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5 Best Sports Massage in London

Below is a list of the top and leading Sports Massage in London. To help you find the best Sports Massage located near you in London, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

London’s Best Sports Massage:

The top rated Sports Massage in London are:

  • City Sports Massage – each therapist can use a variety of massage techniques to provide you with the massage that you want
  • North London Sports Massage – a graduate member of the Sports Massage Association – The Association for Soft Tissue Therapists
  • Bodymotion Chiropractic & Sports Massage Clinic – same-day appointments available
  • Hands-On Sports Massage – open for on-site treatment and home visits
  • London Soft Tissue Therapy – offers long-term improvements in physical wellbeing and injury prevention

City Sports Massage

Source: PexelsCity Sports Massage is dedicated to helping all individuals take care of their body through regular maintenance massage that will not only de-stress their minds but would also remove all pain that they are feeling. Offering bespoke packages that will fit your needs and condition, they also help improve your blood circulation and posture and work on your fast recovery in order for you to go back to your normal active lifestyle without any aches or discomfort. By incorporating all techniques and therapy treatment, their expert therapists work on your soft tissue to remove the strain and stiffness that is causing you to feel pain and is limiting your mobility.

They also condition your body to restore your movement and flexibility. They provide both pre and post-event massage to refresh all tired limbs and to prepare your body for the activity that you will be engaging in, to avoid the potential risk of injury or sprain. Contact them now to schedule an appointment and let them help you feel relaxed and achieve the optimum self-care that your body deserves.


Sports Massage, Remedial Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Scar Massage, Hot Stones Sports Massage


Address: Garden Studios, 71-75 Shelton St, Covent Garden, London WC2H 9JQ
Phone: 333 358 8888


“Calin is incredible – he has amazing hands, is extremely receptive to your needs and explains in laymen terms what your body needs to thrive. He was a delight and I can’t wait for my next appointment!” – Ana Maria Skidmore

North London Sports Massage

North London Sports MassageNorth London Sports Massage is owned and managed by Drew MacKillop, a sports massage and remedial soft tissue therapists that offers comprehensive treatment that will remove the pain that you are feeling, condition your body to overcome any demanding activities that you may encounter and maintain your overall wellness to avoid incurring any sprain and injury. Supporting a wide variety of clientele from athletes to performers and office workers, he guarantees optimum relief from any body pain and discomfort and provides the right treatment that will suit best your needs and the requirements that you have.

Efficient and thorough, he starts all treatment with a full body assessment to check the overall status of your body in order to apply the best technique and treatment. Fusing both traditional and innovative massage therapy techniques, he will restore the balance on your body and improve your circulation for better bodily function. He offers a 60-minute session for £60 and a 90-minute session for £90 and he can do both in-house therapy and outcall services so hurry and contact him now to discuss your preference.


Sports Massage Tune-Up, Remedial Massage, Relaxing Deep Tissue Massage


Address: The Summit Clinic, 40 West Hill, Highgate, N6 6LS
Phone: 754 589 3903


“Drew is a skilled technician when it comes to massage therapy. His knowledge of human anatomy and physiology enables him to ask the right questions, diagnose the problem areas, and figure how to fix them in a short amount of time. I’ve had his work on problem areas in my legs and back and felt relief almost instantly. I would recommend his services to anyone who is suffering pain from physical activity.” – Jamie Bullock

Bodymotion Chiropractic & Sports Massage Clinic

Bodymotion Chiropractic & Sports Massage ClinicBodymotion Chiropractic & Sports Massage Clinic was established in 2006 to cater to different body pain and injuries that their clients have sustained. From headaches to neck, low back, mid-back, shoulder and hip, they can effectively work on the source of your pain and apply the best treatment that will not only provide you relieve but would also work on your overall wellness and wellbeing. Offering lasting comfort and respite, they provide the most suitable deep tissue and sports massage that will fit your condition and will aid you with your health goals.

Available to support all types of individuals from varying age group and gender, they have the best registered male and female therapists that can work on your specific demand and requirements. With their expertise and acquired knowledge and experience in the field, they will help your body recover from any injury faster and condition it to maximise your full capabilities and performance. Boasting of convenient online booking service, scheduling an appointment has never been this easy so do not hesitate to get one of their expert therapists to do the best massage treatment that your body deserves.


Massage, Sports Massage, Chiropractic


Address: 1 Wallside wood St, Barbican, London EC2Y 8BH
Phone: 207 374 2272


“I went in for treatments with a sciatica pain I had for more than a year, after three treatments the pain disappeared, Emma then started checking my neck and posture, I can assure you every single time I come out from treatment it is magical, I feel my body again, Emma is very patient and thorough. I would recommend her services to anyone and I would like to thank her for making me instantly feel better, which for me is priceless. Thank you!” – Reda Guerziz

Hands-On Sports Massage

Hands-On Sports MassageHands-On Sports Massage is the massage therapy clinic of Colin Taylor, a well-trained and fully qualified massage expert that can help you with different problems concerning your body like muscle stiffness and sports injury. He can work on all types of body pains like neck and shoulder pain, lower back pain, leg and knee, chronic muscular aches and many others. Offering both on-site and off-site treatment, he ensures that you will get the right treatment at your convenience for your optimum healing and full relaxation.

He provides a holistic approach that will remove both the physical and mental pressure that you are feeling that is causing you pain, strain and tension. By using deep tissue massage on your specific body part, he will release all adhesion from your muscles and condition it back to its full health. Offering his services at a very affordable rate, you can choose from a 30-minutes session for £45, 60-minutes for £65 and 90-minutes for £90 and get the best treatment that will liven your muscles and strengthen them for you to be able to do even the most taxing activities for your work or sports.


Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage


Address: 6 Goldhurst Terrace, London NW6 3HU
Phone: 776 125 1293


“Colin is excellent! He’s very knowledgeable and experienced. I highly recommend and will go back again!” – Sara Patel

London Soft Tissue Therapy

London Soft Tissue TherapyLondon Soft Tissue Therapy is a wellness clinic that offers full and comprehensive treatment for musculoskeletal issues and dysfunction that you have. Specialising in clinical and remedial treatment, they offer a wealth of services that will fit your needs like sports massage, deep tissue massage, osteopathic articulation, medical acupuncture, Kinesiology taping and many others. Perfect not only for athletes but also for different individuals that have an active lifestyle or are doing physically demanding works and jobs, they offer the best treatment that will alleviate and remove all the pains and aches that you are feeling and condition it for a long-term improvement.

Offering not only fast recovery but also strengthening your muscles to prevent any possible injuries in the future, they ensure a holistic resolution that will free your mind and body from different tension that is causing you discomfort and offer you the optimum relaxation and pampering that your mind and body deserve. Safe and efficient, they will correct all imbalance in your body and work on your improved mobility and flexibility. Contact them now to get their expert help and assistance and achieve long-lasting relief that only they can provide.


Osteopathic Articulation, Medical Acupuncture, Electro-Acupuncture, Sports Massage, IASTM, Medical Cupping, Kinesiology Taping, Deep Tissue Massage


Address: 28 Brooklyn Ave, South Norwood, London SE25 4NL
Phone: 777 902 0514


“Came out feeling like a new person! Greg really knows his stuff and will talk you through what he finds and the best way to treat. Would definitely recommend him!” – Laura Wright

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