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5 Best Bush Walks in Newcastle

Below is a list of the top and leading Bush Walks in Newcastle. To help you find the best Bush Walks located near you in Newcastle, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Newcastle’s Best Bush Walks:

The top rated Bush Walks in Newcastle are:

  • Gosforth Nature Reserve – has 3 walking trails- the North East’s longest-running nature reserve
  • Havannah Nature Reserve – a thriving nature reserve sited on the former Hazlerigg Colliery
  • Hedley Hall Woods – consists of wetlands, small woodland ponds and a grazed wildflower meadow
  • Burdon Moor – one of Gateshead’s highest points
  • Chopwell Woodland Park – has 3 walking trails

Gosforth Nature Reserve

Gosforth Nature ReserveGosforth Nature Reserve is a wonderful haven for all wildlife and nature enthusiasts in Newcastle and nearby areas. Consists mainly of both woodland and wetlands, this is the perfect place to go hiking and explore the different wildlife thriving in the area. With over 1600 different species seen in this nature reserve, you would certainly have a fascinating adventure walking around the place and checking every nook and cranny.

You can leisurely stroll around with your family and friends and walk through the range of secluded trails, hides and boardwalks that they have. You can also check the rare species of faunas and floras that are scattered in the place. Plan your visit now and be closer to nature through your trip to this amazing nature reserve.


Urban Wildlife, Centre for Learning


Address: Lake Lodge, Salters Lane, Gosforth NE3 5EP
Phone: 191 208 2790


“Beautiful spot for catching sight of all sorts of nature and wildlife. Great bird hideaways for all ages and good facilities, including 2 toilets (one of them a compost toilet – great!).” – Ian Birtwistle

Havannah Nature Reserve

Havannah Nature ReserveHavannah Nature Reserve is one of the well-known green spaces in the area of Newcastle that is open to all individuals and groups who want to go for a casual walk, horse ride, cycling or dog walking. With different permisses footpaths and bridleways, exploring the area has never been this easy and convenient as their different trails will perfectly suit your needs and requirements. Perfect for families and even little kids and toddlers, do not hesitate in bringing them for a nice day out.

Be closer to nature and experience first-hand the diverse population of different wildlife that is abundant in the area including red squirrels that is endemic in the place. You can also see different birds, badgers and newts so hurry and drop by this place at your most convenient time. Accessible via Coach Lane, come and check this place now and breathe some fresh air and distress amidst all the refreshing greens that you are seeing.


Explore, Upcoming Events


Address: Hazlerigg, Newcastle upon Tyne NE13 7FS
Phone: 191 278 7878

“Beautiful, out of the way place. The dog absolutely loved it – it has definitely become one of our new favourite places to go for an evening walk. Plenty of trails to avoid everyone else and get the sensation of a lovely woodland walk.” – Aimee Haynes

Hedley Hall Woods

Hedley Hall WoodsHedley Hall Woods is a 93 hectares of woodlands that is home to many species of birds like cuckoos, willow warbler, blackbird, woodpecker, song thrush, goldcrest, robin, blackcap, buzzard, kestrel and many others. Aside from birdwatching, you would enjoy seeing different colourful butterflies here from ringlet, speckled wood, comma and peacock. This area is also abundant with different trees, plants and fungi.

A diverse land consisted of ancient woodland, wet woodland, grassland and plantation, this is certainly a haven that will make you feel closer to nature. They also host several events like tree ID, tree pack collection, art and nature and family-run to name a few so check their website from time to time and come celebrate with them and experience for yourself the vibrant beauty of nature here at Hedley Hall Woods.


Wildlife, Plant Trees, Visiting Woods


Address: Hedley Ln, Newcastle upon Tyne NE16 5EQ
Phone: 151 264 6100


“Lovely walk, anything from 40mins to an hour depending on your speed.” – David Woods

Burdon Moor

Source: PexelsBurdon Moor offers a one of a kind upland experience for a more unique hiking and bushwalk experience that you would certainly enjoy and love. One of the highest points in Gateshead, they guarantee a wonderful sight to behold in this mountain summit. Offering an easy trail, walk along with the Bowes and Tanfield Railway Paths, you will really enjoy your exploration of the area.

You can see here different wildlife thriving in the area from a variety of plants and birds like curlew, lapwing, redshank, snipe and grey heron to different insects including butterflies, dragonflies, grasshoppers and solitary bees. The best place to go birdwatching particularly during the summer season, come and have a wonderful time walking through the different paths that they have that are accessible for all and have an amazing taste of the wild and nature that will keep you coming back for more.


Walking, Bird Watching


Address: Lamesley, Newcastle upon Tyne NE16 5EQ


“Lovely nature walk plenty to see, feels wild and free.” – Chris Nichols

Chopwell Woodland Park

Chopwell Woodland ParkChopwell Woodland Park is a 360 hectare of woodland that offers 3 different walking trails that is available for all individuals and groups who wants to be closer to nature. Accommodating all types of activities, you can here either for walking, running, biking, geocaching, horseback riding or for some leisurely picnic with family and friends. They can also accommodate orienteering and has permanent courses for both beginners and school groups to access and explore.

Accessible 24/7, you can go here either by car or public transport by means of bus or Metrocentre. Dogs are allowed inside the vicinity so you will have a fun time walking your dogs for a much-needed exercise for you both. Contact them now for any further concerns that you may have and let them address all your questions and welcome you to one of the best green spaces in Gateshead.


Access Trail, Picnic Area


Address: Rowlands Gill NE39 1LT
Phone: 138 848 8312


“Great place for both walkers and mountain bikers!” – Jack Padgett

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