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5 Best Patent Lawyer in Manchester

Below is a list of the top and leading Patent Lawyer in Manchester. To help you find the best Patent Lawyer located near you in Manchester, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Manchester’s Best Patent Lawyer:

The top rated Patent Lawyer in Manchester are:

  • Wilson Gunn | Patent & Trade Mark Attorneys – provides a full range of intellectual property services to help you protect your rights in the UK, Europe and around the world
  • Venner Shipley LLP – a modern and innovative firm of European patent and trademark attorneys and litigators with a history stretching back over more than 80 years
  • Franks & Co (Mancunium) Limited – offers advice on obtaining patents in the UK, Ireland, Europe and the rest of the world
  • Mewburn Ellis LLP – renowned in the profession for their training programme
  • Appleyard Lees IP LLP – has offices in Manchester, Leeds, Halifax, Cambridge and BioHub at Alderley Park

Wilson Gunn | Patent & Trade Mark Attorneys

Wilson Gunn | Patent & Trade Mark AttorneysWilson Gunn | Patent & Trade Mark Attorneys is a premier law firm that specialises in all spectrum of intellectual property law. Helping all individuals and businesses from different sectors including advanced materials, automotive and transport, construction, fashion, healthcare, food and drink, biotechnology, sports, textile, energy and FMCG, they guarantee complete assistance on different elements of IP law including patents, trademarks, designs and copyright. They also offer IP consultancy, management, commercialisation and enforcement.

They take out the complexities of all your patent concerns and offers personalised patent plans that will fit well your needs and make the process easy and seamless for you. With their help, they will ensure that your rights on all your inventions and patented works are well established and properly protected. They can also provide expert advice on possible purchase, sale and licensing of all your patent rights. Get their service now and be at ease knowing that a capable patent attorney is handling your case.


Patents, Trade Marks, Designs, Copyright, IP Management, IP Commercialisation, IP Enforcement, IP Consultancy


Address: 5th Floor Blackfriars House The, Parsonage, Manchester M3 2JA
Phone: 161 827 9400


“Good advice from a high profile national IP attorney.” – Roy Allwood

Venner Shipley LLP

Source: PexelsVenner Shipley LLP is a full-service legal firm that offers comprehensive intellectual property services to all its clients all across the UK. Completing their team are highly experienced patent and trademark attorneys, solicitors and barristers that will aid you on all your patent concerns and break down the complexities that it has for your better understanding and compliance. They cover patents, trademarks, designs, copyrights, domain names and all aspects of intellectual property specialising in the sector of design, science and technology.

They serve all individuals and groups from inventors to SME, universities and corporations that have both local and international interest and reach. By incorporating all elements needed to secure your patent, they guarantee optimal protection that will look after your brand and ideas and avoid possible infringement that may affect your production and income. A reliable, excellent and professional firm that will safeguard your patent and help you maximise its commercialisation and monetisation, get their services now and be confident with the high quality of service that only they can deliver.


Patents, Designs and Copyright, Litigation, Business and Legal Services, Trade Marks, Data Protection and Cyber Security


Address: Lowry House, 17 Marble St, Manchester M2 3AW
Phone: 161 661 4582


“Thank you to all the team at Venner Shipley. They answered all my questions & all the queries my team had. Brilliant service!” – Pat Mac

Franks & Co (Mancunium) Limited

Franks & Co (Mancunium) LimitedFranks & Co (Mancunium) Limited consists of well-established patent and trademark lawyers that have been offering their expert and professional support to all individuals all across the UK and Europe. A staunch protector of the rights of all their clients to their unique and original ideas and innovations, they work on all aspects of intellectual property law and offer their pragmatic advice and expert representation. Highly reputed for the quality of work that they never fail to deliver, they can assist a wide range of clients from different sectors of the industry including manufacturing, oil and gas, aerospace, advertising, automotive and many others.

Providing comprehensive solutions, they incorporate their technical and commercial knowledge and experience to address the specific requirements that you have. Whether you need assistance in acquiring, registering or securing your rights to your patent or simply managing your wide portfolio of IPs, they can guarantee innovative process and plan to achieve your goals and ensure your complete satisfaction.


Patents, Trade Marks, Designs, Utility Models, Disputes, IP Clinics, Renewals, Portfolio Management, Case Studies, Copyright


Address: Cheadle Place, Cheadle Point, Stockport Rd, Cheadle, Manchester SK8 2JX
Phone: 161 820 2891


“As an inventor and designer for ABDTools and Dadtech Ltd, I have employed numerous patent agents in the past to carry out my IP work, or the preparation Patent specifications etc, The company that I have been using for the last eight years is Mancumium IP, being a Mancunian myself, I was initially attracted by the name of the company, it was here I met Mr Sangwani Nkhwazi, I found Mr Nkhwazi taking a specialised personal interest in our affairs and is contactable and approachable at most times, Mancunium IP has produced several of our Patent applications, and will no doubt be carrying out further work for us, Highly recommended.” – Graham Downey

Mewburn Ellis LLP

Source: PexelsMewburn Ellis LLP is an expert law firm when it comes to all legalities and processes concerning intellectual property. They help all clients from different sectors and industries with all IP concerns that they have including patents, patents disputes and renewals. With their wealth of experience, they put a lot of value in understanding all aspects of their clients business and work to maximise its value and protect their best interest.

Forward-looking, they create innovative ideas and strategies and provide the best plan and course of action that their clients should take. They are dedicated to helping clients gain more profit by maximising the use of their IP and patent and at the same time protect it from any possible exploitation or infringement. Contact one of their expert lawyers now and get the best and most innovative advice for all your IP concerns.


Patents and Technologies, Trade Marks and Brands, Dispute Resolution, Legal and Transactions


Address: Manchester One, 53 Portland St, Manchester M1 3LD
Phone: 161 247 7722


“Rated 5 stars.” – Laura Edwards

Appleyard Lees IP LLP

Source: PexelsAppleyard Lees IP LLP is a premier law firm that specialises in intellectual property law. Founded in 1852, they have grown into a big law firm and is currently housing a team of more than 45 IP solicitors and patent and trademark lawyers that can help you with all your IP needs. They work with different sectors of the industry like electronics and software, engineering and physics, chemistry and pharmaceuticals and life sciences and biotechnology.

Providing a full and complete solution that will cover the rights of all their clients, they maximise the value of their services and help clients in all aspects of IP including patents, trademarks, design and copyright, IP strategy, IP disputes and IP legal support. Set an appointment now at their Manchester office and be at ease in knowing that you will get professional assistance from this firm.


Patents, Trade Marks, Design and Copyright


Address: The Lexicon, 10-12 Mount St, Manchester M2 5NT
Phone: 161 835 9655


“On behalf of our company I would like to thank a Universe for what had happened and the lesson we have learned and The great people we have meet!” – Natalia V Rusanova

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