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5 Best Public Relations Agencies in Glasgow

Below is a list of the top and leading Public Relations Agencies in Glasgow. To help you find the best Public Relations Agencies located near you in Glasgow, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Glasgow’s Best Public Relations Agencies:

The top rated Public Relations Agencies in Glasgow are:

  • Grail PR Ltd – offers cost-effective solutions on all PR needs
  • Zude PR – headed by multi-award-winning David Sawyer FCIPR
  • Invicta Public Affairs Ltd – have proficiency in working with Westminster, Holyrood, Cardiff Bay and Stormont
  • Real PR – working with some Scotland and the UK’s best companies, charities and public sector organisations
  • Weber Shandwick Scotland – has Scottish offices in Aberdeen and Glasgow

Grail PR Ltd

All set for the Miss Edinburgh Final at the Le Monde Hotel.

Posted by Grail PR on Sunday, 28 October 2018

Grail PR Ltd offers a comprehensive public relation solution that is economical and will help further boost the image that you, your products and your company have. The list of their services includes media liaison, press releases, marketing, political intelligence, event management and product launches, sponsorship, design and print. They work hand in hand with all their clients to get the visions that they have and incorporate it nicely on the campaign that they will be doing.

Providing value for your money, they ensure to adopt a plan that would better suit your products and services and will create a lasting impact on all its audiences. Reliable, artistic and good with words, you can certainly trust this company in creating an image that would further enhance your company’s vision.


Public Relations, Events, Business Consultancy, Management, Sporting Art, Banners & Signs, RSEA, Fractional, Sportswear, Water, Shop


Address: 60 St Enoch Square, Glasgow G1 4AQ
Phone: 797 097 3130
Website: www.grailpr.com


“Gives really good effective PR service and advice from Murray Roxburgh at Grail PR.” – HPE Heating and Plumbing Engineer

Zude PR

Source: Pexels

Zude PR is the practice of David Sawyer, an independent PR consultant that offers assistance on both private and public sectors for all their communication and PR needs. An award-winning PR practitioner, he helps create personalised communication strategies that would very well fit an individual or a company. He also offers assistance on media crisis management and ensures to implement plans that would make an impact particularly on both traditional and social media.

With his expertise, he would surely create a presence that would create a lasting effect on all their client’s target audience. Efficient, reliable and thorough, he ensures to create a genuine and strategic campaign that is invaluable and insightful for the image of the person or a company.


Services, Process, The T-Shirt


Address: 308 Albert Dr, Glasgow G41 5RS
Phone: 141 569 0342
Website: www.zudepr.co.uk


“I have a small business and was interested in finding out more about how I could market one of our products more effectively. Dave clearly has a thorough knowledge of marketing and PR, in particular, digital marketing which was my main interest. The advice Dave gave was excellent, he’s clearly a very easy guy to work with and genuinely wants to help you succeed. Would highly recommend.” – Scott Hay

Invicta Public Affairs Ltd

Source: Pexels

Invicta Public Affairs Ltd is one of the leading consultancy group that offers insightful and expert assistance to all their clients from the different sector of the industry such as energy, property, manufacturing, retail, hospitality and leisure, transport and logistic and many others. Creating campaigns and plans that would positively promote their services and company, they ensure to seamlessly deliver their client’s visions and ideas to their target audience.

Creating a long term baseline of support that would create a positive impact on the company, they work on the many challenges while amplifying the good part of that particular sector. A client-focused company, they ensure to take care of all their clients and complement well the projects and works that they have through their outstanding PR strategies.


Sectors, Our People


Address: George House, 36 N Hanover St, Glasgow G1 2AD
Phone: 141 212 7222
Website: www.invictapa.co.uk


“Rated 5 star.” – Alison Peters

Real PR

Source: Pexels

Real PR is an agency established by Ilya Scott in 2000. Delivering unwavering expertise in communication and PR works, they support different sectors and charity groups and ensure to promote their products, services and causes and create a good media presence and engagement. They offer different bespoke services like business communications, strategy development, media relations, consumer campaigns, crisis public relations and internal communications to name a few.

Their expert staff would create a PR blueprint that is custom fitting the needs of the company. They create detailed plans and offer other alternatives that would go well with your goals. Try now their company and experience for yourself the good PR job that they can deliver.


Real Services, Press Office, Real Case Studies


Address: 17 Kirklee Circus, Glasgow G12 0TW
Phone: 141 533 5975
Website: www.real-pr.co.uk


“Mint.” – Tracy Louise Sweeney

Weber Shandwick Scotland

Weber Shandwick Scotland is an award-winning PR firm that offers extensive services such as consumer marketing, corporate communications, crisis communications, digital marketing, social media management and public affairs. Delivering all companies closer to its audience, they deepen the understanding of the people towards their products and services while building a sturdy reputation for themselves.

They ensure that the brand name of each company would create a lasting impact and all issues will be addressed accordingly. Confident and efficient in handling all issues and concerns, they work on ensuring a positive engagement that would further solidify the company’s presence in the market. Contact them now and discuss your plan and let them handle it for you.


Practices, Specialism


Address: 70 Pacific Quay, Glasgow G51 1EA
Phone: 141 333 0557
Website: www.webershandwick.scot


“Excellent and professional service.” – Chad Clemens

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