plausible and realistic plan that both couples can enforce in their relationship to efficiently and amicably work out their differences to settle the issues that are bothering them. Contact them now to seek an appointment and start working on both you and your partners healing for a more fruitful relationship.


Online Therapy, Individual, Couples, Children and Teenagers


Address: 18 & 28 Park Pl, Leeds LS1 2SJ
Phone: 113 418 0212


“I’ve been seeing Mandy for a year now and she has transformed my life. I can’t thank her enough. Having seen numerous therapists over the years I’ve never found anyone so effective. Mandy has a wealth of knowledge and I’ve found her very easy to open up to. Cannot recommend highly enough.” – Siobhan Thew

Another Hope Counselling and Psychotherapy Service

Another Hope Counselling and Psychotherapy ServiceAnother Hope Counselling and Psychotherapy Service is the counselling clinic of Adeola Iluyomade, a highly-qualified relationship and family counsellor that has diploma in Relationship Counselling. Facilitating different relationship counselling sessions, she helps all couples settle the different problems and difficulties that they are facing in their relationship. Integrating various methodology and therapy treatment like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Interpersonal Process, Systemic and Psychodynamic, she offers impartial and honest advise that would help in resolving the issue that the couple has.

Friendly and personable, she adapts a conversational style in counselling to make all her clients feel at ease and comfortable discussing the different problems that they have. She ensures that both couples would feel safe in interacting with each other while she facilitate the discussion and she guarantees utmost confidentiality and open-mindedness in dealing with the different situations and issues that are encountered by the couple in their relationships. Tap her service now and get the best advice that would put you and your partner’s mind at ease and bring closure on the distress and struggles that you have.


Couples/Relationships, Depression/Anxieties, Trauma/Unexplainable Pain, Self Development, Adolescent Therapy, Christian Counselling


Address: Weston House, 18-22 Church St, Lutterworth LE17 4AW
Phone: 751 786 8610


“I had the pleasure of experiencing the REWIND Trauma therapy and I can say that I genuinely felt changed. I was able to see my bad past from new perspectives which helped me in a way that I cannot explain. I highly recommend this counsellor to anyone looking for someone safe to talk to. I am so appreciative of this service.” – Samuel


RelateRelate is a premier centre that offers relationship support to all couples in Liverpool and even across the UK. A reputable counselling clinic that has been helping over two million peoples yearly, you can guarantee the most effective and efficient support on the different relationship issues that you are experiencing. No matter the age, gender identities and sexual orientations, they can professionally handle the concerns that you have and help you find the best solution that will suit your needs and guarantee permanent resolution to all the relationship problems that you have.

Client-centred, they aim to understand the rootcause of the couple’s issue to offer pragmatic advice and create an obtainable plan that they both can work on to achieve amicable settlement and to improve the relationship that they have. They offer comprehensive assistance including help with separation and divorce, as well as, family life and parenting. They understand how troubles within the family and relationship can put a strain and negative impact to the lives of all people involved that is why they help in settling the matter to give them the peace of mind and happiness that they are aiming for.


Help With relationships, Help With Sex, Help With Family Life and Parenting, Help With Separation And Divorce, Help For Children and Young People, Help For Young Adults


Address: Acres House, Berry Ln, Keighley BD21 1DN
Phone: 153 560 5047


“Very nice staff who have helped me and my wife relationship out! Thank you again.” – Tim Buchanan

Right Insight Counselling

Source: PexelsRight Insight Counselling is the private practice of Jessica Seaton, a UKCP accredited psychotherapeutic counsellor. Highly-trained and well versed in dealing with different people and variety of problems that they have, you can certainly entrust all problems that you are facing in your relationship with her and she guarantees a direct, non-judgement support and guidance that will help resolve your issue and improve on the relationship that you have. Offering a safe and confidential space where you can feel comfortable discussing the different problems that you have, she will help you explore the relationship as well as the issue to properly understand the situation and provide personalised care and assistance.

She offers support to different types of couple from married, unmarried, same gender and different gender. Most of the common issues brought to her attention are sexual and intimacy concerns, communication, trust and jealousy, anger, loss, commitment and many others. No matter how simple or complex the problem is, she will help you unravel the source of your issue and work on resolving it amicably. Genuine, personable and professional, set up an appointment with her now to start your journey to healing your relationship.


Counselling for Individuals, Couples Counselling, Skype or Telephone Counselling, Therapeutic Nutrition,  Counselling Supervision, Therapeutic Coaching


Address: Stonegate Rd, Moortown, Leeds LS17 6AR
Phone: 800 955 8265


“Rated 5 stars.” – Alan Roe

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