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5 Best SEO Companies in the UK

Due to the rise of the Internet, the use of search engines has become extremely popular across the world, with millions of users accessing search engines such as Google to find information every day. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing a website so that it shows up on the front page of returned search results on a search engine.

This is very helpful for a business, as it shows that your business is credible, increases brand awareness and also increases the chance that a potential customer will press on your website, which ultimately increases the chance that they will increase your sales.

Here are the top 5 best SEO companies in the UK:

1. SEO Tonic

SEO Tonic

SEO Tonic is a full service online digital marketing agency which was founded in 2006. Their success has grown tremendously, and they take a strategic approach to each of the projects they work on. Campaigns are researched and defined before commencing execution, and they expect results from this. Delivering impeccable results to their clients, they are definitely a go to for SEO services for businesses in the UK.

2. Rank No 1

Rank No 1

Rank No 1 has many positive testimonials from satisfied clients who have used their SEO and web design services. They help to drive traffic and lead sales for their clients, and have successfully done so for numerous clients who have now posted positive reviews of their work. Worth a look into for your UK based business.

3. SEO Works

SEO Works

SEO Works has a reputation for delivering results for their clients and having very good customer service. This is hard to get a reputation for, as you need to show this to a large number of clients before this becomes your normal reputation. For this reason, SEO Works is definitely a reputable company to go for your digital marketing needs.



SEO UK has been an established SEO company for over 10 years, based in London, UK. They are a reputable SEO company with a proven track record, and offer their services worldwide. They can help with Google Ads management, web design, content marketing and much more.

5. Dub SEO UK

Dub SEO UK offers many different types of SEO including e-commerce SEO, International SEO, Local SEO and digital marketing in general. These are all things that make a good business, and as a result Dub SEO UK is definitely a good choice for your business.

These are the 5 best SEO companies in the UK, based on this rating points list. It is important for any business with an online presence to have their SEO capabilities optimized, and these companies can do it for you.

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