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5 Best Sports Massage in Liverpool

Below is a list of the top and leading Sports Massage in Liverpool. To help you find the best Sports Massage located near you in Liverpool, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Liverpool’s Best Sports Massage:

The top rated Sports Massage in Liverpool are:

  • JM Sports Massage – has a professional diploma in Clinical Sport & Remedial Massage Therapy
  • LiveWell Health Liverpool – provides specialist soft tissue experts that carry level 4 and 5 advanced massage qualifications
  • Podium Sport Massage – helps both athletes and non-athletes
  • Liverpool Osteopaths and Sports Injury Clinic – all patients are welcome to attend on self-referral, g.p. referral or consultant referral
  • MD Sport Therapy – offers discounts and promotions from time to time

JM Sports Massage

JM Sports MassageJM Sports Massage is the wellness clinic of Jenny Miller, a specialist in clinical sports and remedial massage therapy. With her expertise and acquired knowledge and experience, she helps alleviate all body pains and aches that a patient is feeling. Treating all individuals from as young as 8 years old to elderly, office workers and athletes, she provides different rehabilitation exercises, sports massage and osteopathic technique that will manage and treat the different injuries and conditions that they have that is causing them pain.

She also offers medical acupuncture and different stress management procedures that will stimulate all tense and painful muscles in your body, relax it and improve circulation to decrease the strain and stress that you are feeling and maximise your bodily functions and movement. Provide the calm and relief that your body needs, get in touch with Jenny now and schedule an appointment for the best treatment that will fit your condition and needs.


Stress Management, Muscle Testing, Sports Massage, Osteopathic Technique, Rehabilitation Exercises, Medical Acupuncture


Address: Floor 3 suite 32, HubSquared, 3a Bridgewater St, Liverpool L1 0AR
Phone: 151 305 0485


“Jenny is amazing, really knowledgable and passionate about helping her clients.” – Rhiannon Jackson

LiveWell Health Liverpool

LiveWell Health LiverpoolLiveWell Health Liverpool is a premier health and wellness clinic that offers various fitness, physio and massage therapy and treatment. Specialising in sports massage and soft tissue therapy, they safely work on your tight muscles and body strains and stretch and stimulate it to condition it back to its best form and shape. They also work on your posture and help improve it for proper blood circulation around your body. With their specialised treatment, they help all patients recover quickly from any sports injury and enhance their performance in every game or competition that they will be joining.

Boasting of well-trained staff, they offer bespoke treatment that will best fit your body type and condition. Aside from athletes, they also extend help and assistance to other individuals suffering from chronic body pain. Operating privately, they aim to remove all pain and discomfort that their patient is feeling and condition their body so that they can go back to their normal active lifestyle.


Fitness, Physio, Massage


Address: 59 Westfields Dr, Liverpool, Bootle L20 6GJ
Phone: 793 921 2739


“Collette made my back and glutes a lot more looser and stretched me out. Boss preparation for my half marathon on Sunday. Nice one, Col, will be back again.” – Liam Mcadam

Podium Sport Massage

Source: PexelsPodium Sport Massage is a massage therapy centre that specialises in sports massage. Providing therapeutic and relaxing sessions, they offer different wellness packages like massage and soft tissue therapy, remedial and 30-minute body conditioning session. With Level 5 sports massage specialists under their helm, they offer different treatment such as medical dry needling, sports taping, spine treatment and injury rehabilitation that will help alleviate all chronic pain that you are feeling and apply long-lasting solution for your ultimate comfort.

Their therapy session usually lasts for 50 minutes and starts at £35 while the rate for their 30-minute session that is fit to condition your body pre and post-competition or events starts at £25. They also offer mobile services that start at £45 and they can go anywhere in Merseyside to provide you with a private and most convenient therapy session. Offering first-class treatment, book now an appointment and feel the changes in your body with the best massage service that they are offering.


Massage/Soft Tissue Therapies, Remedial, 30 Minute Session, Mobile Service


Address: 23 Goodlass Rd, Liverpool L24 9HJ
Phone: 794 987 4771


“Sue is absolutely fantastic, her knowledge is outstanding and she is my first choice for a massage or injury assessment.” – Tracy Meharg

Liverpool Osteopaths and Sports Injury Clinic

Source: PexelsLiverpool Osteopaths and Sports Injury Clinic is a premier center that is owned and managed by Michael Evans, an osteopath that helps patients manage the chronic pain that they are feeling due to several medical conditions and injuries. With his expertise in the field, he helps patients get back on track after a serious injury, surgery or chronic pain. A center that is focused on the health and wellbeing of the community, he ensures to provide the best service and help people recover as fast as they could.

His osteopathy treatment starts at £42 for the initial appointment and £37 for the succeeding session. Each treatment usually last for 40 minutes. From the initial appointment, he would thoroughly check the medical history of the patient and do comprehensive examination to determine the problem and apply the most applicable solution and treatment that will manage the condition that they have. He would also make some suggestions like diet modification and lifestyle change as needed. Explore now all the treatments that he can deliver and get the best one that will provide you with ultimate relief from muscle pain and tension.


Back Pain, Neck Pain, Arthritis, Headaches, Shoulder Pain


Address: 125A Ullet Rd, Liverpool L17 2AB
Phone: 777 362 3810


“Michael treated me for chronic knee pain which had been restricting my ability to exercise for over a year. I was offered a thorough consultation and analysis and provided with deep tissue massage, work on mobility and follow up strengthening exercises. As a result, I have been able to return to a full range of activity including running, which I thought would never happen. Michael is professional and friendly and I would highly recommend this service.” – Christina Flattery

MD Sport Therapy

MD Sport Therapy is full service sports injury clinic that offers a wide range of services that will help its clients with the physical issues, pain, strain and injury that they have. Established in 2015 by Matthew Donnelly, it has veen serving the community of Liverpool and its nearby area and has been offering quality care to all their patients. Offering services like sports rehabilitation, pain treatments and injuries, their main goal is to bring back the bodily function prior to the injury of the patient.

They use different techniques in ensuring the return of your normal body movement and functions and work on maximising the performance of the patient’s injured body parts. They offer soft tissue manipulation, rock taping, action rehabilation, soft tissue cupping and many others. From the initial assessment, they are continuing to re-asses the patient to ensure that treatment is working well and to apply other treatment as needed and guarantee complete recovery.


Soft Tissue Manipulation, Soft Tissue Cupping, Rock Taping, 1 to 1 Return to Action Rehabilitation Programs


Address: Hot Fit Gym Ltd, Ormskirk Rd, Aintree, Liverpool L30 8RA
Phone: 785 851 0823


“Really enjoyed the session. Was worried it was going to be painful as had sports massage in the past which was very uncomfortable. Needn’t have worried. Gave the advice to prevent pain today which worked well. Cheers.” – Jeanette Clayton

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