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5 Best Sports Clubs in Sheffield

Below is a list of the top and leading Sports Clubs in Sheffield. To help you find the best Sports Clubs located near you in Sheffield, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Sheffield’s Best Sports Clubs:

The top rated Sports Clubs in Sheffield are:

  • Fulwood Sports Club – is a collection of clubs within a club, collectively run, organised and administered by its members
  • Abbeydale Sports Club Ltd – all-weather Astro pitch is available to hire for football, hockey, general training or any other activity
  • Sheffield Triathlon Club – offers training sessions for potential members to try
  • Hallamshire Tennis & Squash Club Ltd – offers a friendly environment for all abilities from beginners right through to sports professionals
  • Sheffield Fencing Club – provides training and tuition at foil, epee and sabre for fencers of all

Fulwood Sports Club

Fulwood Sports ClubFulwood Sports Club was established in 1910 and is considered one of the premier sports club in Sheffield. Catering to all individuals who are into sports such as lawn and hard court tennis, squash and racketball, green bowling and snooker, they offer the perfect venue where you can practice to develop your skills and play fun matches with your family, friends and other club members. A collection of different clubs organised into one big umbrella, all members can shift into each section and work on their different sports skills and abilities.

Accepting all individuals from children, adult to men and women of varying capabilities, you would certainly learn more about the sports that you fancy here. Apart from developing your sportsmanship and proficiency, this is also a go-to place for different social functions and events. They have a clubhouse that houses a bar where all members can get together, relax and socialise with each other. A wonderful club complete with fantastic programmes and amazing facilities, do not hesitate to sign-up for their membership and experience excellent sports and social affinity with other members that share your same passion.


Sections & Activities, Bar & Dining


Address: Chorley Rd, Sheffield S10 3RL
Phone: 114 230 1607


“Great place for sport. Wonderful Squash courts and the only proper grass tennis courts in Sheffield. Fantastic bar and restaurant too. Highly recommended!” – Ian Sills

Abbeydale Sports Club Ltd

Abbeydale Sports Club LtdAbbeydale Sports Club Ltd is a sports club complete with Astro pitch, clubhouse, bar and restaurant. Open for all members and guests, their all-weather pitch can accommodate different sports like badminton, cricket, bowls, hockey, rugby, squash, racketball and table tennis and is always available for hire either for full-court or half-court. They also have a fitness centre complete with a gym facility where you can go for some fitness exercise and training session to prepare you for your chosen sports. They offer both social membership that will give an automatic pass in their clubhouse lounge and bar where you can relax over a bottle of cold beer and sumptuous dishes while watching the different leagues and matches on their big TV.

If you are joining to play different sports, you can contact the specific sporting club official to advise them of your intention. A place teeming with different sports matches and competition as well as events and gatherings, be part of their club now and experience these amazing social and sports function that only they can deliver. Contact them now and take pleasure on the warm and fun atmosphere that they have that is highly inclusive and welcoming of all its members and guests


Sports, News and Events


Address: Abbeydale Rd S, Sheffield S17 3LJ
Phone: 114 236 7011


“Excellent day for all. Good food, good beer. Excellent social interaction.” – Roger Keegan

Sheffield Triathlon Club

Sheffield Triathlon ClubSheffield Triathlon Club is a well-established triahtlon club in Sheffield that has been serving the community for over 30 years now. Founded in 1986, they are now boasting of housing 150 members that are passionate about the sports and enjoy access to regular training sessions, races and social gatherings. Offering high-quality training programme and expert instructions from the pro in the field, they are proud to advise that some of their members are highly capable and well qualified to represent the UK in both European and world matches and championships.

Dedicated not only to improving the abilities of their members, but they are also committed to ensuring that they are getting the right relaxation and social bonding with other members through the fun parties and activities that they throw all year round. A go-to place that seamlessly mixes both athletics development and pleasure, do not hesitate to join this club and experience the best facilities and training programme that only they can deliver.


Swimming Sessions (Pool), Cycling Training, Running Training


Address: 30 Eckington Rd, Beighton, Sheffield S20 1HQ


“Rated 5 stars.” – David Corker

Hallamshire Tennis & Squash Club Ltd

Hallamshire Tennis & Squash Club LtdHallamshire Tennis & Squash Club Ltd is dedicated to all tennis, squash and racketball enthusiasts. Established in 1885, they have been a solid foundation for all individuals both young and old that want to improve their skills and abilities in the following sports that they support. Offering an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere to both new and old members, you will find the perfect people who share the same goals and admiration for the sports just like you.

With expert teams, complete facilities and nurturing programme, they guarantee that you will develop your skills and proficiency in no time. Apart from the sporting session that they offer, they are also equipped with a gym facility where you can do regular fitness exercises, pilates and yoga. To keep your body in good condition and the best of the health for optimum performance, they also offer a range of physiotherapy services that will guarantee your absolute wellness and wellbeing. Tap on the services now that only they can give and excel in your chosen sports under their careful tutelage.


Rackets, Fitness, Events


Address: 716 Ecclesall Rd, Sheffield S11 8TA
Phone: 114 266 2153


“Great squash club – Nick Mattews and Neil Guirey what more could you want.” – John Sockett

Sheffield Fencing Club

Sheffield Fencing ClubSheffield Fencing Club provides different tuition and training programme to all individuals of varying age, gender and abilities and are into developing their techniques in fencing that incorporated old sword fighting techniques while adding a modern touch to the different classes that they offer. Their regular session happens every Wednesday from 7 PM to 10 PM where they train all fencing enthusiasts from beginners to young fencers and adult ones. Ensuring the highest standard in all coaching and practice session that they have, they help all their members to polish their skills and improve their abilities that can match even national and world standard.

They offer both private tuition and group fencing lessons to all members and interested parties. They will also familiarise you with different regional, national and international competition and nourish your strength and abilities giving you an enormous fighting chance should you wish to pursue fencing professionally. Contact them now for any enquiries that you may have in mind and let them help you achieve your goals related to the sports and the club.


Fencing Beginners, Coaching, Individual Fencing Lessons, Membership, Fencing Equipment


Address: Oakholme Rd, Sheffield S10 3DH
Phone: 114 266 8408


“Would be great to get back.” – Karen Stafford

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