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5 Best Tutors in Manchester

Below is a list of the top and leading Tutors in Manchester. To help you find the best Tutors located near you in Manchester, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Manchester’s Best Tutors:

The top rated Tutors in Manchester are:

  • Manchester Tutors – is a leading private tuition consultancy providing private home tutors
  • Principal Tutors – help students at all levels of the education system to achieve their potential and academic goals
  • Choice Home Tutoring – strived to make the process as personal as possible for its clients
  • Super Tutoring – believes it is important to concentrate on happiness and confidence in order for your child to achieve excellent results
  • Chorlton Tuition Centre – creates an environment conducive to learning

Manchester TutorsManchester Tutors

Manchester Tutors is a leading private tuition consultancy providing private home tutors across Manchester and Cheshire for students taking school, college, and university exams. They also work with several schools across the city, providing teachers and private tutors to schools that need extra support for their students which they may otherwise not receive in a large classroom environment.

Manchester Tutors’ main goal is to improve confidence and help pupils find education satisfying and rewarding while making sure lessons are directed towards their exam goals. Its tutors have helped thousands of pupils reach their full potential by supporting them as they progress through their education, gain access to selective schools and universities, and prepare for exams.


11 Plus, GCSEs, AS/A-Levels, University, Online Tuition


Address: RBS Building NatWest Entrepreneur Accelerator, 1 Hardman Blvd, Manchester M3 3AQ
Phone: 161 509 2398


“I owe so much to Manchester Tutors for the incredible support they provided me with the QTS numeracy skills test for initial teacher training. Thanks to my tutor, Paul, I have gained so much confidence with my mathematical ability and have proved to myself that with the right amount of hard work and dedication, anything is achievable. Thank you so much.” – George W.

Principal TutorsPrincipal Tutors

Principal Tutors help students at all levels of the education system to achieve their potential and academic goals. They have qualified home tutors and online teachers in the scope of subjects that can support your child with their education. Its tutors are all highly qualified school teachers, college and university lecturers, and business and industry professionals.

Principal Tutors provide private tuition at all levels for private clients Internationally and throughout the UK and are well versed in the UK National Curriculum and the International Baccalaureate. Principal Tutors also support pupils with their musical instrument tuition and have a highly skilled team of professional musicians and music teachers available for private one to one music lessons including piano, guitar, vocal, woodwind, and brass.


Online Tutors, Home Tutors, 11 Plus, Outreach & Intervention Tutors, Music


Phone: 800 772 0974


“Ollie has been enjoying his sessions. Julia is very good with him and he is gaining confidence from the work they are doing together.” – Mrs. Morgan

Choice Home TutoringChoice Home Tutoring

Choice Home Tutoring established in 2010 after recognition of the need for trusted and committed tutors to work with students in their homes. From the very start, they have strived to make the process as personal as possible for its clients. Not only do they spend time with every client to make sure that their exact needs are being provided for, but they also ensure that the tutors are fully supported whole their time with them.

Choice Home Tutoring considers themselves as educational partners who support the work is done in schools, many of which they work directly with, both at the primary and secondary levels. They have become one of the main providers of tuition services across Manchester and beyond.


Home Tuition, Subjects, Workshops, Mock Exams, Online Tuition


Address: Emmanuel Parish Centre, 6 Barlow Moor Rd, Didsbury, Manchester M20 6TR
Phone: 161 446 4157


“My daughter had a series of four online workshops with Helen for Year 7 based on Maths and Science. The workshops were fun, well planned, and pitched perfectly. My daughter said Helen explained it really well, particularly the plant biology part which I normally find tricky. I would definitely sign up for future workshops.” – Alison M.

Super TutoringSuper Tutoring

Super Tutoring believes it is important to concentrate on happiness and confidence in order for your child to achieve excellent results. When lessons are fun and engaging, they are more likely to leave a lasting impression and reduce some of that stress which can get in the way of success. They understand that every child can be at a different stage in their learning, which is why they teach in small groups of eight students or less.

Its small group size means that they can give every child the individual support they need, while also providing you with an affordable alternative to private tuition. It was established in 2015 by experienced tutor Claud Cunningham. She is a law graduate and highly successful PGCE qualified maths teacher who has thousands of teaching hours under her belt.


Year 4, Year 5, Year 6, Summer School, Term Dates


Address: Beattock St, Manchester M15 4JA
Phone: 7951 725687


“My son has passed his maths GCSE made possible by the wonderful Claud. Thank you.” – Debbie P.

Chorlton Tuition CentreChorlton Tuition Centre

Chorlton Tuition Centre has a wide range of resources including designed worksheets, modern textbooks, computer software, a range of past papers, stationery, and computer software. Tuition is provided in a professionally equipped centre where every care been taken to create an environment conducive to learning. They tutor children from year one to GCSE level in English and Maths for those children who are falling behind, lack confidence, sitting entrance exams, or studying for GCSEs.


English & Maths Tuition, Tuition Business Coaching


Address: 7 High Ln, Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Manchester M21 9DJ
Phone: 161 860 6888


“Thank you so much for helping my daughter with Maths.
Chorlton Tuition Centre has raised her confidence massively for the upcoming exams. Halima has always been very happy coming to tuition.” – Nadia H.

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