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5 Best Pizzeria in Birmingham

Below is a list of the top and leading Pizzeria in Birmingham. To help you find the best Pizzeria located near you in Birmingham, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Birmingham’s Best Pizzeria:

The top rated Pizzeria in Birmingham are:

  • Peacer – ensures that the dough gets the care and attention it deserves
  • Alicia’s Micro Bakehouse – is an independent Artisan pizzeria
  • Mr. Singh’s – guarantees you can bite into the tastiest freshest pizza possible
  • La Galleria – offers a fantastic choice of pizzas
  • Franco Manca – pizzas are made fresh to order


Peacer keeps things simple, 20” pizza sold by the slice, a style made famous by the great pizzerias of New York City. To make sure that they only serve pizzas they are totally happy with, they make its dough in house using a slow fermentation process. This way, they can ensure that the dough gets the care and attention it deserves. The same can be said about its pizza sauces. Along the way in the years of planning that went into opening Peacer, they decided to leave meat and fish off the menu and to focus its attention on offering only vegetarian and vegan pizza.

They also offer beer wine and coffee, so keeping to the principle of doing a few things brilliantly rather than trying to do too much and compromising quality, they have sourced some amazing products from some incredible suppliers.


Pizza Slices, Sides, Drinks


Address: 4 Woodbridge Rd, Moseley, Birmingham B13 8EJ
Phone: 7495 466105


“Loved it. Peacer has a pleasant atmosphere and the staff are really quick and friendly. Food is delicious and the tangy pizza slice stood out in particular. I’m not a vegetarian but I’d eat here all the time if I lived closed, would definitely recommend without hesitation.” – Lester L.

Alicia’s Micro BakehouseAlicia's Micro Bakehouse

Alicia’s Micro Bakehouse is situated on the Pershore road, Alicia’s Micro Bakehouse is an independent Artisan pizzeria. Let them entice you with its mouth-watering pizzas. Their unrivaled quality creates an exceptional eating experience. Only the very best products are used and they ensure that even the simplest of ingredients are treated with respect by applying traditional artisan techniques Alicia’s specialty dough is allowed to rest for a minimum of 24 hours perfecting its light texture and beautifully bubbly crust.


Main Menu, Saturday Menu, Drinks Menu


Address: 1377 Pershore Rd, Stirchley, Birmingham B30 2JR
Phone: 121 246 0947


“Awesome, friendly service. It’s a struggle not to order every week. Not eaten in yet, but been there to pick up and seen inside the restaurant and it looks great.” – Chris K.

Mr. Singh’sMr. Singh's

Mr. Singh’s wanted to create a place where friends and families could come and enjoy great veggie food, its first customers were friends, and they have continued to make friends with its new customers. They have always wanted to create a special place where customers can come and enjoy great food. Now they can eat such a vast range of food without having to be cruel to animals. All its food is suitable for vegetarians and a majority of it is suitable for vegans too.

At Mr. Singh’s they are committed to providing the best quality dishes, using the freshest and best produce available, they make its pizza dough fresh every day to guarantee you can bite into the tastiest freshest pizza possible.


Pizza, Burger, Wraps, Sides, Sizzler, Small Plates


Address: 103 Cornwall Rd, Handsworth Wood, Birmingham B20 2HY
Phone: 121 523 9275


“Genuinely one of the best pizzas I have ever eaten. Cheap, quickly served, and the base was the tight balance of crisp and doughy. I went for the vegan cheese which was really tasty and lacked that fake texture it sometimes has. The meat replacement on the chicken was so authentic I had to cut a piece open to make sure there hadn’t been some terrible mix-up. Fantastic place and if I’m ever in Birmingham again, I would definitely go back.” – Nick G.

La GalleriaLa Galleria

La Galleria offers a fantastic choice of pizzas baked in its authentic pizza oven imported from Italy. At La Galleria, they pride themselves on providing a varied menu of freshly prepared dishes with the finest Italian ingredients that will tempt all palates. Its experienced pizza chef will freshly prepare your pizza to order at their open pizza bar, right before your eyes.

As a family-run Italian restaurant in Birmingham they offer a warm welcoming experience, whether you are visiting for a romantic night out, larger party, or a corporate event they guarantee that you will be well looked after by its friendly and attentive staff.


Menus, Party & Seasonal Menus, Bookings


Address: 5A Ethel St, Birmingham B2 4BG
Phone: 121 643 5933


“Came here with my boyfriend and the food was hands down the best Italian food we have tasted. The service was impeccable. Highly recommend the pasta dishes and cheesy garlic bread.” – Charlotte S.

Franco MancaFranco Manca

Franco Manca‘s dough made fresh on-site every day with specially selected seasonal ingredients. You can enjoy its pizza with principles all over the UK, and even in Italy. Good food takes time that is why, since opening its first pizzeria in Brixton Market in 2008, they have championed slow-rising sourdough pizza and properly sourced, small suppliers, seasonal ingredients. All of its pizzas are made fresh to order. Their pizzaioli are happy to tailor your pizza to your dietary requirements. They have a vegan special in all pizzerias and gluten-free options available.


Pizza, Bites, Salads, Post Pizzas, Wines, Cocktails, Beer, Kids, Soft Drinks


Address: 19 Bennetts Hill, Birmingham B2 5QJ
Phone: 121 630 3009


“Some of the best pizza in London at some of the best prices you can find in the city!!! Fresh ingredients, seasonal specials and a great atmosphere. What more could you want?!? Perfect for lunch or dinner, and never fails on quality! I would definitely recommend checking out this place!” – Nadine

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