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Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt face questions from voters


Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt face questions from voters

There are only two left: pro-Brexit darling Boris Johnson will face top diplomat Jeremy Hunt in the final to succeed Premier Theresa May next month.

In the last round of voting on Thursday afternoon, the former mayor of London consolidated his lead, with 160 votes out of 313, followed, far behind, by Jeremy Hunt, 77 votes, who beat only a hair the 3rd candidate, the Minister of the Environment Michael Gove, 75 votes, with a zero ballot.

Ex-Minister of Foreign Affairs Ms. May, “BoJo” said on Twitter, “deeply honored to have obtained more than 50% of the vote”. He had already flown over previous rounds of this election to nominate the next leader of the Conservative Party, who will return the keys of 10 Downing Street, but also the thorny issue of Brexit, scheduled for October 31.

“I measure the responsibility on my shoulders: show my party how we can implement Brexit without provoking an election,” responded Jeremy Hunt on Twitter.

More moderate than his rival, Mr. Hunt intends to renegotiate the exit agreement concluded in November with Brussels. He is willing to postpone the date of Brexit, set for October 31, if European leaders agree to reopen negotiations. But he is also ready to leave the European Union without agreement if they refuse.

Boris Johnson wants him to leave the EU on October 31, renegotiated agreement or not. And he threatens not to pay the bill Brexit – an amount valued between 60 and 67 billion – if the EU does not accept better conditions for his country.

In the coming weeks, the finalists will travel across the country to present their program to the 160,000 members of the Conservative Party, who must decide between now and the end of July.

But the suspense seems slim: for “most of his colleagues,” it is “now almost inevitable that [Boris Johnson] is the next British prime minister,” said the Guardian .

The absolute priority

The implementation of Brexit will be the top priority of the new chief executive, three years after the June 2016 referendum that saw the British vote 52% in favor of this historic divorce. Unable to do so, worn out by incessant criticism and conspiracy from her own party, Theresa May resigned June 7 as Conservative leader after three successive rejections by MPs. of the withdrawal agreement it has negotiated with Brussels.

In a country disoriented by these procrastination, 55-year-old Boris Johnson is playing the Brexit savior card, and says he is ready to scrap to renegotiate this agreement, even though Brussels has ruled out this possibility.

During a televised debate on Tuesday night, he repeated his desire to get his country out of the European Union by 31 October, leaving without an agreement with the EU, without however committing to “guarantee” a Brexit on that date.

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