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5 Best Chinese Restaurants in Leeds

Below is a list of the top and leading Chinese Restaurants in Leeds. To help you find the best Chinese Restaurants located near you in Leeds, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Leeds’ Best Chinese Restaurants:

The top rated Chinese Restaurants in Leeds are:

  • Crown Buffet Chinese Restaurant – has the capability to seat 160 persons
  • Tattu Restaurant and Bar – smart casual dresses only are allowed
  • Wen’s Restaurant – offers authentic home-cooked Chinese cuisine
  • Maxi’s Rotisserie – offers roasted meat and selected dim sum
  • Rice Paper Cantonese Takeaway – offers to deliver with a charge of £1 for the first 2 miles

Crown Buffet Chinese Restaurant

Crown Buffet Chinese RestaurantCrown Buffet Chinese Restaurant is a family-owned and operated Chinese restaurant that was established in 2007. Bringing traditional Eastern food to all food lovers in the UK, they aim to provide a unique gastronomic experience that all people would love. Offering a warm and comfortable ambience that can seat around 160 people, you will have a cosy time eating the delicious buffet that they offer that is priced at a very competitive and economical rate. If you are planning on celebrating a special event, they also have a private function room that you can hire and they guarantee VIP service from their staff for you and all your guests to enjoy.

They have a dim sum menu and the main menu consist of all-time favourites like different roasted meats, pot cooked dishes, Cantonese-style meals, seasonal vegetables, cold dishes, soup, Szechuan-style dish, rice dishes, noodles and desserts. They also have a variety of buffet menus and takeaway menus so hurry and check the delicious offerings that they cook and serve fresh for your ultimate satisfaction. They also have KTV rooms that offer their separate menu so try and exercise your vocals while eating and drinking their delish offerings.


Buffet Menu, Main Menu, KTV Menu


Address: Academy Building, Gower St, Leeds LS2 7PX
Phone: 113 242 7788


“From the moment you come to this restaurant the waiters give you an excellent feeling. Very friendly crew, it is a kind restaurant to go out with friends and colleagues or with your date. Great meals, qualified chef, competitive pay and nice service. Warmly recommended.” – Quinton Allen

Tattu Restaurant and Bar

Tattu Restaurant and BarTattu Restaurant and Bar is a family-run restaurant that was established in 2015. Infused with great Chinese cooking and rich authentic flavours, all their dishes are done by their highly experienced chefs that use the best ingredients that are sourced from carefully selected suppliers. They offer a wide variety of dishes from small plates, bites, large plates, rice, noodles and vegetables and dim sum.

Using the freshest vegetables and the finest chicken, pork, seafood and meat, they guarantee a culmination of flavours that you will not experience elsewhere. Open to accommodate all types of diners even people with special dietary requirements, they also have different vegan and vegetarian meals on their menu that everyone can enjoy. They are open from Mondays to Thursdays from 4 PM to 10 PM and from Fridays to Sundays from 12 Noon to 10 PM so hurry and book a table to enjoy their sumptuous feast.


Menu, Giftshop


Address: Minerva, 29 E Parade, Leeds LS1 5PS
Phone: 113 245 1080


“Went for my birthday and the food was incredible and the staff was very welcoming. I had a great time and will definitely come again.” – Korie Mills

Wen’s Restaurant

Wen's RestaurantWen’s Restaurant offers an authentic Chinese dining experience with the best tasting choices of meals that they have. Using the freshest and finest ingredients that they have sourced, they create all their food from scratch and flavoured to perfection for all their visitors and guests’ ultimate satisfaction. They offer soup, dumplings, cold starters, main course, vegetarian, noodles, rice, sides and desserts that you will love and will leave you full and your hunger happily satiated.

They offer different types of meals from chicken, pork, beef, seafood and even vegetables so that all people with varied tastes and diets can enjoy. Their store hours are from 12 Noon to 9 PM from Mondays to Thursdays and from 12 Noon to 9:30 PM from Fridays and Saturdays, so feel free to come and visit to taste the different delicious offerings that they have.




Address: 72-74 North St, Leeds LS2 7PN
Phone: 113 244 4408


“One of the nicest Chinese restaurants I have ever been to! The staff were very helpful and attentive, the food was clearly authentic and freshly prepared. Cannot wait to come back.” – Kayleigh Shepherd

Maxi’s Rotisserie

Maxi's RotisserieMaxi’s Rotisserie is a well established Chinese restaurant that has been operating in Yorkshire for more than 30 years now to offer the whole community a wide variety of Cantonese and Peking cuisine that they will enjoy. Carefully concocting each dish with the best and freshest ingredients and herbs that will bring out its Authentic oriental flavours, they guarantee to whet your appetite and tempt your palate into tasting the meals that they have. Famous for their rotisserie, they offer traditional Chinese roast meats like char siu, crispy belly pork, roast duck and many others.

Contact them to book a table for you and your family and dine-in to the rich goodness of different vegetarian and non-vegetarian selections including soup, starters, main course, appetisers, sizzling dishes, satay dishes, curry, chow mein, dim sum, rice orders and side dishes. They also offer banquet set meals for a minimum of 2 people and other set meals good for groups of 8 and more. Open from 12 Noon to 6 PM on Sundays to Thursdays and from 12 Noon to 11:30 PM on Fridays and Saturdays, come and experience the wonderful experience at their restaurant or order a takeaway to be enjoyed with your loved ones at home.


Menus, Bookings, Rotisserie


Address: Leeds Kirkgate Market, Unit 3 1976 Hall, Leeds LS2 7HY
Phone: 113 244 3094


“Incredible food with amazing price. You need to try their Cha Siu, one of the best things ever. Also, pork ribs are a must-try and their ducks are amazing as well. Personally think that the noodles are a bit too greasy.” – Katherine Nguyen

Rice Paper Cantonese Takeaway

Rice Paper Cantonese TakeawayRice Paper Cantonese Takeaway is a Cantonese restaurant that is always available to accommodate the different appetite and food preferences of all their customers. Open for both dine-in, takeaway and delivery, enjoy their sumptuous dishes anyway you fancy. Explore now their menu and dive in to the tasty and sumptuous dishes that theu chef has carefully put together for your full enjoyment.

With a variety of choices from chicken, seafood, pork, beef, duck and vegetables, you will have a filling gastronomic experience with them as your host. They offer soup, lettuce wraps, crispy aromatic duck, appetisers, noodles and different main dishes that will treat your palate to a wonderful and extravagant meal experience at a very reasonable rate that you can afford. Pay them a visit now and enjoy the meals that they have and have a satisfying lunch or dinner of good and delish Chinese meals.


Restaurant, Takeaway, Menu


Address: 221 Selby Rd, Halton, Leeds LS15 7HW
Phone: 113 260 6688


“Lovely food, great value for money and excellent service. Don’t know how she does it. 5 stars all the way. Our favourite local restaurant.” – Richard Nicholson

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