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3 Best Places to Sell Gold – Cash for Gold

Metal buying, especially gold and silver buying has always been a popular way to make quick cash. Many people have old antiques, jewellery and bits of metal lying around that can be sold to get quick cash in times of need. In order to do so, you need to find a metal buyer that will willingly buy your items for cash. While these are prevalent in just about any city in the world, finding a reputable and professional one that will give you a fair and reasonable price for what you want to sell can often be difficult.

It is very time consuming to research and go around to different buyers to find out for yourself, and you may end up getting ripped off in the end. This is why are providing a list for the 3 best metal buyers in the UK, if you are looking to sell your items for quick cash.

Top metal buyers in the UK:

1. London Gold Centre

London Gold Centre


London Gold Centre is a metal buyer based in London. They buy all sorts of metals but focus on the prime metals such as gold and silver. They are a renowned metal buyer and provide professional services for their customers. They buy other metals including platinum, palladium, diamond and gemstones. They even offer services such as jewellery repair and buy watches. London Gold Centre is your one stop shop for your metal buying needs, as well as selling off luxury items.

Their process is straightforward, and you will come out of the other side with a pocketful of cash.

2. Gold Co UK

Gold Co UK


Gold Co UK is a gold and other metals buyer based in the UK. They offer market leading rates of 97%, meaning you can get almost the full value of your gold from this buyer. They offer a simple process for buying your metals which involves taking your details and fixing a price to it. The items are then sent to the buyer, then the payment is sent to you. This is a foolproof system which has worked for a long time now and will continue to work for the foreseeable future.

Sell Gold Coins 97% paid of spot:
Quintuple Sovereign (£5 Coin) £1,523.81
One Ounce Gold Nugget £1,294.51
One Ounce Gold Panda £1,294.51
One Ounce Gold Philharmonic £1,294.49
One Ounce Gold Maple £1,294.49
One Ounce Gold Britannia £1,294.49
One Ounce Gold Eagle £1,294.49
One Ounce Gold Krugerrand £1,294.49
30g Gold Panda £1,248.58
Half Ounce Gold Maple £647.24
Half Ounce Gold Eagle £647.24
Half Ounce Gold Philharmonic £647.18
Half Ounce Gold Nugget £647.18
Double Sovereign (£2 Coin) £608.89
Quarter Ounce Gold Nugget £323.80
Quarter Ounce Gold Philharmonic £323.63
Quarter Ounce Gold Maple £323.59
Quarter Ounce Gold Eagle £323.59
Gold Sovereign £304.73
Gold Half Sovereign £152.22
Tenth Ounce Gold Philharmonic £129.43
Tenth Ounce Gold Maple £129.43
Tenth Ounce Gold Nugget £129.43
Tenth Ounce Gold Britannia £129.43
Tenth Ounce Gold Eagle £129.43


Sell Gold Bars pay up to 97%
12.5kg Gold Bars £520,209.99
1kg Gold Bars £41,616.79
1kg Gold Bars £41,616.79
500g Gold Bars £20,808.39
10oz Gold Bars £12,944.28
250g Gold Bars £10,404.19
100g Gold Bars £4,161.67
5 Tola Gold Bars £2,426.88
50g Gold Bars £2,080.83
1oz Gold Bars £1,294.42
20g Gold Bars £832.33
1/2oz Gold Bars £647.21
1 Tola Gold Bars £485.41
10g Gold Bars £416.16
5g Gold Bars £208.08
2.5g Gold Bars £104.04
1g Gold Bars £41.61


3. Cash for your Gold

Cash for your Gold


Cash for your Gold is one of the UK’s largest scrap metal buyers around. They buy scrap gold, scrap silver, scrap palladium and scrap platinum. These are all the common metals people look to buy, and Cash for your Gold is definitely a great seller to go to for these purposes.

Definitely a great choice.

These are the 3 best metal buyers in the UK. Each of them will buy your scrap metals for a great price and should be considered for these needs.

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