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5 Best Unfair Dismissal Lawyers in Leeds

Below is a list of the top and leading Unfair Dismissal Lawyers in Leeds. To help you find the best Unfair Dismissal Lawyers located near you in Leeds, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Leeds’ Best Unfair Dismissal Lawyers:

The top rated Unfair Dismissal Lawyers in Leeds are:

  • Employment Solicitors Leeds – offers free online enquiry form
  • SCE Solicitors – offers a free 30-minute telephone consultation
  • Consilia Legal – offers a no-obligation, free initial discussion
  • Winston Solicitors – offers legal calculators to calculate unfair dismissal compensation
  • Rebian Solicitors – have experience in acting for international clients

Employment Solicitors Leeds

Employment Solicitors LeedsEmployment Solicitors Leeds houses a team of highly-skilled and well-experienced employment lawyers that deals with the different spectrum of employment law including unfair dismissal, redundancy, constructive dismissal, discrimination, grievances, bullying and harassment to name a few. They help you review the grounds for your termination, properly investigate the details and circumstances to check for any probable claim and support you with your case.

Dedicated to removing all the stress off your mind brought about by the employment issue that you are facing, their significant experience in settlement, agreements and tribunals will guarantee the best outcome for the case that you have. Personable and thorough, their expert solicitors will listen attentively to all your concerns and provide you with guidance and support all throughout your case. Contact their office now to book for an appointment and let them provide the most effective and reliable solutions for the case that you have.


Claim Types, Employment Law, Settlement Agreements


Address: 32 Park Cross St, Leeds LS1 2QH
Phone: 113 433 4118


“A big thank you to Craig, Louise and the team at Employment Solicitors Leeds. They dealt with my work-related issue with speed, care and great professionalism. I would highly recommend them to my friends and colleagues and to anyone that is facing any employment-related issues.” – David Price

SCE Solicitors

SCE SolicitorsSCE Solicitors is a dedicated employment law firm that has been providing professional expertise since 2011. Founded by Samira Cakali, they are a client-centred firm that works on providing the best legal advice and solution that will help secure positive outcome and result on the employment claim that their client had particularly with unfair dismissal issue. With passionate and dedicated solicitors in their team, you need not worry about the complexities of the issue that you are facing as they will help you deal with it and make the process simple and easy to understand.

They understand that all employment issues are stressful given the nature of the cases and how it will affect their client’s employment and financial status that is why they provide a personalised legal plan to aid you with all the legal problems that you have. They can help you get the best possible outcome like reinstatement and compensation. For optimum support, they also offer a free 30 minutes phone consultation to check the nature of your issue and determine if you pass the criteria for an unfair dismissal case. Feel free to contact their office and get the best help that they can deliver for you.


Services for Business, Services For You, Events and Training


Address: Vicarage Chambers, 9 Park Square E, Leeds LS1 2LH
Phone: 113 350 4030


“Harvinder is extremely knowledgable. Her advice is always measured. She really knows her stuff. I would always trust her advice.” – Rachel Smith

Consilia Legal

Source: Pexels

Consilia Legal consists of reliable, personable and professional solicitors that provide the best legal advice and representation concerning any employment law issues particularly cases that involve unfair dismissal. They provide their legal expertise to all clients in Leeds and Harrogate and provide the most apt solutions for the issue that they are experiencing. They offer free advice and provide guidance and assistance to ensure a fair resolution and possible compensation for their clients.

Aside from unfair dismissal concerns, they also work on different aspects of employment law including discrimination, TUPE, redundancy and many others. Putting the best interest of all their clients, they ensure the best settlement and agreement that is beneficial for them. In the event that settlement is not possible, they extend expert representation to any employment tribunal to seek the best compensation that their clients deserve. Schedule an appointment now with one of their expert solicitors and get the most brilliant and caring assistance that you deserve.


Employment Law, Family Law, Family Mediation, Workplace Mediation


Address: 4 Park Pl, Leeds LS1 2RU
Phone: 113 322 9222


“Andy at Consilia Legal provided me with superb service, Andy is very helpful and knowledgeable and sorted out everything very quickly and effectively. Definitely would highly recommend.” – Sama Akhtar

Winston Solicitors

Source: PexelsWinston Solicitors is an established law firm founded in 2002 that helps all clients deal with differen employment issues that they are facing. Upholding your right to employment, they check if you are dismissed and terminated unfairly and they help you make a claim to get the best solution and compensation following the employment issue that you have. Aside from unfair dismissal, they also deal with other legal issues that you as an employee may experience like furlough and discrimination.

Offering first class service, they assist you with settlement agreements and provide you with the best legal representation on any employment tribunal case. They can work on either reinstatement from your job or monetary compensation that is fitting the issue that you have. Prioritizing the welfare of their clients, they ensure direct and honest assistance and help you get the best resolution following your case.


Advice for Individuals, Conveyancing Quote, Advice for Businesses


Address: 112 Street Ln, Roundhay, Leeds LS8 2AL
Phone: 113 320 5000


“I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Winston Solicitors. Paul dealt with my employment query professionally and promptly in all aspects. His advice and correspondence were clear and friendly which helped me a lot. He made a stressful situation much easier.” – Trudie Cliffe

Rebian Solicitors

Source: PexelsRebian Solicitors is a premier legal firm that offers personalised legal assistance on the issue that you have. They support both individual and business concerns and handle employment law for both the employee and the employer. One of their expertise when it comes to employment law is unfair dismissal claim where they can work with an employee who feels that they are unfairly dismissed due to redundancy or with no reason and proper procedure.

Ensuring that legal criteria are met, they provide the best representation to correct the issue and get the best compensation for the employee. With their well-experienced solicitors in the field, they can guarantee that your case is in safe hands and they will bravely work on your case to uphold your rights.


Commercial Disputes & Mediation, Commercial Law, Franchising & Franchise Business, Company Law, Employment Law & Employment Tribunals, Professionals


Address: 11 Park Square E, Leeds LS1 2NG
Phone: 113 203 1999


“Truly excellent service and people.” – Alana Benson

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