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5 Best Weight Loss Centres in Leeds

Below is a list of the top and leading Weight Loss Centres in Leeds. To help you find the best Weight Loss Centres located near you in Leeds, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Leeds’ Best Weight Loss Centres:

The top rated Weight Loss Centres in Leeds are:

  • Alevere & Silverlink Clinic – Leeds – delivers weight loss programmes that are unbeatable safe and shows rapid results
  • The Weight Loss Queen – a full member of the association of weight loss hypnotherapists and a member of the GHR
  • Lynsey Tempest – Independent Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant – offers free consultation
  • Be Fit For Life – has 18 + years of practising experience
  • New Start Slimming Clinic – holds a full GMC registration certificate

Alevere & Silverlink Clinic – Leeds

Alevere & Silverlink Clinic - LeedsAlevere & Silverlink Clinic – Leeds is a weight loss clinic that offers its signature weight loss programme for all individuals that are looking for a way to lose extra pounds. Offering an all-natural treatment process that is safe and secure, they guarantee a reliable and effective medical treatment without any surgery or medicines that may cause an adverse effect on their patient. Offering a personalised programme, they will help you achieve your ideal weight and also works on shaping and contouring your body to guarantee its firmness and tightness.

Apart from the actual programme, they also offer aftercare that will help you in stabilising your body to maintain the weight that you have worked on. Since their treatment is carefully studied and put together by their expert doctors, they ensure that you will not feel deprived, weak and light-headed following the weight loss routine that they will provide you. Contact them now to discuss thoroughly how they can help you attain your body goal and get their professional help that is stress-free and all-natural.


Alevere Transform, Alevere Balance


Address: Pure Offices, 4100 Park Approach, Leeds LS15 8GB
Phone: 330 202 0126


“Excellent clinic. The best in West Yorkshire!” – Sara Amal

The Weight Loss Queen

The Weight Loss QueenThe Weight Loss Queen has been helping countless individuals that want to undergo a complete body transformation to achieve their ideal body shape and weight goals. The private practice of Karen, an award-winning mindset coach and clinical hypnotherapist, she provides expert help and assistance to the different weight loss concerns brought to her attention. With her years of training and acquired knowledge, she offers a personalised solution that is suitable for the needs and issues of the clients that she is supporting.

She provides her professional expertise in both group and one to one setting. By helping her clients change their lifestyle and infusing a healthy habit, she works creating a positive mindset and a permanent practice that will help gain control of their food intake and maintain it for better results. With her help, losing stone is never a hard and taxing process, instead, it is something that you can enjoy and be comfortable with while achieving the perfect body that will give you more confidence and ensure your optimum wellness and wellbeing.


Programmes and Results


Address: 8 Tinshill Ln, Leeds LS16 7AP
Phone: 782 502 1518


“I have a lot of issues with self-worth and a poor relationship with food as a result. Karen was immediately understanding and lovely, she really gave me the tools to help work on my mindset and to learn how to be kind to myself. I used to binge eat really regularly and now it is so rare! Thank you.” – Karen Kelsey Callington

Lynsey Tempest – Independent Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant

Source: PexelsLynsey Tempest – Independent Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant offers a conducive and ingenious diet plan that is personalised to the different condition, weight and body shape of their clients. Understanding that weight loss can be a difficult process, she provides full support and guidance to help her clients and ensure that they would be able to achieve their target weight goals.

She believes that weight loss is about a balanced diet that will not leave you wanting and feeling deprived. Offering tasty dishes and a good selection of healthy and appetizing food that will aid you in losing all unwanted fats from your body, they guarantee a simple and stress-less dieting experience. Helpful and very personable with their approach, she ensures to apply diet plan that is cost-effective and very affordable for her clients.


1:1 Coaching, Group Appointments


Address: Leeds, UK
Phone: 772 518 7318


“Lynsey is an amazing consultant really kind and motivational.” – Laura

Be Fit For Life

Source: PexelsBe Fit For Life offers a full and comprehensive treatment plan that will help you manage your weight and achieve the body goals that you have in full efficacy and in a timely manner. By understanding the needs and the current health conditions of their clients, they provide a holistic approach in managing their weight and offer different packages that will guarantee to achieve greater results that will bring them optimum satisfaction. With their years of practice, they understand that weight issue can lead to different problems like low confidence and serious medical illnesses that is why they offer their professional help and early intervention that will lead you to a healthy path.

Providing the most suitable treatment plan and weight loss package, they will help you change your lifestyle to a healthier one by infusing proper exercise, sleep, right food choices and empowering you to manage the stress that you are feeling. They will also regularly check your progress and ensure full support in order to help you attain all your goals in a quick manner. Contact them now to get their services and be guided on your journey to ultimate wellness.


Weight Loss Packages


Address: 6 Westgate, Grace St, Leeds LS1 2RP
Phone: 788 961 1998


“Rated 5 stars.” – Joycelyn Parris

New Start Slimming Clinic

New Start Slimming ClinicNew Start Slimming Clinic offers comprehensive nutrition consultancy services to all the patients suffering from weight issues. Dedicated to providing the best care and most effective treatment plan that will help you achieve your weight goal in a safe manner, they work hand in hand with all their clients to help them lose stones and get the best result in a timely manner. By adopting a healthy lifestyle, they guarantee the comfort of all their patients while unleashing their potentials.

Under the guidance of highly qualified doctors that has wealth of experience in the field, they devise different plans that put a value on the basis of nutrition, goal setting, meal planning and many others. They help create exercise schedule and dietary requirements that are fit for the clients and will enable them to quickly attain their ideal weight. Reach out to them now and book an appointment and let them help you achieve the best of health beyond your expectation.


Treatments, Medication


Address: 80 Kirkgate, Bradford BD1 1TH
Phone: 127 475 3471


“Highly recommend New start slimming clinic. Go see Cath and her amazing team. They will take care of you and get you to achieve your slimming goals. Don’t waste money anywhere else. This is the number 1 place to go.” – Jayne Appleyard

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