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5 Best Child Care Centres in London

Below is a list of the top and leading Child Care Centres in London. To help you find the best Child Care Centres located near you in London, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

London’s Best Child Care Centres:

The top rated Child Care Centres in London are:

  • Keiki Day Care – holds relevant qualifications and are highly trained and experienced in child care
  • Dee’s Childcare Ltd – offers a safe and homely environment for children aged 6 months to 12 years
  • Co-op Childcare Islington – 100% of their practitioners are fully trained in paediatric first aid
  • Bright Horizons City Child Nursery and Preschool – offers unique Ready for School Programme including Growing Readers, Writers and Mathematicians
  • Noel Park Day Care Centre – viewings are available via appointment

Keiki Day Care

Keiki Day CareKeiki Day Care is one of the most reliable daycare centres where you can leave and entrust your kids and be guaranteed that they are in a safe and secure environment where they will be well taken care of. Offering proper stimulation that will further enhance the knowledge and abilities of your kids while ensuring that they are given the proper attention that they need, you can be assured of only the best for your kids when under their care. With the best team that are highly trained and qualified in child care, they will welcome all kids from babies up to pre-school age and foster them properly.

They provide a wide range of activities that will help develop the skills of your children while keeping them happy. They also look after their nourishments and dietary needs and provide fresh, healthy and tasty food that they would love. Open from Mondays to Fridays from 8 AM to 6 PM, do not hesitate to reach out to them to discuss your requirements and let them look after the welfare and wellbeing of your kids while you are away for work or errand.


Baby Unit, Toddler Unit, Pre-School, Outdoor Space


Address: 7 Harold Rd, London N8 7DE
Phone: 208 340 3841


“Rated 5 stars.” – Jess Eldridge

Dee’s Childcare Ltd

Dee's Childcare LtdDee’s Childcare Ltd was established in 2001 by owner Decima Isles-Broughton and is dedicated to accommodate all children in London aged 6 months to 12 years and provide them with a safe, secure and fun environment where they can play, explore and interact with other kids and develop their physical, social and mental skills and abilities. Making the early years of all kids under their care as exciting as possible while preparing them for formal schooling, they ensure to give all kids the perfect opportunities to showcase their talent and improve further while having the best time of their lives.

All their staff are well trained in handling all types of kids and are dedicated to helping all parents in taking care of their children. They are available from Mondays to Fridays from 7:30 AM to 6:30 PM so do not hesitate to reach out to them to enquire further on their services and get their professional help and assistance in looking after your kids. Offering their services at a very economical rate, you can be at ease in knowing that your kids will be well nurtured and attended to and will be exposed to different fun learning activities that will help them prepare for normal schooling.


Forest Childcare, Babys Days


Address: 213A Burrage Rd, London SE18 7JZ
Phone: 203 876 9853


“Dee’s Childcare is a great childcare setting to send your children. They take the children out regularly so they get to explore nature and learn new things. They have an allotment they visit often, a large garden in the setting and in addition takes them out to parks, gardens and other attractions. My daughter has been attending for 4 months now and really likes it. She had no trouble settling in that on her first day it seemed like she had been going there for a long time already. I would definitely recommend Dee’s Childcare to anyone looking for a childcare provider.” – Rebecca Burton

Co-op Childcare Islington

Co-op Childcare IslingtonCo-op Childcare Islington is one of the 45 children nurseries handled by Midcounties Co-op, one of the largest cooperative groups in the UK. They provide nursery and pre-school services where kids can have fun while learning. They offer fun-filled programs that all children can enjoy from music, dancing, playing, art, reading, writing and many others. They have both indoor and outdoor facilities that are created to develop the different skills of the children, engage them further into learning and encourage their inquisitiveness and thirst for knowledge and adventure.

Aside from the fun activities that they have, they also offer delicious sets of meals from breakfast, lunch and snacks that kids can enjoy and will give a balanced diet to go through the day with full energy. They also have personable teachers and staff that will look after your kids and ensure their safety and security. Guaranteeing the best time for all children under their care, you may arrange a virtual tour of their place to check if this will be the right fit for your needs and your kids.


Nursery, Pre-School


Address: 10 Galway St, London EC1V 3SW
Phone: 207 251 3475


“Can’t say anything bad at all! They’re fantastic!” – Georgia Alfreds

Bright Horizons City Child Nursery and Preschool

Bright Horizons City Child Nursery and PreschoolBright Horizons City Child Nursery and Preschool is one of the leading childcare providers in the UK that also offers nursery and preschool services. Open from Mondays to Fridays from 7:30 AM to 6:30 PM, they provide comprehensive activities that will develop the mind, skills and characters of the kids under their care. They have carefully created a curriculum that focuses on math, reading and writing and creates a strong foundation for their early years’ education. They also offer wonderfully selected activities that include story time, role play, singing, messy activities and outdoor learnings that will further cultivate their competence and ability.

Apart from learning and play, they also put a high priority on the health and nutrition of kids under their care and provide them with a nutritionally balanced meal for all kids to enjoy. A safe and nurturing environment where your kids can learn and have fun, they also encourage exploration to support learning curiosity among their students. They offer a very affordable rate that includes meals and snacks, nappies, bottles and baby formula. A good place to entrust your kids, they would certainly take good care of your children and prepare them for school as needed.


Nutrition, Early Years Development, Events


Address: 1 Bridgewater Square, Barbican, London EC2Y 8AH
Phone: 203 780 3026


“My child has been at this nursery since 2017 and loves coming in. The staff in Toddler room pay so much attention to every need of hers and have always given good feedback as well as advice.” – Fazeena Akhtar

Noel Park Day Care Centre

Noel Park Day Care CentreNoel Park Day Care Centre is a purposely-built community centre that welcomes children from 0 up to 4 years of age and provides them with a warm, comfortable and secure environment where they can stay, have fun and learn. Offering full-time support, they are available to take in your kids 8 AM to 6 PM from Mondays to Fridays. They also offer half sessions for either morning or afternoon so hurry and sign up your kids and let their expert staff take care of them for you.

Complete with different resources from both indoor and outdoor facilities to a variety of activities that will develop the skills or your kids down to nourishments that they to stay strong and healthy, this is certainly one of the best places to consider for your daycare needs. Accommodating all parents and kids from Haringey and nearby areas, hurry and tap their services and get the best help that you can get in stimulating the mind and senses of your kids and further developing their capabilities.


Childcare Services


Address: Maurice Ave, Noel Park, London N22 6PU
Phone: 208 881 8585


“This is a lovely nursery. My 18-month-old is a full-time pupil and is very happy. The staff are excellent!” – Samantha Johnson

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