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5 Best Personal Trainer in Glasgow

Below is a list of the top and leading Personal Trainer in Glasgow. To help you find the best Personal Trainer located near you in Glasgow, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Glasgow’s Best Personal Trainer:

The top rated Personal Trainer in Glasgow are:

  • Ricky Singh Personal Training Glasgow – a tenacious, hard-working and a results-driven trainer
  • Fitforit Personal Training – offers a free consultation and taster session
  • G1 Personal Training – all programs and packages include weight loss and sports nutrition plans
  • Paul Wallace Fitness – holds Level 3 advanced gym instructor
  • Reactive Training | Personal Trainer Glasgow – calculates client’s calorie needs so that they can customise your nutrition exactly to guarantee fat loss

Ricky Singh Personal Training Glasgow

Ricky Singh Personal Training GlasgowRicky Singh Personal Training Glasgow is an award-winning personal trainer that is dedicated to helping all his clients achieve the weight and body goal that they have. With his more than 8 years of experience in training different types of individuals, he is passionate about fitness and the wonderful benefits that it will do to a person and commits himself to share this passion to all his clients. He offers different types of training that will fit the specific needs of his clients, from personal training to buddy-up, hybrid, corporate and many others, that will help transform their body and achieve fitness and optimum health.

He offers guidance and support and inspires others with the innovative training methods and workouts that he supplies. He wants all his clients to feel confident about their body and looks and ensure that they are always of the best health and is getting proper exercise and nutrition that will generate positive overall changes inside and outside their body. Contact him now to get his expert help and assistance and start changing your habit and lifestyle to a much healthier one.


Personal Training, Buddy-Up Training Squad Personal Training, Reshape and Sweat Classes, Hybrid Coaching, Corporate Training, Inbody Body Fat Assessment, Anatomy in Motion


Address: 18-20 Eagle St, Glasgow G4 9XA
Phone: 772 598 8144


“I had spent nearly a year going to the gym on my own to get back into shape and seeing few results. I’ve seen Ricky one to one for nearly 4 months now and I’ve lost around 10 kg. He is patient and flexible with my programme. I loved learning to box and finally feeling strong and good again. Thanks, Ricky!” – Juli Titherington

Fitforit Personal Training

Fitforit Personal TrainingFitforit Personal Training is a team of highly experienced trainers with Level 3 Personal Trainer qualification that are reputed for their commitment and dedication in helping all their clients with the weight problem that they have and offer the best solution that is custom-fitted to their situation and needs. They offer a personalised program that is guaranteed to achieve far greater results more than what they are aiming for. They offer personal training and boot camps for all individuals and a specialised pre and postnatal training for expecting mothers.

For their personal training service, they offer a variety of training styles under different disciplines to find the best one that will suit their client’s style. They ensure that each training is fun and enjoyable and their clients are comfortable in receiving the programme to achieve the optimum result. Apart from different training and workout, they will also provide a comprehensive nutritional guide for a more holistic approach in shedding all unwanted fats and gearing towards a more healthy lifestyle.


Personal Training, Online Personal Training, Bootcamps, Pre and Post Natal


Address: 10 Clarkston Rd, Cathcart, Glasgow G44 4EH
Phone: 795 202 5407


“Fantastic set of folk! I’ve been working with Davie for over two years and I’ve found him supportive, friendly, knowledgeable and challenging. He’s been great at working with me to find out my actual goals and get there. Genuinely inclusive space for all sorts of bodies – and minds.” – Catherine Reid

G1 Personal Training

G1 Personal TrainingG1 Personal Training is managed by trainers Gareth and John, a body transformation specialist and group fitness expert respectively. Boasting of Level 3 Personal Trainer and Sports Therapist qualification, they offer a safe and effective weight loss programme to all interested clients that would want to tap on the services that they provide. Your success is their utmost priority that is why they fastidiously work to condition both your mind and body and create a programme that will push you to your limit and motivate you to achieve the personal goal that you have.

They offer one to one personal training that will help you to get and stay fit by helping you shed your extra pounds and turning your unwanted fats into muscles. Offering a complete and comprehensive package, each programme that they offer includes nutritional plan and video workout that will help you in achieving the best result for your body in a short period of time. Get in touch with them now to discuss the main target and objective that you have and let them help you with your journey to health and fitness and make it eventful and a whole lot of fun.


1-2-1 Personal Training, Online Personal Training, Functional Training Classes, Boxing Classes


Address: 137B Dalsetter Ave, Glasgow G15 8TE
Phone: 781 856 8153


“Love this friendly gym and Gareth’s training methods, attitude and dedication. I used to get bored at the gym, but now I look forward to my training sessions and Gareth is a great motivator. My fitness has improved massively since joining G1.” – Jane Elliott

Paul Wallace Fitness

Paul Wallace FitnessPaul Wallace Fitness is the fitness studio of Paul Wallace, a highly qualified Level 4 Personal Trainer. Reputed for his amazing works in the fitness industry, he aims to provide the best results to all his patients and address the different fitness goal that they have. Whether you are seeking his help for weight loss, weight gain, cardio or sports, he has the right advice and training plan that would push and inspire you to achieve your personal objective.

Providing premium service in a safe, private and comfortable studio, you would certainly feel relaxed and confident with the different training plan that he will supply. He also believes that on top of your workouts and exercises, nutrition and food intake play a crucial role in boosting your health and achieving your weight in a fast and safe manner that is why he also offers different nutritional tips and advice that will go well with your fitness training thus ensuring optimum and holistic wellness and wellbeing. Tap his expert assistance now and get the perfect healthy body that you have always dreamed of.


Personal Training, Boot Camp, FT-Fit, Nutritional Advice, Food Intolerance Testing


Address: 6 Annfield Pl, Glasgow G31 2XQ
Phone: 753 988 6173


“Enjoying my one to one workouts with Paul Wallace, no 2 sessions have been the same yet. Always come away feeling like I’ve done a proper session. The online booking tool is very good and makes planning ahead very easy. Also, love the gym, best of equipment.” – Paul Teague

Reactive Training | Personal Trainer Glasgow

Reactive Training | Personal Trainer GlasgowReactive Training | Personal Trainer Glasgow consist of personal trainers and nutrition coach that offers a holistic approach to weight loss. Incorporating both fitness training and nutritional intake to your regimen, they work in helping their clients achieve the best result. Offering a progressive training programme that starts with a 6-week challenge, they provide a body scan to thoroughly analyse your condition and design the most perfect nutrition guide and personalised training programme that will fit your needs.

They offer both online and personal training or a hybrid of both. Dedicated to helping a lot of people, they offer the most cost-effective 6-week personal programme that starts at £200 and includes personalised nutrition coaching and 5 sessions per week training. With their help, weight loss need not be expensive to accomplish the personal weight goal that you have. Check their availability now and let them help you get the perfect body you are aiming for at a very affordable rate.


Weekly Body Composition Scans, Personal Nutrition Coaching, Fitness Testing, Personalised 6 Week Training Programme


Address: Nuneaton Industrial Estate, Block 2, Unit 5, Glasgow G40 3JU
Phone: 792 115 1411


“I’ve recently completed my second 6-week challenge with reactive training and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for good coaching and sensible advice regarding diet and exercise. The atmosphere is supportive and welcoming and, as all workouts are adapted to suit the needs of the individual it’s suitable for all levels. Signing up is a decision you won’t regret.” – Kerry-Ann Stark

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