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5 Best Compensation Lawyers in Birmingham

Below is a list of the top and leading Compensation Lawyers in Birmingham. To help you find the best Compensation Lawyers located near you in Birmingham, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Birmingham’s Best Compensation Lawyers:

The top rated Compensation Lawyers in Birmingham are:

  • Claim Justice – works on a no win no fee
  • Cap Law Solicitors – focus exclusively on claims against professionals
  • Murria Solicitors – offers a director-led approach that ensures accountability and high standards
  • Nationwide Personal Injury Specialists – regulated by Financial Conduct Authority
  • Lime Solicitors – offices in Birmingham, Leicester, London, Milton Keynes, Nottingham, Sheffield, Solihull and Stratford-upon-Avon

Claim Justice

Source: PexelsClaim Justice consists of highly experienced solicitors that specialise in different claims concerns. Established in 2012, they have been helping all individuals get the rightful compensation that they deserve for any injuries and trauma that they have suffered caused by the negligence of other people, groups or companies. With their years of experience, they understand how inconvenient it is to be part of any accidents including vehicular accidents, personal injury, accidents at work and many others that is why they endeavour to extend all the help that they can.

They will offer the best advice and legal plan that is customised to your situation and needs. They will ensure that you will get the right settlement in a timely manner to put your mind at ease and to help you with all the losses that you have incurred from hospitalisation, rehabilitation down to the loss of income. To help you with your budget, they also offer a no-win, no-fee policy so that you can focus on your claim without worrying further about your budget so hurry and tap their services now and let them offer the best resolution for your case in a timely manner.


Road Traffic Accident, Injury Claims, Accident At Work


Address: Smethwick Enterprise Centre, New, Rolfe St, Smethwick B66 2AR
Phone: 121 565 4317


“The service I got from Claim Justice could not have been any better. I was kept informed about everything, from start to finish. My case was dealt by Mrs Blair.” – Vicky Jones

Cap Law Solicitors

Source: PexelsCap Law Solicitors offers full and comprehensive solutions to the different professional negligence issues that you may have. Covering the whole of England and Wales, they help you put up a claim against any professional who failed to honour their side of the contract and has been negligent on the services that they offered that causes more harm and damages. Whether you have issues with other solicitors, architects, surveyors, engineers, accountants and many others, they will provide expert and professional advice and help you get the best compensation that you deserve.

They will act on your behalf to recover all the losses that you have incurred and they would also extend support by offering affordable services with options of either conditional fee agreements, fixed fees, legal expenses insurance or damages based agreements. Contact them now to discuss your needs and requirements and let them deliver a satisfactory resolution far beyond your expectations. Helping you in every stage of the way, be at ease in knowing that a competent law firm is handling your case.


Solicitor Negligence, Property Negligence, Litigation Negligence, Under-Settled Personal Injury Claims, Will Drafting or Probate Negligence, Legal Ombudsman


Address: 33 Ludgate Hill, Birmingham B3 1EH
Phone: 121 270 5654


“Patrick added clarity and directional advice to a complex dispute, allowing me to take control of a situation and move things in the right direction. He gave professional and concise advice which I was able to act upon.” – Jon Cawthorne

Murria Solicitors

Source: PixabayMurria Solicitors is highly reputed to provide amazing results in a timely manner. Offering extensive legal services since its inception in 1988, they are one of the few companies that can deliver successful claims against personal injury cases and professional negligence. With their years of experience in the industry, they will offer pragmatic advice and staunch support in getting the best compensation for the injuries and sufferings that you have sustained due to other parties negligent acts.

Expert negotiators, they will work on getting maximum compensation that will cover your hospital bills, rehabilitation, medicines and financial losses. Dedicated to getting the right results in a timely manner and at a very reasonable rate, get their expert advice and representation and they guarantee that you never have to worry about getting the resolution that you are aiming for. Set up an appointment with them now and let them provide you with the peace of mind in knowing that a respected law firm is accountable to deliver premium results for the case that you have.


Personal Injury, Professional Negligence


Address: Court Chambers, 180 Corporation St, Birmingham B4 6UD
Phone: 333 800 0033


“Fanatic service every time. I have used this form for years for compensation claims, writing our will and conveyancing on a regular basis. Donna the conveyancing solicitor is extremely helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. Would highly recommend and wouldn’t hesitate in recommending this fir.” – Nicola Moore

Nationwide Personal Injury Specialists

Nationwide Personal Injury SpecialistsNationwide Personal Injury Specialists is a claims specialist that works on a no-win, no-fee basis and offer comprehensive solutions on the compensation claim that you have. Boasting of years of experience and acquired knowledge in claims management, they take pride in delivering amazing resolutions far beyond your expectations. Removing some of the burdens off your mind, they will expertly represent you on the case that you have and get you the right amount of compensation that you are entitled to.

From roads accidents, accidents at work to public liability, salon and beauty claims, product liability and tenancy deposit claims, they are sure to act on your behalf and conduct all necessary processes to ensure that justice will be served and the resolution is highly beneficial for you. Contact them now and let their expert solicitors assist you with your case and they will guarantee that you will get the highest level of compensation that you deserve.


Road Traffic Accidents, Accidents At Work, Public Liability, Salon and Beauty Claims, Product Liability, Tenancy Deposit Claims


Address: 4E Heathfield Rd, King’s Heath, Birmingham B14 7DB
Phone: 333 344 3375


“I rarely leave a review but would like to say a big thank you to this company, they swiftly sorted out my financial claim and my car came back gleaming. If you ever find yourself in an accident, contact this company first. Really impressive team, always there to advise and make it easy for you to go through the process of a claim. Will be recommending to others!” – Ian Hughes

Lime Solicitors

Source: PexelsLime Solicitors is a premier law firm that handles a wide array of claims concerns and issues. An expert when it comes to the legal rights of all individuals that were injured due to negligence of other individuals, parties or groups, they expertly handle all cases regarding personal injury, medical negligence and professional negligence and guide you on all possible options to uphold your rights and pursue a claim against another party that did you harm. They understand how stressful it is to sustain injuries and how impacting it is to your personal life, work and income that is why they help you muddle through the intricacies and complexities of your case and get the best settlement agreement following the issue that you have.

Offering full solutions not only through monetary compensation but by securing corrective treatment and rehabilitation, you need not worry as they will help you pursue your case until you get the most appropriate resolution that you deserve. Providing an unequivocal service to your satisfaction, you would really feel well supported with this law firm handling your case. Contact them now and let them help you resolve your claims whether it’s personal injury, serious and catastrophic injury, accident at work, transport and road traffic accident, industrial disease and faulty consumer goods, in a timely manner and get positive results way beyond your expectation.


Medical Negligence, Personal Injury, Inheritance Disputes, Professional Negligence, Abuse Claims


Address: 1 Colmore Circus Queensway, Birmingham B4 6AA
Phone: 808 164 0808


“Amazing service from Neha & Lucy, always kept us updated- even when there wasn’t an update! Very friendly & professional. If we ever need solicitors again, they’ll definitely be our go-to!” – James Durham

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