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5 Best Tutors in Newcastle

Below is a list of the top and leading Tutors in Newcastle. To help you find the best Tutors located near you in Newcastle, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Newcastle’s Best Tutors:

The top rated Tutors in Newcastle are:

  • First Class Learning Gosforth – offers a bespoke course of action that will support and encourage your child’s learning
  • Kip McGrath Education Centres Newcastle North – offers a free assessment
  • League Of Learning – Maths, Science and English Tuition – offers tuition based on the official curriculums taught in schools
  • HB Tutoring – can arrange a Skype/FaceTime with your tutor
  • Kumon Maths & English – students at the centre range from three to 16 years old

First Class Learning Gosforth

First Class Learning GosforthFirst Class Learning Gosforth is one of the rising tuition business in the industry. Providing a personalised and tailored approach to each of their students, they work on empowering them through the different lessons that they teach. They provide support for all students from early years to primary and secondary education.

Running on curriculum-based programs, they ensure to provide a full spectrum of learning towards their students. They help develop confidence and help them advanced in their studies by helping them develop their independent learning ability. Contact them now to check for all the services that they offer and book your kid for a no-obligation assessment that will start their journey to utmost learning.


Maths, English, Science


Address: The Gosforth Hotel, High St, Newcastle upon Tyne NE3 1HQ
Phone: 771 565 5169


“Lia Gardner is an experienced teacher. Kids benefitted a lot in terms of getting in tune with the UK style of teaching. Highly recommended.” – Ramani Ranjan

Kip McGrath Education Centres Newcastle North

Kip McGrath Education Centres Newcastle NorthKip McGrath Education Centres Newcastle North has been serving the community with its quality and professional tutoring services for both primary and secondary tuitions that include English, Maths, SARs, GCSE exams and entrance exams. Offering a personalised learning program, they ensure that the classes offered would custom-fit the needs and the learning progress of the students so that they can better adapt and retain all lessons.

Their tutoring time usually starts at 4:30 PM from Monday to Friday and from 9 AM to 2:30 PM on Saturday. An Ofsted registered tutorial centre, they offer in-centre and online classes that will help advance the knowledge of your kids. They also offer a free assessment to gauge your child and check if the services that they offer will match your child’s needs. A reliable and friendly company that is determined to build confidence and promote learning to all of its students, Kip McGrath Adel Leeds is certainly a tutoring company that you can trust to help develop your kids.


Maths, English, GCSE, SATs, 11+, Exam Preparation


Address: 100 High St, Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne NE3 1HB
Phone: 191 285 3816


“I want to congratulate Brian Pennock for the online maths tuition he recently gave to my daughter. I cannot speak highly enough of Kip McGrath Newcastle North. My daughter managed to pass her resit GCSE maths, moving from a GRADE 2 to a GRADE 4 in just 6 weeks. Brian was an excellent teacher, he found her weak points very quickly and strengthened them. My daughter said the lessons were always interesting and enjoyable and she looked forward to them, instead of the usual dread that comes with incomprehension. Brian also encouraged her to have confidence in herself and to believe that she had the skills necessary to pass the exam – Well done Brian!” – Katherine Storey

League Of Learning – Maths, Science and English Tuition

League Of Learning - Maths, Science and English TuitionLeague Of Learning – Maths, Science and English Tuition has been offering online tuition to all children and teens that are in need of expert tutoring services in order to improve their academic performance and gain more knowledge to make their school works much easier. They provide different tuitions personalised to the needs of their learners so parents and kids will have an easy time adapting to the programme that they deliver in full efficacy. They put effort and dedication in ensuring to break down all difficult and comprehensive topics and make them easier for all learners to understand.

They offer 1 to 1 session with all possible topics and subjects that you are having difficulties with and they also offer joint hours for a more economical rate wherein two children are accommodated to study at the same hour. Offering their services at a very cost-effective rate, their tuition starts at £20 for 1 hour per week session. Get in touch with them now to learn more about the programme that they offer and book online the best package and pricing plan that will fit well your budget.


KS3 & GCSE Tuition


Address: 92 Silver Lonnen, Newcastle upon Tyne NE5 2HD
Phone: 747 835 5331


“Best tutor ever! He helped me during my a-levels and now I am studying medicine.” – Asghar Alishah

HB Tutoring

HB TutoringHB Tutoring is an independent tuition centre that has a large network of tutors all across the UK that are dedicated to help all struggling children with their school works and lessons. Offering personalised services, they find a unique approach in delivering complex lessons for the easy understanding of all learners under their care. They offer tuitions on core subjects such as English, math and science and also provide specialised tuition for foundation and A-level subjects as well as other education.

Providing a private learning environment that will ensure the comfort and convenience of all their students, they offer interactive discussion using the latest technology. Preparing all learners in advancing their skills and knowledge, this is certainly one of the best centre to consider for the improvement of your children. Contact them now to discuss the programme that they have and give your child the gift of knowledge that they deserve.


Online Tutoring, Support


Address: Correction House Bank, 28, Tynemouth Rd, Tynemouth, Newcastle upon Tyne NE30 4AA
Phone: 333 335 5139


“I found the science teacher Mike Gibson, assigned by HB Tutoring; to aid my daughter in her GCSE preparation to be attentive, extremely helpful and courteous. The online lessons were certainly beneficial to her progress and I would not hesitate to recommend this tutoring service.” – Tony Whittaker

Kumon Maths & English

Kumon Maths & EnglishKumon Maths & English was first established in Japan in 1955 by Toru Kumon. It has successfully expanded and reached the UK market in 1983 where they offer both maths ad English programme to help all children in need of help and assistance with their lessons. Their maths programme covers all aspects from basic counting to calculus without the use of a calculator. Their English programme on the other hand covers reading and writing, sentence building, paragraph building and summarisation.

They offer development for all students of varying ages and ability. Their registration and tuition fee varies from centre to centre but the registration fee normally starts at £30 while single subject programmes are at £60 a month. Contact them now for further assistance or visit one of their centres for help.


Maths Programme, English Programme


Address: 156 Sandyford Rd, Newcastle upon Tyne NE2 1XG
Phone: 191 261 2944


“Both my kids year 8 and year 4 started Kumon Maths and English about a year ago. We can see improvement in both of them and the progress has been consistent. Natalie and her team have been absolutely brilliant during the lockdown- adapting and supporting the kids via zoom lessons.” – Vino Subra

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