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5 Best Nepalese Restaurant in London

Below is a list of the top and leading Nepalese Restaurant in London. To help you find the best Nepalese Restaurant located near you in London, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

London’s Best Nepalese Restaurant:

The top rated Nepalese Restaurant in London are:

  • Nepal Authentic Dining – open for delivery and collection
  • Kathmandu Nepalese Cuisine – offers authentic food from the Himalayan region
  • Panas Gurkha Restaurant – offers award-winning dishes
  • Ma Ma’s Nepalese Kitchen – the home of healthy and tasty Nepalese food
  • Maya DD’s – offers everything from staple food to street food and from homemade food to restaurant favourites

Nepal Authentic Dining

Source: PexelsNepal Authentic Dining offers an authentic Nepalese dining experience. Presenting freshly prepared meals that are made using the finest ingredients, they guarantee to bring out the savoury flavours on their every dish that will certainly tempt your palate and boost your appetite. Providing full and comprehensive meals, you can choose from their line-up of different Nepal classic starters, regular starters, house specialities, traditional mains, side dishes, Biryani and other assortments.

Apart from the wonderful and tasty menu that they have, they also offer a calming and comfortable ambience in their restaurant that is highly conducive for a fun dining with your friends and family. They are also open for both delivery and collection in case you would want to enjoy their sumptuous meals at the comfort of your own home or in your office during lunch break. Contact them now to make the necessary arrangement and see for yourself the delicious meals that they have that would surely satisfy your cravings.


Menu, Book A Table, Delivery, Collection


Address: 121 Uxbridge Rd, Shepherd’s Bush, London W12 8NL
Phone: 208 740 7551


“Absolutely mind-blowing! Every mouthful is better than the last. I can’t wait to work my way through the menu as I’m sure everything is just as delicious.” – Yaz Cee

Kathmandu Nepalese Cuisine

Kathmandu Nepalese CuisineKathmandu Nepalese Cuisine is an authentic Nepalese restaurant that serves ethnic dishes that are carefully gathered from the royal kitchens of Nepal and carefully concocted for the pleasure and delight of all their patrons and customers. Dedicated to sharing the culinary prowess of the Himalayan region, they offer authentic meals that are filled with fresh herbs and spices to bring out the exquisite taste and flavour on every dishes that they have. They have traditional Nepalese starters like masko bara, momo, chhoyla and mixed platter to whet your appetite.

They also have traditional biryani and tandoori dishes that will suit your fine taste and cater to your huge appetite. Some of the recommended dishes that they have are gurkhali chicken, Shangri-la chicken, pharsi lamb, fry lamb tikka, curry, daal and many others. Offering nothing but a filling and lavish meal, come and visit this restaurant to try the different dishes that they have. Open from 5:30 PM to 11 PM from Tuesdays to Sundays, reserve for a set now or order online and get high-quality Nepalese cuisines that you and your family and friends would love.


Menu, Order Online, Reserve Online


Address: 86 Northfield Ave, Ealing, London W13 9RR
Phone: 208 840 1634


“Excellent food and service. I have tried many dishes and each one was extremely good. One of the best Indian restaurants I have been to today. The Bombay local dishes are perfect and you won’t find better than this anywhere else.” – John Weack

Panas Gurkha Restaurant

Panas Gurkha RestaurantPanas Gurkha Restaurant is an award-winning restaurant that serves the best tasting and most authentic Nepalese and Indian cuisines and dishes. Pronoting the flavour and freshness that each of their meals have, they guarantee optimum delight for all their customers that will try their menu. Simple but very sumptuous, you will enjoy the newness of flavour that will delight your palate and taste buds. Offering a full meal, they have a wide selection of starters, main course dishes and sides to choose from.

They also have vegetarian dishes that are highly recommended for people with a special diet as well as the best wine list that will complement well your meal and provide an added refreshment to your taste. Get in touch with them to reserve a table for you and your loved ones and experience the brilliant concoction that only they can deliver. They are available from 5 PM to 11 PM from Mondays to Thursdays, from 5:30 PM to 12 Midnight on Fridays and Saturdays and from 2 PM to 11 PM on Sundays so hurry and plan your visit now.


Order Online, Book a Table, The Menus


Address: 318 Lee High Rd, Lewisham, London SE13 5PJ
Phone: 208 852 9891


“Love this place. Delicious food, always high quality with a great choice for veggies and carnivores alike and always very friendly service.” – Rebecca Rye

Ma Ma’s Nepalese Kitchen

Ma Ma's Nepalese KitchenMa Ma’s Nepalese Kitchen is a premier restaurant that specialises in different healthy but utterly delicious and sumptuous Nepalese dishes. Boasting of the best chefs in the industry coupled with the freshest and most authentic ingredients of different meat, produce, herbs and spices, you would certainly love their aromatic smell and strong taste that will whet your appetite and captivate your taste buds. 100% natural and devoid of any food colouring and preservatives, each dining experience here is certainly something to look forward to.

Available for dine-in or takeaway, you can try their dishes any way you fancy. Offering an assortment of gourmet food that will tempt your palate, try now their starters, specials, tandoori dishes, biryani, vegetable, chicken, lamb and prawn dishes. Perfect for the whole family, do not hesitate in bringing along your loved ones and friends and enjoy a hearty dinner in a relaxed and comfortable restaurant full of great Nepalese food.


Menu, Offers


Address: 36 Northfield Ave, West Ealing, London W13 9RL
Phone: 208 567 2257


“Food is always delicious. A big fan of the chicken biryani and its sauce! Have been visiting for over 5 years have never let me down. Staff are great and always helpful always a great environment. Keep it up guys!” – Faheem Qureshi

Maya DD’s

Maya DD'sMaya DD’s is a Nepalese restaurant that was established in 2014 to cater to all their customers that are looking for fine tasting meals that are unique and gastronomic. Offering a wide variety of Nepalese staple food from street food to home-cooked dishes, you would certainly love the flavourful and aromatic meals that they serve fresh for the delight of all their customers. Concocted to perfection using the finest herbs, spices, meat and other ingredients, indulge in the sumptuous offerings that they have.

From starters to mains, sides and platters, you will find here the perfect meal that will match your distinct taste. Offering you a rich and wonderful dining experience at a very affordable rate, you would really enjoy dining at this shop and eating the delicious meal that they have. They are also open to accommodate any parties and celebration so do not hesitate on contacting them for any further enquiries that you may have.


Menu, Parties, Traditional Nepali Sweets


Address: 25 Anglesea Rd, Woolwich, London SE18 6EG
Phone: 208 854 4396


“Not all restaurants have mastered retaining juice inside the momo. That’s where Maya DD’s expertise comes in! Loved it so much, had a takeaway after a good 5 plates between the two of us! Definitely worth a visit!” – Sryza Ramdoo

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