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5 Best Pet Care Centre in Manchester

Below is a list of the top and leading Pet Care Centre in Manchester. To help you find the best Pet Care Centre located near you in Manchester, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Manchester’s Best Pet Care Centre:

The top rated Pet Care Centre in Manchester are:

  • Dogs Aloud Doggy Daycare – have a fully stocked shop, coffee bar, training facility and grooming salon
  • Blackley Dog Boarding – fully licenced and insured doggy daycare and boarders
  • Dogs and Divas Dog Daycare Trafford Park – offers a free first day assessment
  • K-9 Cabin – only allow 10-15 dogs in each section
  • The Barkside Manchester City Centre – offers free UK shipping on all orders above £25

Dogs Aloud Doggy Daycare

Dogs Aloud Doggy DaycareDogs Aloud Doggy Daycare provides an expert and loving care to your dogs while you are away for work, business or important errands. They provide dogs with the most comfortable and relaxing space that would make them feel at home. Offering a cosy and convenient place where they can sleep and rest and an area where they can play and have some doggy fun, this is certainly the best and safest place for all your pooches. Aside from doggy daycare, they are also boasting of swimming pool dedicated for dogs where they can have fun swimming and cool their body.

They also provide dog training and puppy classes to stimulate their mind and reinforce good behaviours on your dog and ensure that they can get along with other people and animals. Their daycare is available from 7 AM to 7 PM from Monday to Friday at £20 per dog per day. Their pool area is open from Mondays to Fridays from 9 AM to 5 PM and can accommodate up to two dogs per session. Their rate starts at £20 per dog for a 30 minutes session so hurry and book them either for daycare or to swim and give them the best time of their lives in this centre.


Daycare, Swimming Pool, Training, Grooming


Address: Astra Business Park, 8-10 Trafford Moss Rd, Trafford Park, Stretford, Manchester M17 1SQ
Phone: 161 877 2687


“Fantastic place, can’t recommend enough and all the staff are great and very friendly. We have one very happy boy who is sat at our front door every morning waiting to go and worn out when he’s back home.” – Elaine Radford

Blackley Dog Boarding

Blackley Dog BoardingBlackley Dog Boarding is a licensed dog boarder based in Manchester. They offer professional daycare service for all types of dogs from small, medium and large breeds. Offering a secure place where they can have fun, play and interact with other dogs, this is certainly the best and safest place that you can leave your pets while you go about your work or business. They provide service at a very affordable rate of £15 for small dogs and £20 for medium and large dogs.

Aside from their daycare service, they also offer dog boarding service for £25 per night. Boasting of a large place with fenced garden and patio area, they guarantee that your dogs can roam around, play and get the exercise that they need throughout the day and have a peaceful rest on their cosy spaces come night time. Contact them now to check their availability and let them take care of your dogs while you are away for an important errand.


Dog Boarding, Day Care


Address: 111 White Moss Rd, Manchester M9 6HZ
Phone: 793 098 4712


“Fantastic service. Friendly and reliable. My dog loves being here, he always comes home ready for a rest after a fun-filled day.” – Danielle Crosby

Dogs and Divas Dog Daycare Trafford Park

Dogs and Divas Dog Daycare Trafford ParkDogs and Divas Dog Daycare Trafford Park is an award-winning doggy daycare centre that houses a team of expert staff that are well-trained in looking and caring for different breeds of dogs. Their centre has both indoor and outdoor play area where all dogs can interact and play with other dogs. Some of the facilities they offer are puppy room where puppies can rest and sleep, sandpits and water pools, agility equipment and enrichment games to stimulate both your pets’ minds and bodies.

To provide additional peace of mind to all owners, they separate dogs into three different groups from small, medium to large breeds to match their energy and size to that of their playmates. Their daycare price starts at £20 per dog, per day. They also accept half-day for £10 and puppy care for dogs 6 months and below for £10. Contact them now to book an appointment, they are available from Mondays to Fridays from 7 AM to 6:30 PM so do not hesitate to visit.


Doggy Daycare, Dog Walking, Dog Grooming, Puppy Socialisation, Puppy Training


Address: 6 Robson Ave, Trafford Park, Stretford, Manchester M41 7TE
Phone: 737 934 0280


“Clark loves his time playing & being cared for at Dogs & Divas.” – Sheila Moore

K-9 Cabin

K-9 CabinK-9 Cabin offers complete daycare solutions to all your dogs from dog assessment, daycare, doggy days out and home boarding. A safe and comfortable place where your dog can stay and have fun, you can be assured that your dog will not feel lonely or homesick with all the fun and playful activities that they offer. Offering 3 different sections for puppies, small and medium to large dogs, they ensure that all your pooches are comfortable and the place is not overcrowded for them.

They only accept around 10 to 15 dogs per section to give each and everyone plenty of room to run around and play. For their safety and protection, they guarantee that all dogs are supervised and looked after by their staff. They also organize different games and group play to encourage your dog and impel their energy. Offering a very affordable rate, do not hesitate to leave your dogs under their care and you will never have to worry about them while you are at work.


Doggy Day Care, Dog Assessment, Dog Birthday Parties, Doggy Days Out, Home Boarding, Dog Photography


Address: Unit 8, Reliance Trading Estate, Manchester M40 3AG
Phone: 784 022 5257


“Fantastic doggy daycare. Our very energetic dog loves his time here. Brilliant professional and caring staff. Highly recommend.” – Tracy Harrison

The Barkside Manchester City Centre

The Barkside Manchester City CentreThe Barkside Manchester City Centre started as a dog walking company back in 2012. It was established by sisters Elkie and Leah Davies and has eventually grown and branched out to a daycare centre. Committed to serving all pet parents and owners alike, they provide quality services such as doggy daycare, grooming and puppy visit. Boasting of around 2000 square feet of area, both indoor and outdoor, your dogs would surely have a big place to run around and have fun.

Their daycare is also cage-free so your dog would feel comfortable roaming around and lay anywhere he wants. Clean, safe and relaxing, your pooches would really have a fun time staying here. They also provide a series of physical and mental activities that will stimulate and relax them so that your dogs would not feel bored and develop some bad behaviours. Open from Mondays to Fridays from 8 AM to 6 PM, drop by their centre now to have your dog assessed and let him have some fun in a safe environment while you go ahead and do your errand.


Shopping, Grooming, Daycare


Address: Richmond House, Travis St, Manchester M1 2NG
Phone: 787 662 3579


“Rambo loves going to The Barkside for his groom, he never wants to leave afterwards! They do a great job with his groom, I wouldn’t take him anywhere else and would 100% recommend.” – Susan Jenkison

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