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5 Best Nursing Homes in London

Below is a list of the top and leading Nursing Homes in London. To help you find the best Nursing Homes located near you in London, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

London’s Best Nursing Homes:

The top rated Nursing Homes in London are:

  • Barchester – Magnolia Court Care Home – provides high-quality 24-hour nursing care for older people
  • The Pines Nursing Home – can accommodate up to 42 elderly residents
  • Barchester – Westwood House Care Home – offers different activities programme for residents
  • Barchester – Queens Court Care Home – each room has en-suite facilities and LCD TVs, with telephones available if required
  • Forrester Court – Care UK – create personalised care and lifestyle plans for each resident

Barchester – Magnolia Court Care Home

Barchester - Magnolia Court Care HomeBarchester – Magnolia Court Care Home is a purpose-built home created to provide premium quality care to all senior individuals that are in need of wonderful and excellent nursing care. Apart from the nursing care that they deliver in full enthusiasm, they also offer dementia care and respite care that will address your specific needs and requirements. Offering a safe and secure environment where they will feel comfortable and at ease, they guarantee the best nursing home equipped with necessary facilities that will make the lives of all individuals under their care more fun and worthwhile and will give them more freedom and independence despite their age and condition.

All their rooms are furnished with an en-suite to give them more room to move. They also have wifi available, a nurse call system to immediately address all their residents call out requests and an electric profiling bed that will give them the comfort and convenience that they need for their age. They also supply different activity classes, exercise session and day trips that will make their time extra productive and lucrative. Get in touch with them now and secure a home that will ensure optimum care for the elders in your family that are in need of extra attention and careful management particular at their golden age.


Nursing Care, Dementia Care, Respite Care & Short Breaks


Address: 181 Granville Rd, London NW2 2LH
Phone: 208 731 9881


“My friend is living at Magnolia Court since January 2020 and I would like to say that I’m thrilled with the high standards of care she’s receiving at present. Thank you so much to second floor staff. Well done!” – Vilma Salaya Ng

The Pines Nursing Home

The Pines Nursing HomeThe Pines Nursing Home is a nursing care home situated in a period property that offers the necessary calm and comfort that all their tenants need. Open to accommodate up to 42 elderly residents, this special place is created to care for all seniors and individuals that are in need of residential, nursing and permanent care. Depending on your situation, preference and requirement, they offer the best package that will address all your demands and needs. They offer all their residents independence to do basic chores and task while keeping their company and ensuring that they are safe and sound.

They also have their own registered nurses that can provide 24-hour support to all people under their care and ensure that they are in the best of health and their medical conditions are managed properly. They understand that each of their patients has their own personal needs and care requirement that is why they provide a personalised approach that will address their unique necessities. Get in touch with them now to learn more about their home and let them offer you a safe haven where the elders in your family can have fun while staying productive and active despite their age.


Nursing Care, Residential Care, Permanent Care, Respite Care, Convalescence Care


Address: 104 West Hill, Putney, London SW15 2UQ
Phone: 808 223 5542


“Caring team providing a professional but also welcoming and homely atmosphere. Definitely deserve their good CQC rating. Food and laundry and activities provided are great too.” – DJ

Barchester – Westwood House Care Home

Barchester - Westwood House Care HomeBarchester – Westwood House Care Home offers 24-hour nursing care to all elderly individuals all across London. Committed to serving all seniors and providing them with bespoke services and care that are tailored to their needs, they offer complete facilities that will give them the comfort and convenience that they are seeking. Apart from their fully furnished room, this nursing facility is also complete with different amenities like kitchen, private dining, laundry, TV lounge, quiet lounge, landscaped gardens and internet access.

They also offer activity classes, exercise, flexible meal times and attend to their special dietary requirements to ensure their optimum health and wellbeing. Apart from their wonderful facilities, they are also boasting of the most amazing, reliable and efficient team of expert caregivers and nurses that will look after their residents and ensure that they are provided with the best care that they need especially at this late stage of their lives. Ensuring nothing but the best comfort that will give you optimum pleasure and ease of mind, check now the services that they offer and plan for the best package for your senior loved ones.


Nursing Care, Residential Care, Dementia Care, Respite / Short Stay, Services For Under 65


Address: 9 Westwood Hill, London SE26 6BQ
Phone: 208 776 7065


“Visited a few Barchester and this is one of my favourites because the staff are very friendly and create a nice atmosphere.” – Carolina Gutierrez

Barchester – Queens Court Care Home

Barchester - Queens Court Care HomeBarchester – Queens Court Care Home offers a supportive and caring environment to all elders in the community that are under their care. Boasting of a team consisted of compassionate and caring individuals that are dedicated to providing full support and assistance to put some ease and comfort on the lives of their residents, this is certainly one of the best nursing homes to consider for the elders in your family. Providing nursing care, dementia care and respite care, they address the specific needs and requirements that their patient has and put their comfort as their utmost priority.

Apart from providing the best accommodation complete with necessary facilities and amenities to ensure their resident’s comfort and enjoyment, they also offer social participation with the different activities that they create meant to engage their patients and engage them to be active despite their age. They understand all possible challenges that their job post but they provide the full commitment to making the lives of their residents and ensure they get a normal, fun and comfortable time despite their conditions. Check out the many services that they provide and get the best carer from the expert in the field.


Nursing Care, Dementia Care, Respite / Short Stay


Address: 32 Queen’s Rd, London SW19 8LR
Phone: 208 971 5019


“Queens Court is one of the homes I would recommend to everyone, the environment is more than a personal home. Clients eat in the canteen like a restaurant. It’s beautiful.” – Jemima Essel

Forrester Court – Care UK

Forrester Court - Care UKForrester Court – Care UK offers a range of quality services for all elders in the community that are in need of specialised nursing care to address the demands of their age and condition. Providing a comfortable life with a semblance of normalcy and independency, they ensure to make the days of all residents under their care as fulfilling and engaging as possible. They offer different one to one and group activities that they can enjoy and will keep them productive and entertained.

Guaranteeing the highest quality of care to all elders that they are fostering, they ensure the right fit of the carer as well as support based on the specific demands and needs of their clients. All their staff are well-trained in the different needs and assistance that may be required of them. Patient, kind and caring, they also use the latest in technology to regularly check the wellbeing of their patients and provide amenities that are vital to their day to day living and convenience.


Dementia Care, Nursing Care, Respite Care, End Of Life Care


Address: Forrester Court, Cirencester St, London W2 5SR
Phone: 203 504 5638


“Great staff and facilities. Thank you, everybody, at Forrester Court!” – Georgia Lawrence

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