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5 Best Optometrists in Newcastle

Below is a list of the top and leading Optometrists in Newcastle. To help you find the best Optometrists located near you in Newcastle, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Newcastle’s Best Optometrists:

The top rated Optometrists in Newcastle are:

  • Querido & Davidson Opticians – offers a free frame styling consultation
  • Keyes Eyecare – conveniently located for Jesmond, Kenton, Tyne Valley, Wideopen and Ponteland
  • B.Braysher Optometrists – stocking a wide range of frames for both adult, teens and children
  • The Northern Optical Co Ltd – a family-run optometrist clinic
  • Michael Offord Optometrist/Optician – stock contact lenses from a wide variety of suppliers to offer you lenses from the leading brands

Querido & Davidson Opticians

Querido & Davidson OpticiansQuerido & Davidson Opticians is an independent, family-owned optician clinic established in 1956 and is currently managed by John Davidson, an expert optometrist. Together with his team of efficient and highly-trained staff, they are able to provide the best eye care and eyewear prescription that would certainly match your needs and specific requirements. They understand how good eyesight is of great importance to people that is why they offer comprehensive assistance and packages that will provide an optimum solution that will help you manage your eye condition with ease.

From dry eye management, macula degeneration, glaucoma, low vision aids, punctal plugging and keratoconus management, they are expertly trained to handle these cases with ease ensuring great comfort to all their patients. With their years of experience and acquired knowledge, they also dispense spectacle and contact lenses with utmost care ensuring that it will be a right fit to you while considering your distinct taste and style. Contact them now to schedule an appointment and let them provide you with long-lasting solutions for your poor eyesight problems.


All-Inclusive Eye Care Plan, Eyewear, Contact Lenses, Additional Professional Services


Address: 196 Chillingham Rd, Newcastle upon Tyne NE6 5LN
Phone: 191 265 9898


“Great staff and won a fabulous night away with their ‘recommend a friend’ for myself and wife.” – Guy Nokes

Keyes Eyecare

Keyes EyecareKeyes Eyecare is the optometric practice of Andrew Keyes, an optometrist specialising in visual stress management, migraine and different learning difficulties. Dedicated to helping all individuals suffering from a variety of eyesight problems, they offer their comprehensive assistance and solutions starting with eye examination down to eye care and eyewear prescription to ensure that your condition is carefully managed and given proper resolution that will fit your needs. Aside from general optometry services, they also extend specialised assistance that includes myopia control, dry eye, migraine and coloured lenses and lightweight eyewear.

Highly reliable and personable, they take time to analyse your condition and carefully explain it to you for your better understanding. They will provide different options that will address your problem and offer their expert support and suggestion in picking the best lens option and frame choice that will aid you in getting a perfection vision that will let you live a normal life and lets you do different activities with comfort and ease. With more than 700 frames in stock to choose from, you would certainly have an easy time finding the perfect pair that will enhance your eyesight but would suit your fashion sense.


Lightweight Eyewear, Myopia Control, Dry Eye, Migraine and Coloured Lenses, Visual Stress


Address: 1-3 Ashburton Rd, Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne NE3 4XN
Phone: 191 284 7361


“Fantastic team at Keyes Eyecare who really have your vision and well being as their top priority. Great selection of frames to choose from in lots of styles to suit all. The team support you whilst making your choice and give great advice too.” – Tracy Bidwell

B.Braysher Optometrists

B.Braysher OptometristsB.Braysher Optometrists is a premium optician that has been serving the community of Newcastle since the 1950s. It is currently run and managed by Barbara Braysher, an expert optometrist. Together with her team of reliable and personable staff, they help a number of individuals get the best eye care service as well as the most fitting contact lens and spectacle that will suit their purpose and match their specific needs and distinct style. They offer comprehensive eye examination for both adults and children and provide regular eye test to ensure that your eyes are in the best condition and any eye diseases or conditions are managed properly to guarantee your comfort and clear vision.

They offer different contact lenses that will fit a variety of age group and prescription and they are also stocking on a wide range of frame from the best spectacle and designer eyewear brands that will supply you with greater options to choose from. Supporting a variety of taste and fashion style, they have both traditional frames and modern ones made from plastic, metal, titanium and lightweight rimless that is perfect to the kind of lifestyle that you have and suitable for your demand. Contact them now to book a consultation and let them help you improve your eyesight with their expert care and professional assistance.


Eye Examinations, Digital Retinal Photography, Contact Lens Fitting, Spectacle Dispensing, Children’s Eye Examinations, Domiciliary Eyecare


Address: The Precinct, Wesley Court, Blaydon, Blaydon-on-Tyne NE21 5BT
Phone: 191 414 3271


“Great service nice and friendly very happy with my new glasses. Thank you.” – Richard Lawson

The Northern Optical Co Ltd

The Northern Optical Co Ltd The Northern Optical Co Ltd is a family-owned and operated optician managed by siblings tandem of Simon Birtwisle and Katie McClure. Offering the best eye care services in a relaxed and comfortable space, you would certainly have a pleasant time seeking their expert help and advice on the different eyesight issues and conditions that you may have. They offer different eye tests from an enhanced examination, NHS sight test, sports vision and eye exam that will help assess your situation and aid them in providing you with the best solution and treatment plan.

They can help diagnose a wealth of issues like macular degeneration, glaucoma, dry eyes and diabetes. Using state of the art equipment that will pick up your condition more clearly, they can recommend different eye care plans and suggestions that will help improve your condition and put a stop to your suffering. They also have a variety of glasses that will fit men, women and children as well as an array of contact lenses and driving lenses to choose from. Schedule an appointment now and get their expert help and professional assistance that will put a stop on your poor eyesight and hazy vision.


Glasses, Lenses, Eye Tests


Address: 1-4 Grainger Market, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 5QG
Phone: 191 232 7284


“Fantastic company, Simon and Katie are very, very professional but also very, very nice caring and jolly people. It is always a pleasure to see them and their kit these days is fantastic.” – Jennie Stokell

Michael Offord Optometrist/Optician

Michael Offord Optometrist/OpticianMichael Offord Optometrist/Optician is an independent optician that is an expert in both eye examination and contact lenses and spectacle dispensing. Established in 1981 by Michael Offord, they aim to provide high-quality eyecare that will help you manage your condition and overcome difficulties brought by poor eyesight. Using advanced technology and state of the art facilities and equipment, they offer enhanced eye exams, 3D OCT scanning service, digital retinal photography, visual field test and a specialised children eye care assistance.

Prioritising the health of all their patients, they take time to diagnose their condition, explain the best plan to resolve it and offer the most apt solution that will cure their diseases and help them improve their eyesight. Apart from the services that they efficiently deliver, they also offer different products including frames, spectacle lenses and contact lenses that will give you a clearer vision that will help you go back to your normal chores and activities with ease and greater comfort and convenience. Tap their services now to get the best help and let them offer you with utmost support beyond your expectations.


Eye, Exams. Emergency Appointments, 3D OCT Scanner, Digital Retinal, Photography, Children’s Eyecare, Visual Field, Tests


Address: 7, Kingston Court, Kingston Park Ave, Newcastle upon Tyne NE3 2FP
Phone: 191 271 2140


“Thank you for fixing my glasses today. As usual, the staff were lovely, even in these difficult times. It’s odd to go to opticians & have your temperature taken, but it made me feel safe and obviously, it is so important that it’s done to ensure the safety of the staff.” – Olwyn Graves

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