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5 Best Disability Care Homes in Newcastle

Below is a list of the top and leading Disability Care Homes in Newcastle. To help you find the best Disability Care Homes located near you in Newcastle, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Newcastle’s Best Disability Care Homes:

The top rated Disability Care Homes in Newcastle are:

  • Waverley Lodge Care Home Newcastle – has good transport links into Newcastle, and to the Metro Centre; and is within walking distance of local amenities
  • Tyne Grange Complex Needs Care Home – Exemplar Health Care – led by a team of registered nurses and supported by trained support workers, as well an in-house occupational therapist, physiotherapist and life skills team
  • Brunswick House Care Home – delivers a high standard of person-centred care to all of our residents and support to their families
  • Dene Park House – has 51 beds capacity
  • Melton House – all care delivered in a manner that supports their individual privacy and dignity

Waverley Lodge Care Home Newcastle

Waverley Lodge Care Home NewcastleWaverley Lodge Care Home Newcastle is one of the best nursing homes for people with complex healthcare needs that are in need of specialised care and round the clock assistance. A 45 bedrooms facility, they offer a stylish and comfortable residential area where all their dweller can personalise their bedroom space and decorate it the way they want for a more comfortable and cosy stay. All of their rooms are complete with TV, wifi and nurse call systems as well as wheelchair access for utmost convenience and to comfortably move around the area.

A home away from home, all residents here are supplied with healthy and delicious home-cooked meals that they can enjoy. They also have different amenities that will make their stay complete, safe and enjoyable like hair salons, kitchenettes and lounges where they can relax, have some quiet time or enjoy a wide range of activities like baking, gardening and crafts. They also focus on the utmost wellness and wellbeing of all their tenants that is why they have dentists, opticians, podiatrists and pharmacists who regularly visit the place and offer their expertise and kind help.


General Residential and General Nursing, Dementia Residential and Dementia Nursing, Learning Disabilities Care, Short Stay and Long Stay Respite, End of Life


Address: Bewick Cres, Lemington, Newcastle upon Tyne NE15 8AX
Phone: 191 264 7292


“I’d like to thank all the staff working at Waverley for the excellent care our residents receive.” – Ana Duhaliu

Tyne Grange Complex Needs Care Home

Tyne Grange Complex Needs Care HomeTyne Grange Complex Needs Care Home is a newly opened care home facility that was established in 2020. Accommodating up to 22 adults, they offer care for people that are suffering from complex mental and physical conditions. They provide a personalised approach to care that is tailored to the needs and conditions of all individuals under their management and custody. They are supported by a team consisting of registered nurses, support workers and therapists so you would feel at ease knowing that your loved ones are in a safe and capable place that will look after their wellness and wellbeing.

From fully furnished rooms designed for the specific comfort of their residents down to sleep, nutrition and exercise, they ensure that everyone is given the proper attention and care that they deserve. No matter how complex the needs of their residents, they can certainly deliver an efficient job that will bring them delight and pleasure. Contact their office now to check their availability and do not hesitate to consider them for your loved ones that are in need of a comfortable and peaceful environment for the entire duration of their stay.


Dementia, Mental Health, Older People, Physical Disability, Younger Adults


Address: Tyne Grange, Grainger Park Rd, Newcastle upon Tyne NE4 8RR
Phone: 191 716 3100


“Getting excellent care now after a few hic-ups.” – Hawk Steve

Brunswick House Care Home

Brunswick House Care HomeBrunswick House Care Home is a purpose-built care home facility that offers a homely and welcoming space for all individuals that are in need of dementia nursing and general nursing services. Offering a spacious bedroom complete with an en-suite, you will feel the utmost comfort and privacy for the whole duration of your stay. Making your recuperation period relaxing and convenient, they also have a landscaped garden where you can seat and find comfort and solace as well as LCD televisions and unlimited wifi internet access for your entertainment.

They also have lifts to all floors that will make your movement around the place seamless and easy and specialist bathing facilities that can support your needs and condition. With the best nursing aid and friendly staff, you will also feel well attended to and your healthcare given the priority that you deserve. Creating a person-centred care plan, do not hesitate to tap on their services for your specialised needs and care and let them deliver it to you for your complete satisfaction.


Dementia Nursing, Dementia Residential, General Nursing


Address: Brookside Ave, Newcastle upon Tyne NE13 7DP
Phone: 191 217 0000


“A lovely caring house with brilliant management and staff. No worries about placing your loved ones into their care.” – Warty Bliggins

Dene Park House

Dene Park HouseDene Park House consists of a team of professional and compassionate carers and staff that are well experienced in taking care of different individuals with specialised needs. Highly reputed for the nursing care, residential care and dementia care that they provide, their 51-beds facilities ensure to make all their residents feel welcome and looked after. Making their stay convenient and comfortable, they have different facilities and amenities for easy access and enjoyment like wheelchair access, lift access, gardens, wifi and different local shops.

Offering a fresh, clean look, they are committed to promoting the perfect lifestyle regardless of the health conditions that you have. A fun and safe place that will address your needs and specific requirements, contact them now to discuss your specific preference and experience the most genuine care that they provide all their residents. Building not just a place but an all-inclusive community, reach out to them now and check the plans and packages that they offer.


Residential Care, Nursing Care, Dementia Care


Address: Killingworth Rd, South Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne NE3 1SY
Phone: 191 213 2722


“The staff are very professional and friendly.” – Debbie Allen-Taylor

Melton House

Melton HouseMelton House has been serving the community of Newcastle since its establishment in 2016. A 67-bed care facility, they offer general nursing, dementia nursing, dementia residential and residential care to all individuals all across the area. No matter how challenging the needs of all individuals under their care, they ensure to overcome those challenges, match up to their needs and support them further.

Offering utmost care with full respect and in a dignified way, they promote independent living to all residents while ensuring to look after their needs and give them the security and comfort that they are looking for especially in their advanced years. Providing compassionate support, they provide wonderful facilities where all residents can relax and enjoy their day away in the company of good friends while doing fun and enriching activities. One of the best care homes to consider, reach out to them now to discuss your needs and let them deliver the requirements that you are looking for and more and guarantee a wonderful stay.


Residential, Dementia Residential, Dementia Nursing, General Nursing


Address: Brandling Dr, Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne NE3 5PJ
Phone: 191 236 6600


“Rated 5 stars.” – John Pallister

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