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5 Best Yoga Studios in Manchester

Below is a list of the top and leading Yoga Studios in Manchester. To help you find the best Yoga Studios located near you in Manchester, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Manchester’s Best Yoga Studios:

The top rated Yoga Studios in Manchester are:

  • Yoga Manchester – offers class pass discounts
  • Manchester Yoga Central – offers rental space specially designed for yoga and holistic courses
  • Yoga Soul – has a social space where you can stay after class and get free tea
  • The Yoga Rooms – provides occasional offers on classes, courses and workshops
  • This Yoga – yoga teacher to Everton FC’s First Team for over a five year period

Yoga Manchester

Yoga ManchesterYoga Manchester offers a full range of yoga classes to all individuals of varying levels. They have level 1 classes that are best suited for beginners and level 2 classes that are a fit for all intermediate students that have already built a good yoga foundation. They also offer level 3 classes for more advanced students that want to continuously immersed in the different yoga styles and disciplines.

All the classes that they have are mostly drop-in so no bookings are required. They also offer a 10 to 20 class pass package and offers a discount for your ultimate savings. With the best yoga instructor in the field, you would certainly learn the different form, get ultimate focus and relaxation as needed. Their classes are from 7 PM to 8 PM from Mondays to Fridays and from 10 AM to 11:15 AM on Saturdays so come and visit and get the most wonderful yoga classes that they can deliver.


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Address: Manchester, UK
Phone: 798 360 5295


“My wife and I go to the Monday evening class run normally by Charlene and it’s a fantastic mix of ideas mostly based on Ashtanga yoga but incorporating other styles to make it truly unique. The most recent addition of music to focus on whilst holding poses has really brought us on to a better level of concentration and has helped drown out the world around. Get there early to get near the front or if you don’t have your own mat, it can get pretty busy for most of the classes.” – Tom Burgin

Manchester Yoga Central

Manchester Yoga CentralManchester Yoga Central offers affordable yoga classes for all interested yoga learners and practitioners. They have vinyasa flow class, gentle yoga and meditation, hatha yoga, synergy and sunrise yoga. Committed to awaken your senses and revitalise your body, they offer different classes that will fit your specific needs and purpose. Whether you are looking for one that will help improve your posture, provide you with the calm that you are seeking, realign your body, promote flexibility and create awareness and relaxation, they have a perfect class the will remove all blockage from your body for better energy movement.

Their yoga class is ranging from £7 to £8 and they offer a discount for consecutive classes that you will be getting. Aside from different yoga classes, they also offer different holistic therapies that will suit your body well after a very taxing and busy day. Contact them now to schedule an appointment or drop by one of their yoga classes and learn the basics such as deep breathing for relaxation and a good stretch for balance and flexibility.


Classes, Workshops, Holistic Therapies, Hire Space


Address: Trafford Wharf Rd, Trafford Park, Stretford, Manchester M17 1AB
Phone: 740 332 1453


“An authentic yoga studio true to the roots of yoga. And such a beautiful grand Warehouse studio with statues from India. A tranquil retreat from Media City and Manchester City Centre. I love it here!” – Nicky Crowe

Yoga Soul

Yoga SoulYoga Soul is a go-to place where all yoga practitioners in Manchester’s yogi community can go and tap to get much-needed support in learning the basics as well as the different disciplines in yoga. Supporting you on your journey are their highly trained and well-experienced teachers that are passionate and dedicated to teaching the craft to all interested students. For their students comfort and convenience, they offer classes and workshop both in-studio, Livestream and on-demand set-up so that you can attend their classes and keep up with your yoga practice at your convenience.

They offer foundations yoga, hot yoga, Jivamukti yoga, mandala yoga, rocket yoga, slow flow, vinsaya yoga, yin yang and yin yoga. They also offer capoeira course, handstand and yoga retreat. Accepting all students from beginners to experienced, you can certainly find the most perfect class that is suitable for your needs. Have fun, relax your mind and body and bask in the energy the yoga can bring your life by enrolling in one of the many classes that they have.


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Address: 49a Newton St, Manchester M1 1FT
Phone: 161 236 1986


“The best studio around! The team there is so welcoming and friendly (and super knowledgeable!) and the variety of class offerings ensure that there is something for everyone.” – Lisa Brown

The Yoga Rooms

The Yoga RoomsThe Yoga Rooms offers an inclusive place where you can learn the art and discipline of yoga and pilates. They offer a holistic approach to ensure the wellness of both your mind and body to strengthen and toughen your resolve amidst different stressor, trials, problems and difficulties. Accepting all students from varying size, gender, ethnicity and fitness level, they offer diverse yoga classes that will fit their needs and serve its purpose in their lives. Good not just for individuals but also to the whole family, they guarantee that their classes will create a positive impact and changes in the lives of all their students and yogi practitioners.

Promoting proper posture, flexibility, strength and relaxation, they help boost both your mental and physical health that will help you cope up any stress and difficulties that you are facing. They offer classes in the morning, afternoon and evening, providing you with class options that will fit your schedule. Check the different classes that they have as well as their timetable and book a class that will best fit you and your loved ones.


Classes, Courses


Address: 1, 483 Barlow Moor Rd, Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Manchester M21 8AG
Phone: 784 103 1836


“I highly recommend the teen yoga if your dealing with exam stress and pressure also the rooms are so nice and have such a relaxing nature.” – Asha Redgewell

This Yoga

This YogaThis Yoga offers yoga classes to all yogis both new and experienced in the practice. Serving Manchester, Didsbury and Heaton Moor, they ensure to accommodate all interested students and teach them the discipline to build a strong foundation to the yoga practice that they have. Relieving various yoga traditions, they draw up from said discipline to promote healthy growth and expand the power of the mind and body as well as regenerate the soul. With the different classes that they offer, they aim to provide balance and further the natural healing of the mind and body. Offering a holistic approach, they work on strengthening the mind and conditioning the body.

They offer release and relax yoga and embodied yoga and offers both Wednesday and Saturday classes for your convenience. With experts yoga instructors, they ensure to guide all students with a series of poses that will calm the mind and invigorate the body. Contact now their studio to check the best classes that will suit your needs and the different rate that they have.


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Address: Fog Ln, Didsbury, Christchurch, Manchester M20 6EE
Phone: 772 585 4416


“If you are a beginner or experienced yogi I cannot recommend Charlene’s yoga classes (and those online) highly enough. There is something very unique and special about her approach and teaching style – she has a magic ingredient which I’ve not experienced anywhere else!” – Susy Green

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