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5 Best Supermarkets in Glasgow

Below is a list of the top and leading Supermarkets in Glasgow. To help you find the best Supermarkets located near you in Glasgow, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Glasgow’s Best Supermarkets:

The top rated Supermarkets in Glasgow are:

  • Locavore Govanhill – helps build a more sustainable local food system
  • Oaka Supercity George Street – specialising in different Asian products
  • Waitrose & Partners Byres Rd – stock over 800 Scottish products
  • Tesco Metro – assistance dogs are welcome in the store
  • Sainsbury’s – offering priority to elderly and vulnerable customers, NHS staff and care workers

Locavore Govanhill

Locavore GovanhillLocavore Govanhill is a grocery store that is founded by a social enterprise to promote a practical solution in creating a sustainable food system in the local community. Offering a wide range of fresh seasonal produce from local farms all across Glasgow. They have different types of fruits and vegetables, even some hard to find varieties available in their store. They also stock on different refillable products from dried fruits, flour to grains and pulses, herbs and spices, milk, nuts, oils, sauces and vinegar and pasta.

They also offer refill of non-food items like sanitiser, bathroom cleaner, fabric conditioner, laundry liquid, washing powder, conditioner, body wash, face wash and shampoo. Dedicated to leaving fewer carbon footprints as possible, they work in providing a way where you can shop for the items that you need while being extra conscious and careful towards the environment. Aside from their grocery, they also have a cafe where you can enjoy sumptuous dishes. Come visit them now ad experience first hand a more organic way of shopping for your different household items.


Veg Boxes, Shop and Cafe, Catering, Wholesale, Farm


Address: 349 Victoria Rd, Glasgow G42 7SA
Phone: 141 328 3303
Website: www.glasgowlocavore.org


“Really loved this place. I love the way they’re trying to reduce carbon print and have lots of organic food and weigh your own. The milk machine was fab.” – Marie Jarvis

Oaka Supercity George Street

Oaka Supercity George StreetOaka Supercity George Street is a supermarket that stocks on different Asian products sourced from countries like Hong Kong, Japan, China, Korea, Malaysia, India, Thailand and the Philippines. They are committed to bringing quality products that are traditionally made and used all across Asia and introduced them to the locals within the community. Stocking on complete household items both food and non-food, this is certainly one of the best places to shop for any of your Asian items needs.

From cooking ingredients to drinks, fresh and frozen products, noodles, rice and grain, snack and even homeware, you will find the best products that will suit your needs and style. For your convenience, they both have in-store shopping and online shopping that will make your experience a whole lot easy and comfortable. They also offer nationwide delivery and free delivery anywhere in the UK when you shop a total of £50 and more. Drop by their shop now or check their website for all their available stocks and pick now the item of your choice.


Shop Online, Vending UK, Events


Address: 130 George St, Glasgow G1 1RG
Phone: 141 552 0688
Website: www.oakasupercity.com


“Quick dumplings and bites, good ramen bowls for home slurping.” – Chris Foster

Waitrose & Partners Byres Rd

Source: Pexels

Waitrose & Partners Byres Rd is a supermarket chain that offers different grocery items and a variety of fresh British produce in their store. Dedicated to supporting the local industry, they have a wide stock of more than 800 different Scottish products in the shop. They offer different grocery items like fresh, chilled and frozen goods, tea, coffee and softdrinks, wines, beers and spirits, toiletries, home essentials and pet items.

They also have an organic line of food and non-food items to choose from for a much healthier shopping experience. They are also selling different grocery items under their own brand that are guaranteed not only of high-quality but much affordable compared to other brands. Providing a convenient shopping experience, they also have different food counters in case you need a quick bite and different disabled facilities and in-store assistance to make the shopping experience easy and fast even for people with special needs.


Shopping Services, Food Counters & Ranges, Book Delivery, Book Collection


Address: 373 Byres Rd, Glasgow G12 8AU
Phone: 141 337 3314
Website: www.waitrose.com


“Quality products, boutique sherries, hard to get spirits, continental cheese & Membrillo “Quince Paste” accompanies cheese; a rare treat. Helpful staff, products at the top end, even Rose Veal fillets. Treat yourself!” – Robert Johnston

Tesco Metro

Source: PexelsTesco Metro is one of the largest chain of supermarkets in the UK. They provide nothing but the highest quality of products that you can find in the market. They also ensure the affordability of each of the items that they sell and guarantee that all your money spent on their store is worthy of the products that you are buying. Aside from local products, they also offer different Polish and Asian items that would complete your shopping and grocery lists.

They also offer a wide variety of cooked food from their hot deli counter that you can enjoy while doing your grocery. A store that puts priority for their shoppers that has special needs, they offer wheelchair assistance, has a defibrillator available in their store and welcomes all assistance dogs inside for their customer’s utmost convenience. Accessible from Mondays to Saturdays from 6 AM to Midnights and from 8 AM to 10 PM on Sundays, drop by their store on your next shopping trip and complete all your grocery list from their store.


Food Ranges, Hot Deli Counter, MoneyGram MOney Transfer


Address: 205 St Enoch Square, Glasgow G1 4BW
Phone: 345 026 9646
Website: www.tesco.com


“We found this Tesco very good. Fresh food and very friendly staff. Cold drinks, also alcohol. Quite a lot inside here.” – Jon Bekkevoll


Source: PexelsSainsbury’s is one of the premier retail supermarkets with different outlets across the UK. They offer a wide selection of grocery items like fruit and vegetables, meat and fish, food cupboard and wine. They carry different brands to choose from and also provide organic alternatives. You can do both in-store shopping and online purchase for your shopping preference and convenience.

They also boast of facilities that are good for disabled people like wheelchairs, wheelchair trolley and induction loop that would make shopping much easier. They also welcome assistance dogs inside the shop and also provide priority access time for both elderly people, disabled customers and NHS workers. They also have different food counters inside as well as lottery, floral store, ATM and photo booth for any of your needs. Their regular store hours are from 8 AM to 10 PM from Mondays to Fridays, from 7 AM to 10 PM on Saturdays and from 6 AM to 12 Noon on Sundays so hurry and arrange your grocery list and shop now at their store.


Banking Facilities, Customer Facilities, Accessibility, Food Counters, Ranges, Click & Collect


Address: 80 Crow Rd, Partick, Glasgow G11 7RY
Phone: 141 357 3180
Website: www.stores.sainsburys.co.uk


“Good bargains to be had after 6 pm. Got 3 packs of mince amongst other greatly reduced items!” – Rhona Mackenzie

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