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5 Best Mediators in Birmingham

Below is a list of the top and leading Mediators in Birmingham. To help you find the best Mediators located near you in Birmingham, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Birmingham’s Best Mediators:

The top rated Mediators in Birmingham are:

  • Disputes Mediation – offers a free consultation
  • UK Family Mediation Service Birmingham – offers a free no-obligation quote
  • Family Mediation & Counselling Services – offers same-day appointments through Zoom
  • National Family Mediation Service Birmingham – available for video or Skype conferencing
  • Greens Mediation – accepts solicitors and agency referral

Disputes Mediation

Source: PexelsDisputes Mediation offers a comprehensive range of mediation services on all matters of disputes and conflict. Providing services not only in Birmingham but all across the UK, they ensure professional support that includes civil and commercial mediation, workplace mediation and family mediation. They understand that not all disputes are the same that is why they offer personalised service that would address the complexities of all conflicts and arguments that they have with another party.

An expert in the field, they will analyse the root cause of the problem and the underlying issues that are flaming further the conflict that they have. From this open, non-judgemental discussion, they will then create the most apt settlement and push forward for a negotiation that is amicable to both parties. Boasting of expert mediators in their field that has different expertise, you can certainly find a perfect match that will fit your needs, understand well you issue and push for the most viable resolution that is beneficial for both parties involved. Get their services now and let them help you achieve the peace that you are aiming for in your career, social or personal life.


Civil & Commercial Mediation, Family Mediation, Workplace Mediation


Address: 86 A Old Snow Hill, Birmingham B4 6HW
Phone: 121 794 1999


“Thanks for all your help. Brilliant service, really recommend.” – Sarah Swan

UK Family Mediation Service Birmingham

UK Family Mediation Service BirminghamUK Family Mediation Service Birmingham specialises in helping all couples, parents, children and guardian achieve a peaceful and harmonious relationship and arrangement that is beneficial to everyone and put forward the best interest of the most vulnerable part of the group particularly the kids involved. They understand how difficult it is for all members of the family to continue living a normal life, particularly when faced with marriage or family breakdown and family issues and complications.

With their help and expert assistance, they will aid you in untangling the web of difficulties surrounding your family, help you understand each other and create a plan that will salvage the relationship. If reconciliation is not possible then they will work on a way to help you move forward from the dilemma that you and your family are facing and improve the situation that you have. With their structured process and strategies, they guarantee to bring agreeable resolution and help both parties cope up from the situation that they are facing.


Online Mediation, Disputes Over Children, Disputes Over Finances, Pensions, Face To Face Or Shuttle Mediation, Inheritance Disputes And Probate, Live Far Apart – Mediation Skype, Evening And Weekend Service, Divorce And Pensions, Parental Alienation


Address: Watling Court, 1 Orbital Plaza, Watling St, Cannock WS11 0EL
Phone: 330 010 1571


“Mediators have a difficult job and my ex-partner was a swine. He never seemed to look at things my way and needed a third party to help change that.” – Ben Samuel

Family Mediation & Counselling Services

Source: PexelsFamily Mediation & Counselling Services offers a specialised therapy session to all family in Birmingham and nearby areas in relation to the different family issues that they are facing. Focusing on couple, family, kids and their relationship, they help everyone muddle through the problems and difficulties that they are facing and are affecting greatly their marriage and relationship. They are dedicated to helping all couples to be at peace and to be happy in the relationship that they have, fix what can be fixed or at least salvage friendship and civility in the event that reconciliation is really no longer possible.

They know how difficult it is to go through your issue and share your burden with other people so they ensure that the environment that they have is conducive for therapy and would make all their clients feel relaxed to talk and sort out the problems that they have. Couples and their families will feel comfortable with the VIP treatment and non-judgemental approach that they are giving so do not hesitate to tap their services to reach the best arrangements and settlements for the problems that you have.


Child Living Arrangements, Financial Mediation For Divorcing Couples, Divorce Mediation


Address: 83 Birmingham Rd, West Bromwich B70 6PX
Phone: 330 113 0005


“Very positive meetings with an end result and action plan. Highly recommended.” – John Lines

National Family Mediation Service Birmingham

National Family Mediation Service BirminghamNational Family Mediation Service Birmingham is a well-experienced and highly trusted mediation company that offers professional aid and assistance on the most difficult phase of your life. With the best mediators under their helm that are personable, discreet and understanding, you can be assured of optimum assistance and a non-judgemental discussion where you can freely advise all your problems and issues. Understanding the difficulties that a married couple and their family have, they offer therapeutic assistance and renowned expertise to help you work on the issues that you have and solve and manage it to your satisfaction.

They offer counselling for marital concerns, marriage breakdown, divorce and separation as well as for settling of financial matters after the break-up. Highly flexible, they will work for the convenience of their clients and can arrange mediation on any location that you prefer and can do video and Skype conferencing as necessary. With their help, they will remove some of the stress that you are feeling because of the problems that you have and encourage both parties to come up with an agreeable solution that is beneficial to both of them.


Marital Issue, Children Arrangements, Divorce/Separation


Address: 252-260 Broad St, Birmingham B1 2HF
Phone: 330 010 1367


“Top mediators who gave us both a good level of service and helped resolve a difficult situation promptly and without hassle.” – George Cameron

Greens Mediation

Source: PexelsGreens Mediation believes that mediation is a voluntary matter that both parties should seek that is why they are open to all couples and families that are working their way to seek professional help and assistance in dealing with the difficulties that they have. They are impartial and neutral when discussing the issue and unravelling all underlying problems that neither of the parties is discussing. With their expert help, you can be assured that each mediation that you have will be dealt with full confidentiality thus protecting you and the other party’s privacy.

They offer a personalised solution that will custom-fit the needs of their clients and provide them with specialised mediation service that will help all parties involved reconnect, communicate their issues and amicably settle their problems. Book now an appointment to schedule a session with their expert mediators and let them help you find the most perfect and agreeable solution for you and your family.


Compulsory Mediation Meeting, Arrangements for Children, Division of Assets and Liabilities, Separation Agreements, Divorce, Cohabitees, Separation, Parenting Agreements


Address: Temple Point, 1 Temple Row, Birmingham B2 5LG
Phone: 121 233 2090


“Staff are very nice and willing to help you plus make you feel welcome indeed.” – Giovanni Albertino

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