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5 Best Pottery Shops in London

Below is a list of the top and leading Pottery Shops in London. To help you find the best Pottery Shops located near you in London, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

London’s Best Pottery Shops:

The top rated Pottery Shops in London are:

  • Contemporary Ceramics – is a shop and gallery located opposite the British Museum in central London
  • Stephen Llewellyn Pottery – has been potting professionally in Wallington for over 30 years
  • Askew Pottery – Online Shop For Handmade Ceramics – is all about colors, fluidity, spontaneity, and character
  • Klei – is a shop founded by London based ceramicists Skye Corewijn and Jess Joslin
  • The Red Mud Hut – has an extensive collection of large planters

Contemporary CeramicsContemporary Ceramics

Contemporary Ceramics is a shop and gallery located opposite the British Museum in central London. Selling the very best in British studio ceramics they display the work of more than 80 ceramic artists at any one time. Its makers are renowned, highly trained, Selected Members of the Craft Potters Association. Eminent studio ceramicists, their makers display the very best of ceramic skill, technique, and ambition.

Creating highly collectible work, made to the very best standards in ceramic art, they are proud to sell the unique, handcrafted, pieces by their ceramic artists. Every year, a council of management elected from and by the membership chooses and invites new members to join the greatly respected Selected Membership group.


Beaker, Bottle, Bowl, Box, Chawan, Cup, Dish, Jar, Jug, Mug, Plate, Pourer, Sculpture, Server, Teabowl, Teapot, Urn, Vase, Vessel, Yunomi


Address: 63 Great Russell St, Holborn, London WC1B 3BF
Website: www.contemporaryceramics.uk


“Beautiful pieces, staff were nice and friendly, too.” – Crowley

Stephen Llewellyn PotteryStephen Llewellyn Pottery

Stephen Llewellyn Pottery has been potting professionally in Wallington for over 30 years and has made more than half a million pots during that time. His desire to eat and drink out of something made with his own hands led Stephen to produce his functional range of traditional stoneware. Having completed Stephen’s apprenticeship, he started his own pottery in 1977, building his own gas kiln and workshop.

Despite a setback when his kiln blew up and burnt down his workshop, Stephen has continued to strive to meet the increasing demand for local handmade pottery. He has also produced replicas of the medieval tiles that were found on the Merton Priory site, one particular design being a gargoyle apparently unique to Merton. Stephen is also actively involved in the work of Wandle Heritage.


Bowls, Plates, Mugs & Goblets, Jugs, Casseroles & Storage Jars, Kitchenware, Homeware, Craftware, Tiles


Address: The Wheelhouse, Merton Abbey Mills, Merantun Way, Colliers Wood, London SW19 2RS
Phone: 20 8647 0076
Website: www.stephenllewellynpottery.co.uk


“Reasonable and great for presents.” – Guy M.

Askew Pottery – Online Shop For Handmade CeramicsAskew Pottery - Online Shop For Handmade Ceramics

Askew Pottery – Online Shop For Handmade Ceramics is all about colors, fluidity, spontaneity, and character. It is a solo potter, working in Dina’s home studio in West London, UK. She has been in pottery since 2016 and it’s been the most fascinating journey, full of challenges and rewards. There is that special feeling about handmade ceramics, when you know that a plate, bowl, or a mug you use has been made not by a machine but by the person, with care, passion, and love.

Dina genuinely hopes that people who come to her shop will be able to find something special for themselves or their loved ones and her ceramics will bring a bit more joy and beauty to their everyday life.


Bowls, Plates & Platters, Spoon Rests, Small Dishes, Vases, Soap Dishes, Jugs


Address: 26 Gayford Rd, London W12 9BN
Phone: 7510 421833
Website: www.etsy.com/AskewPottery


“Beautiful plates, I fell in love with Dina’s trademark blue plates!! And got a set of the oval ones and shared it with my MIL who loves it too! Dina is very helpful and prompt with replies and the items come very well packaged.. can’t wait to add to my small collection.” – Sir G.


Klei is a shop founded by London based ceramicists Skye Corewijn and Jess Joslin. The name Klei is a nod to Jess and Skye’s South African roots and interprets directly to what the shop is all about clay. Jess and Skye have taken on the permanent space in Netil Market not only to sell their own work but as a platform for other ceramic artists and ceramicists whose work they love.

From July onwards Klei will welcome a new guest every month and invite them to take over a corner of the shop and make it their own. Whether it’s their much-loved pieces or an entirely new body of work, it’s a beautifully private space for them to express themselves with their work.


Gardenware, Wine Cooler, Bowl, Cup, Pourer, Sugar Pot, POt, Dish, Mug, Tea Bowl, Plate, Dipper, Bottle


Address: P, 12-23 Westgate St, Hackney, London E8 3RL
Website: www.klei.shop


“Beautiful ceramics.” – Marc

The Red Mud HutThe Red Mud Hut

The Red Mud Hut has been an importer of terracotta plant pots, garden troughs, large and bespoke planters in the Greater London area for more than 27 years. They are best known for their extensive collection of large planters, all of which can be viewed at their shop at the world-famous Flower Market in Columbia Road, London. These planters are designed to brighten up your garden and have been developed to maintain their beautiful finish for years; even when faced with Britain’s uncertain weather conditions.

From polystone to terracotta favorites, its selection of planters and pots really are second to none. They are committed to finding the very best planters on the market, and their selection has been sourced to meet all of your planting needs, so whatever you are looking for, they are confident you will find the right product at The Red Mud Hut.


Terracotta Plant Pots, Garden Troughs, Large & Bespoke Planters


Address: 92 Columbia Rd, London E2 7QB
Phone: 20 7613 4811
Website: www.theredmudhut.co.uk


“The online store is great! And they keep you informed through email.” – Tim D.

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