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5 Best Yoga Studios in Sheffield

Below is a list of the top and leading Yoga Studios in Sheffield. To help you find the best Yoga Studios located near you in Sheffield, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Sheffield’s Best Yoga Studios:

The top rated Yoga Studios in Sheffield are:

  • Unity Yoga – offers combo passes valid for both studio and online use
  • Sheffield Yoga School – teaches a comprehensive range of Yoga practices
  • R1SE Yoga – has over 600 on-demand classes covering over 100 unique sequences
  • Sheffield Yoga Nature – teaches a range of classes in the Sheffield area, including adults and kids classes, classes in schools and workplaces and personalised one to ones
  • Soul Fire Studios – a membership-based yoga studio

Unity Yoga

Unity YogaUnity Yoga is a yoga studio established in 2016 by founders ​Lydia Ainscough and Sophia Senior. They offer a safe and tranquil place where all individuals can learn the art of yoga and immersed in the peace and quiet that it gives. Currently, they are offering both studio and online classes with classes ranging from yin yoga, wind down yoga, morning flow, power and play, vinsaya flow, yin and yang yoga, restorative yoga and yoga Nidra to name a few. Dedicated to helping all their students both new and current the different yoga discipline that will help them achieve optimum wellness and wellbeing, they ensure to properly guide all their learners the proper techniques and methods that each yoga disciplines offer.

With the best yoga instructors in the area, they teach proper posture that will ease the tension from your body and regularise the flow of energy for a much healthier condition. They also help promote stability, flexibility and strength. Transforming the lives of all their students at a very economical rate, come and try the wonderful services that they deliver to help promote holistic wellbeing of your mind, body and soul.


Studio Classes, Online Classes, Online Workshops


Address: 190 Norfolk St, Sheffield City Centre, Sheffield S1 1SY
Phone: 114 348 4299


“The perfect and restorative end to a week.” – Dominic Watts

Sheffield Yoga School

Sheffield Yoga SchoolSheffield Yoga School is a premier yoga studio that fused both traditional learning and modern living on the technique and yoga system that they teach all their students. By providing comprehensive yoga practices, they encourage all individuals from beginners to advanced to learn and practice the ancient art of yoga to be able to cultivate the discipline within their body. Offering a holistic approach, the different postures and styles that they teach are a fusion of breathing, relaxation and meditation that will effectively ensure your optimum wellness.

Maximising the energy harnessed by the body, they will help you create balance and harmony in your lives this improving not only your mental health but also your physical wellbeing. For all their student’s convenience, they offer a weekly group class as well as unlimited access to live streams and online classes that they can use as wonderful resources. Perfect for all types of people regardless of age, gender and condition, they have a wide range of classes that you can get at a very economical rate. Contact them now to check all their class offerings and tap the one that will suit your needs well.


Beginner, Daytime Classes, Office Yoga, Yoga for Pregnancy, Mother & Baby, Kids Yoga Classes, Yoga & Meditation, Mindful Tai Chi, Kirtan


Address: South Road, Sheffield S6 3TA
Phone: 114 233 8340


“This is a wonderful yoga school and very good value for money. Both Chris and Hannah are patient and inspiring and help you to understand all of the different elements of yoga including posture work, meditation and how to achieve more balance in your life. Going to these yoga classes has had a really positive effect on my life.” – Emma Lloyd

R1SE Yoga

R1SE YogaR1SE Yoga is a wellness centre that offers both yoga and pilates classes to all individuals in the community who wants to nourish and strengthen their body and core to achieve optimum health and wellbeing. Offering different membership programmes that are affordable and is guaranteed to provide you with the best results that you are aiming for, do not hesitate on signing up for the best plan that will suit your needs and requirements. They offer both studio and virtual classes with memberships ranging from £34, £59 and £84 per month.

With a comprehensive range of resources including more than 600 on-demand classes, you would certainly learn the best poses and exercise that will provide you with strength, flexibility, endurance, muscle building and stress management. Perfect for the general conditioning of your whole body, this is certainly one of the best yoga studios to tap for all your health and wellness needs. Contact them now to enquire further about the different offers that they deliver with great care and efficiency for your utmost satisfaction.


Urban Yoga, Urban Pilates


Address: 201 – 203 Krynkl, 294 Shalesmoor, Sheffield S3 8US
Phone: 114 360 8421


“Came for a free hot power session through MoveGB having never done any kind of yoga before and found it an extremely thorough workout, like nothing I’ve had before but a welcome change from doing circuits in the gym! Would 100% recommend to anyone looking for a great way to get fit for the new year.” – Samuel Taylor

Sheffield Yoga Nature

Sheffield Yoga NatureSheffield Yoga Nature helps all their students explore the different variety and practices of yoga. Serving all individuals in Sheffield from kids to adult, they are committed to providing a safe and inclusive place where they can confidently learn the craft and practice the discipline. Highly efficient and reliable, they provide a wide variety of yoga classes including yin yoga, tantric yoga, hatha yoga, mandala yoga, dru yoga and druvananda yoga that is suitable for all people regardless of their body shapes and sizes, abilities, gender and age.

By incorporating the different elements and components, they ensure to help all their students achieve the best result that will maximise their overall health and wellbeing touching both the mind and the body. Practising both breathing work and mindfulness activities as well as a different posture that will strengthen their core and promote stability, this is certainly one of the best studios to enrol. Reach out to them now to discuss all your concerns and let them offer you the best service that is far beyond your expectation.


Classes, Online Classes, Workshops and Events, Kids Yoga


Address: 38 Machon Bank Rd, Nether Edge, Sheffield S7 1PG
Phone: 781 654 0261


“I have been with Joanna since the beginning which is more years than I care to remember. Because she takes the time and trouble to familiarise everyone’s personal difficulties you feel that, even in a full class, she is talking directly to you. Her advice on adjusting or alternative moves if you experience particular problems is invaluable. The online classes have been a godsend through the lockdown. Well done Joanna and Ben.” – Joan Duxbury

Soul Fire Studios

Soul Fire StudiosSoul Fire Studios is a unique place that is dedicated to promoting a vibrant health community for all individuals in Sheffield. With different yoga styles and practices like hot yoga, dharma yoga and yin yoga, they aim to teach different posture that will allow for the energy to move within your body with full ease and without any restrictions. Through healthy exercises coupled with proper breathing techniques, they aim to unify both the mind, body and spirit and explore its full capabilities.

They help increase the mobility, strength and flexibility of all their students thus maximising all the health benefits that they can achieve through the proper mind and body conditioning. Contact them now to sign up for the different classes that they offer and let them help you achieve the best of health that will help you cultivate a richer and healthier lifestyle. Enrol in their membership program now and get full service that will ignite your senses and power up your body.


Yoga, Healing


Address: 7 Edgedale Rd, Sheffield S7 2BQ
Phone: 778 984 0395


“Great space, with a friendly and knowledgeable team. Always feel looked after and welcome. Thank you.” – Jamie Woodgate

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